New iWatch to control the old SAAB.

Well it finally came. I have more or less had every model of Mac Computers since I first worked on one in my Computers Class with Mr Dyar at Centennial HS in Gresham Oregon. I had the very first iPhone that never was sold in Sweden and I have been thinking of NOT going down the iWatch road. Reasons, well it feels like it is a pretty expensive watch and You still need the iPhone nearby.

Now a guy in the UK has made a nice application that can do things to his SAAB 9-3 AERO convertible. Would be nice to have this on my own CV. But the YouTube clip does not say what hardware he has in the car. Please fill us in on that if You read this. Some brands have similar apps like BMW where one can remotely do stuff.


6 thoughts on “New iWatch to control the old SAAB.”

  1. Interesting to find out the technology behond that.
    Most features are on the key also… it’s not like you can do lots of things you couldn’t do without the watch.

  2. Pretty sweet. Although it’s not really that hard to take your key out of your pocket and perform all the same actions from the key. Probably faster too.

    • Yes that’s right. But if we take into account how fast the fobs from the 9-3 degrade with constant contact with sweaty hands, it is not bad if you can perform all those things without having to touch the key fob.

  3. Do you have a technical write up of the whole project? I am more interested in how you interfaced arduino to Saab and other details surrounding it.

  4. If I were to guess, I’d say he’s using something like to listen, analyse and send on the bus. I don’t know for the NG9-3 but the OG9-5 has two busses – I- and P-bus. Various signals are transmitted across these, among them controls to devices in the car.

    It should be easy to build capable hardware for what he has done, but I’m impressed with the software. Both the program running on the Arduino since he had to talk properly to the bus, and also the Apple Watch control program. Impressive.

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