Saab festival 2015 pictures (gallery fixed)

Till is sitting at the port in Gothenburg waiting for the ferry right now, and as he’s doing that, I got asked to post his pictures taken at the Saab Festival in Trollhättan. Here’s his message and pictures!

While I am sitting at Gothenburg port waiting to bord the ferry back to Germany I’d like to share some pics I took over the weekend. More about the festival days will come later. Enjoy! – Till Drescher


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Chris Hansel

Hi, Madeline, can you u tell us what type of Saab is in the 9th row down, center. A red hatchback?
thanks Chris Hansel

Red J

It’s a Lancia Delta in its origin, but it was also sold as Saab 600 in the nordic countries.
I’ve heard that only very few are still alive because of serious rust problems.


Nice photos… hope they’ll be clickable to a larger size, though…


For me, only one image actually work.


Yeap; same for me, only this small size can be looked at.
So look forward to get these pictures, and more?, from Till Drescher soon.

Dan P

Right click on the image, choose “Open image in new tab” (or similar).

You’ll see a filename at the end of the URL, eg: IMG_4884-200×200.jpg

Remove this bit – “-200×200”. Then just press return.

Final url:

The NG9-5 SportWagon is just stunning. Such a tragedy that they never hit the market.

Dan P

And another tip – change the file number and you will (probably) get the next image in the sequence 🙂

Paul Willis

Very cool. Looks like a lot of fun. Thanks for sharing.

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