Greetings From Legoland, Denmark

I usually do some Saab-spotting while on the road on my vacation trips. This time, me and my family went down to Denmark to visit Legoland. All went well in spite of the horrors of parking my beloved Saab in the cramped ferry parking space, next to half drunk people with no sense opening car doors next to other cars.

I managed to do some proper Saab-spotting inside Legoland as well

IMAG1452_BURST002 (1024x576)

IMAG1453_BURST002 (1024x576)

IMAG1463_BURST002 (1024x576)

IMAG1461_BURST001 (1024x576)

IMAG1462_BURST001 (1024x576)

IMAG1459_BURST002_COVER (1024x576)

IMAG1457_BURST002 (1024x576)

IMAG1464_BURST002 (1024x576)

IMAG1460_BURST002 (1024x576)

And finally a Volvo with some issues….

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Angelo V.

My 10 year old LOVES LEGOLAND in Florida. We haven’t been there for a couple years—-but when we were there, he strongly preferred it over Disney. I didn’t drive my Saab there—-it was Washington, DC to Florida and we rented a van.

Anders Schioldan Ostergaard

I have not been ther for several years now, The boy is now a grown man, and must get his own excuses to visit(his own children) but when he was younger we always started our summervacation camping in Billund and visiting Legoland. We practically lived in ouer old Brown OG 900 for 2 weeks, After Legoland tour proceeded to Mögeltönder Camping back then a paradise for litlle boy getting friends and tormenting all the neighbors asking them to play badminton. Great memories. and i still miss that car. Enjoy your stay in DK.


Glad there is only the one Volvo shown. Perhaps the engine is seized solid?


“A Volvo with some issues………”……….LOL

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