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logo-insuranceSince there are no Saabs manufactured for the moment, some of us cling on to what we have. That´s all right, since  a well treated Saab will run for a long time. However, there are some issues when a car come of age. One is insurance.

Most car insurances have a limit for covering repairs on the engine/machine. There is a big range here. A common limit is at a maximum of 8 years or 100´000 km. Some insurance companies stretch this up to 120´000 km or even higher in some cases. Note that the deductible may raise considerably when the car gets older (check the conditions).

There are many comparison sites in Sweden which can be used to compare car insurances. Usually you need to do some digging into the fine print to understand the limits for engine/machine damage. If this is important to you, I suggest you do. If you want objective comparison I recommend “Konsumenternas Försäkringsbyrå”. Follow this link to compare:

Note that this site only compare the content  of the insurance, not how well the insurance company actually perform at the event of an issue (except if there is a quality index). I made a call to “Konsumenternas Försäkringsbyrå”  in order to check about some of the companies with very good conditions and a very low price. Smaller, newer insurance companies have deals with subcontractors to manage the issues and they do not have a good reputation. You may also need to go to specific repair shops. If you stick with the larger companies there will be no issues getting a damage inspected or finding good repair shop. In the end, you get what you pay for.

Folksam, (one of the large insurance companies in Sweden) offer a special insurance for Saab owners. It is a bit pricey, but it covers engine/machine repairs up to 150´000 km or 8 years (which is much better than their normal deal). The deductible is also very low. A bad thing is that they add a cost if you use the car for business trips, which is something I have never experienced before.

Folksam have undoubtedly  realized that Saabs are cars that last long so it’s worth the risk to give better conditions. They also realize that they will attract Saab owners who stick with their brand. I hope more insurance companies understand and do the same (e.g. the Saab Brand Insurance offered by IF).

Prices for car insurance differ a lot depending on where you live, what car you have, how old you are and a number of other criteria. Different companies will put you in different segments depending on their specific risk calculation. I would advise you all to check for better deals each year.

Drive safe and have a good vacation!

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Now the next biggest question is that when the new SAABs will be produced again? Or will they be produced at all???

Angelo V.

I think a good guess is “many years away, if at all.” Frankly, if NEVS somehow retains use of the Saab name, it’ll primarily be electric cars in China, so I almost don’t count that as Saabs being made again. To me, any return of Saab would need to mean cars for Sweden and other European markets and at some point, hopefully a return to North America—-in other words, Saab returning to where Saab did business the last 50 years.

Angelo V.

I won’t go to heroic efforts to keep my Saab on the road. It’s a great car—-low mileage 2004 in superb mechanical and cosmetic condition. It’s been garage kept its entire life and dealer serviced, meticulously. That said: I will do repairs on the car that don’t break the bank—-infrequent repairs under a thousand dollars are doable for me to keep a good car like this. But if it develops a major engine or transmission issue that costs thousands to fix—-most likely I’ll just junk it, take what I could get and move on. Resale values have dropped like a… Read more »

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