NEVS’ Activities On The Festival Weekend

While NEVS are not official part of the Saab Festival next weekend they still decided to offer some activities.

On friday a couple of seminars regarding auto development and short guided tour through some of the lab facilities. The electric car will also be on display and drivers will have a chance to take a ride on the test track with a test driver.

More detailed info will be provided tomorrow.

Notify of

These guys lost our SAAB, robbed the suppliers and creditors, washed down the drain all our hopes for a new saab car and are going to visit the festival? Are you kidding me?


There is still a chance that cars might be produced in Trollhättan again. If it wasn’t for NEVS, that chance would be zero, nil, none. After Saab Automobile AB went bankrupt, Saab enthusiast couldn’t really demand or expect anything. Everything other than the factory being demolished or turned into a shopping centre should be considered as a positive turn of events.

I am happy that NEVS is providing the activities mentioned above, considering the precarious situation they are are in, although more stable than a few weeks ago. Unfortunately I cannot attend the festival this year.

Ivar M

They are at least keeping SAAB alive. I agree that the new partners should have paid all debts. That what i should have done if i had the cash to restart SAAB. The 25% suppliers who lost 50% will probably keep higher price levels in order to take back their losses. I still hope for a new SAAB car because the 2 new partners is not a majority owner. A third partner might join later and then the new Castriota designed 9-3 with Phoenix platform could be a fact in sedan, station wagon, Cabrio, SUV etc. Then more models named… Read more »

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