MSN: The 900, A Cool Car!

Probably even cooler in yellow!
Probably even cooler in yellow!

MSN’s website features a gallery of 51 cool cars. SAAB 900 is of course among them.

Out-of-the-box thinking shouldn’t care what people think. On that note, here’s a front-driver with its engine mounted backward and heeled way over to fit the transmission, with visibility so good it seems you’re outside, but with heated Swedish seats, so you don’t feel like you are. And driving it is so fantastic, you don’t care how it looks. But it looks cool.

(h/t Paul in comments)

6 thoughts on “MSN: The 900, A Cool Car!”

  1. The 900, like previous SAABs, did represent unique ideas. Upon examining a 900 I owned in the 80s, a friend of mine who is in the automobile business commented that the car was built differently than other cars as evidenced by the fender weld seams which he described as inside out. The reinforced passenger cabin in the 900 and 99 also impressed people familiar with automobile construction at the time. Future SAABs may be better appliances, but the uniqueness was diluted and way too much emphasis was placed on the location of the ignition key

    • Yes, agreed, 3cyl. I do have an inherent weakness for this color yellow in SAAB’s especially.
      I too, fear IF the SAAB nameplate is ever reincarnated, the only uniqueness will be where the ignition switch is placed within a commodity platform, and lemmings will immediately celebrate the return of the brand!

  2. Thanks for posting. I have one of the MCY 900SE convertibles like in the picture (well, mine is not quite as pristine, with 327k miles). I get positive comments on it all the time.

    In the US, in the 15 years I have owned it, I have seen only two others on the road: one in Kansas City, and another in Chicago, so its cool to see six in one pic.

    • You should have attended the festival this year Paul! We parked our black Saab very close to the yellow ‘verts, so I had to walk less than 10 meters to capture that image.

      Seinfeld’s “Black Saab Rules!” slogan aside, I really appreciate Saabs with odd and vivid colours. I am not sure the NG 9-5 would look good in yellow, but the OG 900 definitively makes the colour work for it.

  3. Today, while being on vacation in The Netherlands, I came across a 900SE convertible. This was a brick red one, same color as the 900S 4 door I had in the nineties. It always amazes me how good these 900’s look as a convertible. Somehow everything falls in place to make for a real cool car.

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