Swedish Police car made in the US retrofitted with SAAB parts….


Swedish cops drove for many years US made Plymouths. The ANA company in Nyköping imported them even before the merger with SAAB. The cars did get a fair share of SAAB stuff in them. Like the 99 high back seats from 1974-1979. Also the seatbelts and the door openers came from the 99 model. The pictures are taken this weekend at a classic car gathering in Stockholm. The Volvo is a pursuit Amazon with a suped up 122 Sport engine / 2 carbs. The van is a replica of the one used by the police during the infamous days surrounding a bank robbery with a hostage situation in the vault later on referred to the Stockholm Syndrome! But that is another story.

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Coke is it

Jörgen, this is some interesting Saab stuff you have posted on SU. More posts like this are welcome to make SU more alive once again.

Patrik H


hans h

Very interesting, yes. 🙂


I believe ANA actually assembled these cars from knock down kits shipped from the USA, they had done this for many years.

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