NEVS wants to hire more people

Our colleague Tim on saabsunited had an interesting conversation today with Mattias Bergman, ceo of NEVS in Trollhättan. Mattias Bergman and NEVS will annonce tomorrow that they want employ 40 new engineers to the factory, they also want to employ a number of buyers and other key personnel of the company.

So even though we got a false alarm about a New secret SAAB prototype” (which was most likely a Geely GC9) at the factory in Trollhättan, Nevs seems to have plans for further work within the walls of the plant in Trollhättan. 

12 thoughts on “NEVS wants to hire more people”

  1. Are those 40 manufacturing engineers for manufacturing/”factory” – 40 development engineers for product development – or a mix?

    • It is, above all, development engineers that NEVS will hire. The focus for the new employees will be on product development of new electric cars, as well as to complete the new architecture for new car models.

    • Philip, have you not heard? The so-called Phoenix Platform has been officially renamed the “Phantom Platform” due to its obvious non-existence in anything other than the minds of the delusional.

  2. The “New secret SAAB prototype” is a test vehicle on a GEELY platform called KC2, where VICURA are developing a new transmission. I will not disclose which transmission they are working on.

    • Hugh: I pretty much reached the conclusion that Mahindra was too smart to get mixed up in this enormous mess. They apparently walked away from the matrix.

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