NEVS starts to educate the employees in basic Chinese

At 18:00 minutes into the News program.

Swedish national television show tonight on the News that NEVS in Trollhättan has started to educate the car builders and engineers in Chinese. According to the NEVS Investor spokes person who seams to be of Chinese origin the various investors from China has appreciated the knowledge of their language. So bottom line is that it is good for business. It is not only the language it si also basic knowledge of Chinese culture and geography. The news does not mention any Swedish training for the chinese visitors and employees.

18 thoughts on “NEVS starts to educate the employees in basic Chinese”

  1. But of course! Basic knowledge of the Chinese language among the Swedish employees will facilitate the knowledge and technology transfer from Sweden to China that we all know is coming.

  2. Ah, I see. Does one suppose that the next announcement will be that NEVS has been renamed “New Empire Vehicle Suppliers” or suchlike?

    The Chinese have strong traditions of courtesy and respect, and appreciation of their language and culture does tend to be expected from Western suppliers with whom they decide to do business. But it maybe does tend to be something of a one-way process!

  3. Why train the Chinese to learn Swedish? They don’t want to be cultured, they just want the Swedish engineers to make something that isn’t junk like the typical Chinese engineers make, and they want a little puppet show while the Swedes are at it. You know, just as a “thank you” for all the Chinese money they’re “bestowing” upon Trollhättan.

  4. while these language courses are not in-expensive it means that NEVS is strategically incorporating this additional expense in their budget. So all in all quite positive news for the plant and the employees.
    Question however stays; will the cars that they are going to develop be real Saab and named Saab or will it be just another car?

    • Swedish design language, safety-first principles, an ergonomic, comfortable cabin, great mid-range performance.

      But that could be Volvo.

      What really makes a Saab a Saab?

  5. Might it be easier to send Chinese Plant Managers who speak Swedish? It might make more sense to have a handful of Chinese executives/managers who are fluent in Swedish (or can become fluent in Swedish) than to try to teach Mandarin to presumably a lot of Swedish employees. That said—-I am not sure how the culture works there. In the U.S., when international corporations come here, buying American companies—-they generally have their own managerial staff speaking English rather than trying to immerse the American employees in a new language. In any event, I guess it’s good news that some activity is occurring there.

  6. NEVS is not capable of running a car company. Even if NEVS were able to acquire a well known brand like BMW, I can guarantee that BMW would die in less than a year. Mismanagement is the reason why Saab was here in the first place. Let’s face it, if Saab was mismanaged. Saab would most likely have been successful and GM would have kept Saab and not shut it down (or sell it). Saab would probably have been profitable. Or maybe Victor Muller should have invested in Saab, not a yacht or a mansion. So my whole point is that the last three owners of Saab had mismanaged the brand completely. I now suggest that NEVS should exit the car business and look for something else. And sell Saab to a well known and trustable company.

  7. God, I was really hoping that NEVS will bring Saab back, but nope, they only make it worse and worse month by month. It’s all gone.

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