Need to get in contact with Amazon / Prime…. or ex. Top Gear people

As a part of the tentative new car project I need to get in touch with the production team at Amazon Prime who have signed the three ex Top Gear guys. Over some days I have been trying to get to one of the three guys, Clarkson, Hammond, May or their producer Andy Wilman. I bet someone on the wast SU network has an entry into the AMAZON HQ in Seattle or with someone near BBC in the UK who still might know the whereabouts of the old Top Gear team. I have spoken to friendly ladies in India representing Amazon  but unfortunately that is not the way to get to the true decision makers. I need to pitch my ides with someone with some real authority.

If you or anyone in your surroundings have an “access key” feel free to contact me at trued1[at] or call at +46709589632

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What about twiter or other social networks:


Has this to do with Saab?

Chris Hansel

Trued: It looks like you have covered all the bases already, but you might try to call Clarkson’s


The production company is called W Chump & Sons Ltd registered address

90 High Holborn

Google it for any further info you want

Ivar M

3 ways on the link below.

Tell him SAAB is the best car ever made and that he is the one that is quirky (wrong made)

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