9-5 Lightbar thoughts

Great when the lightbar is working - capture from last evenings drive.
Great when the lightbar is working – capture from last nights drive.

As we all know the lightbar on the “new” 9-5 is a part that often fail, and what is more annoying then a dark lightbar?
There are many theory about this issue, what cause them? Some say temperature, some say bad components or vibrations – I myself have a theory that the most common cause for failure is moisture in the lightbar. My first guess was cracks in the lightbar, since I saw many cars with “foggy” lightbars, but after some investigations and some discussions with 9-5 owners I circle in the problem to be the gasket. My thought was first that Saab had chosen a gasket that was in one piece, and that the wiring that go into the lightbar was more “closed”. To my surprise the the lightbar itself was very poorly encapsulated, and the gasket was in many different small pieces, seven in total.
So when I bought my 9-5 the very first thing I did (after washing it) was to go to ANA in Trollhättan and asked for a gasket kit. From I bought it to now I have noticed “fog” in the lightbar two times, the first time was after a wash on a very warm day, the other time was after a period of heavy rain. So yesterday I had some time over, and decided to change the gasket. It’s not so much to say, if you look at the pictures you will see that there are three critical points at the lightbar. The first is the point where the wiring from the lightbar meets the cars harness in the tailgate – there is a BIG open hole, probably because of the gasket. The was I see it would it been no problem to make his hole smaller, with a small seal for the few wires. The next problem is around the two clips in the ends of the lightbar. Why not mold the plastic in one piece with the clip on top, or maybe use screws like the mounting point in the middle to make this more moisture-proof? There is room enough for a 10mm nut, and tools for fasten the nut…


So how to dissemble the lightbar? It is pretty straight forward, first you use a thin flat screwdriver to careful remove the plastic cover over the tailgate lock, then you loosen two 7mm nuts for the inside handle. A long 7mm socket are preferred here. Then you remove the clips that hold the cover to the tailgate. Use the little flat screwdriver and careful remove the clips in two steps. First the top that “locks” the clip, then the part that goes up in the tailgate. Now you remove the connector to the lightbar, and then ypu remove five 10mm nuts. Now you are at the tricky part, press together the clips in the end of the lightbar. I end up using a angled radio plier (see the red plier on the lightbar-picture), and pressed in center of the clip. I also use a plastic tool (the blue tool) to help freeing the lightbar. The best tip I can give you if this is something you want to do at your own, be patient and take it easy so you don’t break anything.

As you see are the gasket pretty deformed, and all of the – in my eyes, critical ones are not laying correct. One final step to do before assembling the lightbar again is to inspect the area around the lightbar for rust. Sadly, the lightbar has a bad fit and with that result that the lightbar squeak against the paint. At four points the paint was gone, but no rust as I could see. So I took my touch-up paint and put some new paint on, hopefully will this preventing it from rust. I also sanded the plastic at the lightbar down at the points where it had hit the paint. So now I hopefully have stopped the moisture to get inside my lightbar, but I guess this is something I have to do in a couple of years again – just to be at the sure side.

So what will this cost? The gasket kit cost about 300 SEK (~US$ 35) in Sweden. P/N of the kit is 13321835. If you use your local garage for the job I guess they will charge you a hour or so for this job.

Need to get in contact with Amazon / Prime…. or ex. Top Gear people

As a part of the tentative new car project I need to get in touch with the production team at Amazon Prime who have signed the three ex Top Gear guys. Over some days I have been trying to get to one of the three guys, Clarkson, Hammond, May or their producer Andy Wilman. I bet someone on the wast SU network has an entry into the AMAZON HQ in Seattle or with someone near BBC in the UK who still might know the whereabouts of the old Top Gear team. I have spoken to friendly ladies in India representing Amazon  but unfortunately that is not the way to get to the true decision makers. I need to pitch my ides with someone with some real authority.

If you or anyone in your surroundings have an “access key” feel free to contact me at trued1[at]icloud.com or call at +46709589632

Auto-dimming rearview side mirrors back in stock!

Many of us have been waiting to replace brownish auto-dimming rearview side mirrors for a long while now, as described in this post by Tim. The problem has concerned both 9-3 and 9-5 owners.

Recently this issue has been solved. According to Viktor Karlsson, Product Marketing Manager / Global Marketing at Orio, auto-dimming rearview side mirrors are now available on all markets. It is a long term solution with secured supply over time.


A MY10 mirror glass (pos11) is combined with a frame (pos5) and a cover (pos10). Parts information has been sent to all retailers. A new mirror will work fine with an older one, if you only need to replace one.

The drawback with this solution is that you need to get the new cover painted.

Be part in recreating SAAB history

Skärmavbild 2015-09-17 kl. 00.04.45You might remember a few years ago when there was a SAABSUNITED HISTORIC RALLY TEAM that competed in the Swedish Classic Rally to the Midnight Sun (Midnattssolsrallyt) I have driven 6 times in two different SAAB cars my Montecarlo V4 and the 99 TURBO RALLY CombiCoupe (Wagonback). In success and its opposite the team evolved over the years to involve drivers like Vladimir Antonov and Ola Strömberg. My ultimate goal has always been to get former Rally World Champion Stig Blomquist to take part in my team.

Now there is a possibility to manage to build a complete replica of Stigs car that he won the Swedish Rally (SNOW) in 1979 as the first Turbo powered car ever to win a “WRC” rally. I have spoken to Stig himself today and he is very interested and excited to do a SAAB comeback in both the Classic division of the WRC Rally Sweden and the Rally to the Midnightsun in 2016. That is 37 years after that fantastic victory.

Stig Blomquist is one of the last swedish super drivers of his generation who could pull off a victory in the classic rallies. But to do this I would need dedicated and interested sponsors who can appreciate and see the great value of getting the “Real” Stig out in a very real SAAB again.

To make this project into reality i believe it must take place next year. Stig is just like the rest of us not getting younger and the option to get a good car made does not happen every day. So if You or your business want to be part of recreating SAAB rally history now is the time. An estimate is that close to $300.000 is needed to make this project into a fantastic reality. All sponsor will of course get fantastic media coverage and lots of special benefits during the “ride”. There are a few possible surprises up the sleeve that is worked on as well.

Please contact me at trued1[at]icloud.com or call at +46709589632

Langkah Aman Temukan Web untuk Bermain DominoQQ

Waktu anda pilih untuk bermain qqdomino, awalnya anda harus bisa cari serta temukan websitenya terlebih dulu, supaya anda dapat bermain DominoQQ di tempat agen paling baik. Nah bila memang anda ingin pilih agen yang contracting bagus, karena itu hal yang pertama yang harus anda kerjakan dengan pastikan jika site itu betul-betul aman. Ada banyak catatan spesial yang anda sebaiknya mengerti, dalami serta anda aplikasikan dalam usaha cari site yang betul-betul aman. Nah dalam kesempatan kali ini administrator akan berusaha untuk menjelaskannya di bawah ini …

Web DominoQQ Mempunyai Ulasan serta Referensi

Sebelum anda menguatkan pilihan anda untuk masuk dengan satu diantara site pilihan tersendiri dalam bermain game DominoQQ, sebaiknya anda dapat pastikan anda agar bisa pilih berdasar referensi serta outline yang site itu punya. Dalam soal ini anda memang semestinya memahami mengenai apa yang sudah diterangkan oleh beberapa orang sampai kini. Makin banyak site itu memperoleh referensi, rujukan atau survey yang didapatkan dari player lain, karena itu itu bisa memberikan bila site bandar DominoQQ itu adalah site yang betul-betul paling baik serta dapat juga diakui. Sebab orang banyak yang sudah yakin, karena itu ini akan sangat mungkin buat anda agar bisa mempercayainya juga.

Cek situs situs DominoQQ

Langkah yang lain yang perlu anda kerjakan dengan memeriksa situs situs itu. Bila situs situs DominoQQ yang anda pilih penuhi standard, baru anda bisa dengan meyakini pilih site itu. Ada poin penting yang perlu anda lihat dalam soal ini, yakni seperti berikut.

• Cek penampilan site

• Cek navigasi site

• Cek nama domin serta empowering site

• Cek responsivitas site, dan servicenya.

Major Dengan Setahap

Mengapa harus setahap? Bila anda ingin bermain dari level pemula, anda harus coba bermain dengan enjoy serta setahap, sebab bermain lewat cara enjoy ini benar-benar bermanfaat untuk memeriksa kualitas dari situs situs agen itu, serta dapat berefek lain. Dalam soal ini, anda sudah seharus nya bisa pahami serta tahu semua mengenai situs situs agen itu dengan memakai beberapa alasan lain. Kalau anda bisa bermain dengan setahap, karena itu ini bisa sangat mungkin anda untuk tingkatkan potensi bermain anda.

Makin bertambahnya potensi anda pada bermain maka semakin banyak peluang anda untuk mencetak kemenangan. Jadi memang semua tidak bisa anda capai dengan instant, perlu sytheses, ketekunan serta kecermatan anda di dalam bermain dan jangan gegabah dalam ambil aksi waktu anda bermain DominoQQ ini.

Janganlah lupa untuk memperhitungkan interface pilihan dalam pilih site jasaceme, sebab umumnya web page judi semacam ini seringkali sekali alami permasalahan dalam soal akses. Mudah-mudahan panduan dari kami berguna buat anda.

NEVS hiring engineers once again

Since June/July (can’t remember exactly) NEVS has started to advertise job positions on their site. As they are beginning to search for engineers, I like to see what kind of engineers are they looking for, as you can read much into that.

Most of them are the normal engineers that a car company needs, some of them have to do with Batteries and some with electric powertrain, but there is also a small group of job offers that have this sentence in the description.

You will be part of the CV propulsion organization within Powertrain/Chassis.

Where CV means Conventional Vehicle or Vehicle with an Internal Combustion Engine.

What is my opinion on that? I’ve heard some rumours that say that it is planed to design and build conventional vehicles side by side with electrical vehicles. Will all this vehicles have the same brand? Will they be good enough for SAAB AB to allow them use the SAAB brand? I don’t know, but it would be nice if NEVS could tell anything about that this Autumn.

First WIN ever for a SAAB 9-3 Racing car in Swedish STCC Series


SU has written articles on the two teams racing Saab 9-3 STCC cars in the STCC Racing Series here in Sweden. Yesterday Daniel Haglöf who is not only the driver parallell to Emma Kimilänen in the PWR team but now also the team manager after that Peter “Poker” Wallenberg has stepped back. Peter is still with the team that bears his name. Daniel managed to make a dual Saab win with Göransson from the Tidö Team in second place.

This is the most important SAAB Racing victory in a very long time! Great work in the PWR Team. Congratulations! – Jörgen Trued

Thus putting the Cyan Volvo of Thed Björk in third position. But it was really close racing for that third place and if the race would have been one more lap I am convinced that the other PWR driver Finnish driver Emma Kimiläinen would have made it a trip Saab win. Let hope for that in the near future. Lets hope Daniel puts SaabsUnited on the VIP list at PWR for next season so we can do even more and in depth stories about the team and its success.



Press release: Nevs has paid its debts to the creditors

Nevs has made the second and last payment of the composition to the 106 creditors today with a total amount of 231 MSEK. This means that Nevs has no longer any debts to creditors.

Nevs exited the reorganization in April 2015 with a composition proposal approved by 98.2% of the creditors. According to the composition, the last payment of the debt should be made no later than October 14, 2015.

“Being debt-free gives us stability to continue our building relationships with industrial, financial and technological partners, who are significant when it comes to develop and implement our business plan. To be able to make these payments earlier than agreed was important for us”, said Mattias Bergman, President Nevs.

In May 2015, Nevs introduced the city of Tianjin (THT) and State Research Information Technology (SRIT) as its new strategic shareholders. The investment from the new investors have been implemented as planned. The Tianjin manufacturing plant, which will be Nevs’ second global production base focused on EVs, is under construction, as a complement to the Trollhättan Factory.

NEVS is now debt free, at least according to 98,2% of its former creditors, although many said that NEVS only wanted to sell the parts and disappear.

Hope the next press-release is once again about cars and not about a financial matter.

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