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  1. Ok then I guess the question we should be asking as Saab fans is, when to we change the name of the blog to NEVS United. Or do we just create another site for the NEVS interested parties ( of which I’m one) It looks like we are getting to the point, where to limit the confusion as to what material is on Saab United, a name change is on order. Most of us do not live in China etc. etc. and you know what I mean.

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    • Well, I see your point, absolute. But we have to be so realistic that Nevs is now the hope we have to get new cars with the Saab-brand on in the future. Nevs is located in the old Saab-factory, and the Saab-signs is still at the area, and buildings, so I have not stop hoping that there will be new Saab cars some day. 🙂

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