Auto-dimming rearview side mirrors back in stock!

Many of us have been waiting to replace brownish auto-dimming rearview side mirrors for a long while now, as described in this post by Tim. The problem has concerned both 9-3 and 9-5 owners.

Recently this issue has been solved. According to Viktor Karlsson, Product Marketing Manager / Global Marketing at Orio, auto-dimming rearview side mirrors are now available on all markets. It is a long term solution with secured supply over time.


A MY10 mirror glass (pos11) is combined with a frame (pos5) and a cover (pos10). Parts information has been sent to all retailers. A new mirror will work fine with an older one, if you only need to replace one.

The drawback with this solution is that you need to get the new cover painted.

6 thoughts on “Auto-dimming rearview side mirrors back in stock!”

  1. This is great news! But to be sure I understand the information in this post, where it says “A new mirror will work fine with an older one, if you only need to replace one” does this mean if you only need to replace the mirror on one side of the car they are telling you the electronics will still work? And does that also mean that the only parts that are needed are the ones labeled 5, 10, and 11? I am assuming the main part (1) with the cable does not have to replaced. This is also available for either side of the car? The mirror on the right side of my 9-5 is the one that has turned brown.

  2. Yes, the electronics will work with one new and one old mirror. Yes, you only need to replace 5, 10 and 11 as far as I have understood. New mirrors are available on both sides.

  3. Great news. I recently replaced the decor strip around the back window of my 2008 9-3. Need to keep the little parts flowing otherwise the car becomes just an old worn car, not a Saab. My radio on/off switch is starting to show some wear. Is there a way to get just individual replacement nobs or buttons? I would prefer not to replace the whole radio for one worn nob.

  4. Can you give us a status report on 2011 Saab 9-5 parts? What is the situation there as far as ORIO making these for all current and potential new owners? There are over 100 of the NG 9-5’s for sale here in the United States and want to know about parts availability for that year and model. Appreciate any update on NG 9-5 parts.


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