NEVS hiring engineers once again

Since June/July (can’t remember exactly) NEVS has started to advertise job positions on their site. As they are beginning to search for engineers, I like to see what kind of engineers are they looking for, as you can read much into that.

Most of them are the normal engineers that a car company needs, some of them have to do with Batteries and some with electric powertrain, but there is also a small group of job offers that have this sentence in the description.

You will be part of the CV propulsion organization within Powertrain/Chassis.

Where CV means Conventional Vehicle or Vehicle with an Internal Combustion Engine.

What is my opinion on that? I’ve heard some rumours that say that it is planed to design and build conventional vehicles side by side with electrical vehicles. Will all this vehicles have the same brand? Will they be good enough for SAAB AB to allow them use the SAAB brand? I don’t know, but it would be nice if NEVS could tell anything about that this Autumn.

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  1. I’ve sent them an e-mail and asked about future car models but they didn’t say anything, just advised me to follow their website, looks like we’ve gotta wait then…

  2. In the UK CV means Commercial Vehicle are NEVS planing to make electric vans (for those in the USA the word van to us means a smaller commercial vehicle for goods delivery and use by craftsmen etc) If so can we expect to see a Saab milk float? Oh how the mighty have fallen!

    RedJ: Good joke!
    I know that CV means a lot of things, that’s why I’ve written what it means in this case. There is no need for you to say something if you don’t have nothing to say.

  3. For a company with no rights to the SAAB name, they sure are flaunting it all over their site. I know it’s all been there since NEVS took over, but I would’ve thought SAAB AB wouldn’t allow it. To me it says there’s still talks going on around licensing.

  4. Deja Vu all over again. We’ve been down this road with NEVS and it’s a dead end guys. They flirt, they don’t say a word about what they’re plans are, we all guess and have high hopes that something great might be happening—-then they flop and stiff creditors. It’s a nice money exchange for some well placed people and heartburn for others.

    • Yes, we’ve been here already two times, this will be the third. You can have high hopes in what is happening or forget everything, nobody is forcing you to do neither of both!!

        • Seriously, Angelo, this is not good news. Didn’t you read the headline? It said “NEVS hiring engineers once again”. NEVS! Had it said something along the lines of “Volkswagen buys the Trollhattan plant, licences name from Saab AB”, it might have been good news. But with NEVS still in charge, Saab will remain dead (though the Chinese may succeed in bringing some intellectual property back home).

          Fool me thrice…

          • Mick: Oh, I understand that. I meant that it’s good news for the couple engineers they bring in to go on coffee errands. I’m sure the pay isn’t bad—-so at least a few people will earn a living temporarily even if the corporation is a joke.

  5. there are several other job offerings that imply work with an internal combustion engine:
    Lead Engineer, Transmission Integration & Shifter Systems Design: knowledge and understanding of transmission integration and shifter systems
    Lead Engineer, Fuel System & Air Induction: knowledge and understanding of fuel and air induction systems

  6. It´s a lot of negative thoughts here. Here is something to hope for guys. Bring back the old 1998 SAAB 2,3 Turbo engine from BAIC, tuned to 275 HP and upgraded to best in class. That SAAB engine will bring back the heart or soul into the new cars. Then electric rear wheel drive (hybrid) and 10 new models from 91 to 99. The SAAB branding will come in place when Nevs show the new concept. On Sunday maybe I will bring home a 2002 9-5 with 97 000 km on the roads. Then i have 6 SAAB´s again.

  7. CV? Chinese Vehicle? I dont hold out much faith that we will ever see a vehicle with the Saab name ever again. NEVS is just a shell company to get Swedish technology to Chinese companies. Meanwhile I shall continue to enjoy my 9-3 Aero 2.0T until it drops to bits.

  8. As my first “chime in” for quite some time: I can say that this is quite encouraging.

    The fact they are hiring actual Engineers means they clearly have something to design/build already, or will very soon. Being that they are targeting those with experience in w/ ICE-vehicles further indicates a push to bring something to market more quickly. I’m not going to make any predictions as to their success in future sales or brand-rights but as an engineer myself, I seriously doubt they intend to bring any on staff without giving them something to do 🙂

    • We’re talking, but as usual, NEVS isn’t. Zippy is right. This is a front for a technology migration, west to east. I’ve decided to take NEVS at their word. Since there are no words from them, nothing meaningful is happening. Scam.

      • You reckon they need to employ 500 people just to move technology from Sweden to China? I strongly doubt it. The thing is we all don’t know what’s gonna happen, time will tell, and calling NEVS scammer is a bit harsh at this point…

        • I don’t know Jacko, maybe that’s something a journalist should ask at NEVS next press conference. What model year do you expect NEVS first Saab EV to appear?

  9. According to Bergman they are going to develop conventional models for their partners. Currently that’s Dongfeng and one still unnamed party (Bergman talked about it in his last interview with Ttela). That’s why they will need more conventional vehicle expertise.

    • Just found this interview, doesn’t look very optimistic though, here’s what Bergman says:

      “Is there anything positive in the past year?

      – Yes, first we are a company that is driven very much by a vision. To create future cars with a sustainable solution. During this past year did not lose any staff, no key has resigned. We had 350 who remain, and it means that you believed in the vision. Our thoughts have been right, and it has been very important for us.”

      They have vision and staff… It will be long waiting before we see anything real whatever it’s going to be…

      • ” first we are a company that is driven very much by a vision.”

        Watch out for that bright light in the distance, Mr. Bergman, it’s a freight train headed your way.

  10. Interesting comments here: some through rose-colored glasses, some pretty jaded. It is just hard to imagine them cranking up the production line to make more Saabs. This has got to be an effort to develop technology for the Chinese investors/partners to use, likely both for production for their own market as well as for export. But I doubt that anything thus produced would be able to use the Saab moniker. SAAB AB is likely biding its time–not much to accomplish to swat NEVS for using the brand now, but if something is produced, then its worth the hassle to sue.

    I also think we need to look at Volvo under Geely to get an idea of the purpose of this whole thing. A Volvo model is the first Chinese-made vehicle to be sold in the US. Geely used Volvo resources to develop this model and it was not a homegrown thing, so that is instructive. Of course, as we have pointed out many times, Geely bought Volvo, and Donfeng bought into NEVS.

    • Very balanced assessment Paul and I agree with what you said. I’ll add that even if NEVS develops into a more competent and serious entity—perhaps with help from Dongfeng—-it’s still going to be many, many years, if ever, before they build a vehicle with the Saab brand. I guess it’s possible that if they really get their act together, Saab AB might go back to a position of support—-but we’re talking many years, not many months. Also, with the Chinese neck deep in this, I will piggyback on someone else’s comment in wondering if things would be better if BAIC were involved? They sort of already build cars that in many ways, are Saabs!

      • Volvo’s new XC90 is an example of how a Chinese company (Geely) can leverage “western” technology and branding to build what looks like a quite remarkable (and possibly successful) vehicle. I can see Dongfeng following Volvo’s model and doing the same thing. BUT, they can only penetrate western markets with an established brand and SAAB is the only brand they have that would have a chance at making this happen. I believe Dongfeng can make this a reality — and I believe this can be done in short order (possibly as little as two years). We underestimate the aggressiveness of the Chinese at our own peril. I see the only fly in the ointment for this scenario is the acquisition of the SAAB name. If they don’t get the name, its over. The only question would be: will westerners purchase a “Chinese Saab”?

        • Saabdog: Westerners have been purchasing Chinese Volvos and Indian Jaguars if you consider country of origin of the owners as what makes the cars’ “nationality.” Soon we’ll see if “Made In China” Volvos sell, with the large sedan that will be exported to the west from China. My guess is that westerners would purchase a Chinese Saab—-either made in China or simply parent company being Chinese and engineered/made in Sweden. The key will be that they need to know that Saab’s market position isn’t BMW’s or Mercedes and at this point, it’s not Volvo’s either. Make a more affordable Saab and people will come. But for any of this to matter, I would think Donfeng needs to be in the driver’s seat. This can’t be a “NEVS/Donfeng” collaboration. NEVS doesn’t bring anything to the table, except the fact that they were given the gift a few years ago of the Saab name—-and now we don’t even know where that stands. Donfeng needs to be in the driver’s seat and if anything, they need to complete a purchase of some sort and send the NEVS gang packing. The cars would need to be internal combustion and maybe hybrid—-they’d need to come in at more affordable prices than Muller’s Saabs—-they’d need a very clever and effective marketing effort—-above all, they’d need to be free from NEVS craziness.

  11. Any NEVS connmection? I hope we don’t have to wait this long for a new car.
    According to Automotive News China, PSA, Dongfeng to develop EV for launch in 2020.

    PARIS — PSA Peugeot Citroen will develop an electric vehicle with its Chinese partner, Dongfeng Motor Corp.
    The EV is set to launch in 2020, PSA r&d chief Gilles Le Borgne said on Tuesday at the Frankfurt auto show.

    • If NEVS accomplishes ANYTHING by 2020, I’ll be shocked at how FAST they’re moving Saabyurk! This would be a small miracle if something with the Saab name on it is out by 2020, if it remains in NEVS shaky and sweaty hands.

      • With Dongfeng involved this could happen very quickly…even with Nevs’ involvement. Don’t underestimate the Chinese. They are out for blood and have a chip on their shoulder with something to prove. Once they get a toe-hold in the marketplace they will be formidable.

        • They also cost me thousands of dollars a couple weeks ago because of how volatile their depressed economy and stock market have become. They’re not miracle workers and frankly, if KJJ represents the “chip on the shoulder, something out to prove” wing of the Chinese business class, I think I’ll invest in the Congo instead.

          • Angelo, I feel your pain. I’ve little doubt that KJJ is in cahoots with the Chi-coms. Guess we’re just gonna have to hold on to see where this thing goes…but personally, I don’t have much faith in their success after seeing their track record so far.

            • Thanks. And in truth, they don’t have a track record. I think maybe producing a couple hundred black or silver 9-3s was like stretching/warm-ups, but they haven’t entered a race yet. I don’t think they own any running shoes.

  12. While I was thinking about this, with Dongfeng arriving on the scene, I wonder if any of the NEVS former creditors are thinking that NEVS was not negotiating the debt settlement completely in good faith. Meaning that had the debtors known that NEVS was very near to a major capital injection, which occurred right after they emerged from bankruptcy, they might have negotiated in a slice of the new venture or some other form of prospective remuneration if NEVS continued as a going concern. In the US, if you “hide” assets or potential sources of income or capital before or during the bankruptcy period, you are in serious trouble with the courts and the creditors. Maybe things were to unsettled during the NEVS bankruptcy, or maybe under Swedish law negotiations with a suitor during bankruptcy don’t matter, or maybe the NEVS creditors just wanted to wash their hands of the whole thing. But it is hard not to imagine that at least the larger ones are thinking, hey, what the hell?

    • On the other hand, new investors may not have been interested in contributing funds that would be diverted to pay debts accumulated prior to their involvement and for which they had no responsibility.

      • Precisely right 3cyl, which is why in the U.S. at least, NEVS would have had to disclose to the courts if they were in discussions with Dongfeng——and if Dongfeng had put conditions on their investment—–i.e. stiff your creditors first “negotiating” a lower settlement amount, then get back to us and we’ll talk. Here, it’s possible that would be considered a white collar crime (a bunch of other factors would need to be weighed in). The idea is that “New Investors” in a bankrupt company SHOULD consider debts on the books and consider themselves responsible for those debts if they are buying in. I don’t know Swedish law, so I have no idea if any of this holds true there.

  13. At this stage, I see the NEVS factory in Trollhättan as similar to Valmet, Nedcar, or the former Heuliez plant: European car design, engineering and manufacture for hire. If Dongfeng (and/or the other 2nd TBD investor, assuming it’s an automotive company) plan to use this as its western base of operations, so much the better and it makes fiscal sense, just as all Volvos sold in Europe are made in Gothenburg, with the balance made in Hangzhou China. But just as petrol heads know that cars made at Valmet in Finland have superior build quality, I’ll seek out those car models made in Trollhättan once the factory is up and running again- in the short run, it’ll be the closest thing we have to a Saab.

  14. Lets look at some similarities;)

    A company that develops cars n technologies for other brands:
    Saab 2002-2009. Nevs 2015

    A company that is partially dominated by a truck manufacturer:
    Scania 1970-1990s, Dongfeng 2015

    A company that collaborate on multiple car platforms:
    Saab-Fiat-Lancia 1974-1984, NEVS-xxxx-xxxxx 2015.

    A company that makes to few cars, with to much engineers:)
    Saab 1945-2010, NEVS 2015 – xxxx

    A company 100% run by renewable energy (hydro water) designing resource efficient vehicles: Saab 1945-2010, NEVS 2015 – xxxx

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