Press Release: Nevs supports Turkey in the development of a Turkish national car

Nevs supports Turkey in the development of a Turkish national car – Press conference Friday at 10.00 in Trollhättan.

National Electric vehicle Sweden’s President Mattias Bergman will present the cooperation at a press conference at Nevs:

Time: Friday October 16, 10.00 CET.

Place: National Electric Vehicle Sweden, Saabvägen 5, Trollhättan.

The press conference will be broadcasted:

A press release will be published at the time of the press conference.


19 thoughts on “Press Release: Nevs supports Turkey in the development of a Turkish national car”

    • Even on the airlines they say ” Please put your lifejacket on first,before trying to help others”. Thats the basic principle here. Nevs needs to get their ducks in a row first, then once they have product that is selling them they can go about helping the others!

    • I think, to sell the right for a platform that NEVS isn’t going to use any more is something for NEVS.

      Nevertheless I’m also waiting for news about NEVS plan as an OEM. Till now we have only seen plans to act as an developing partner for other OEM. But maybe they wanted to simply get a solid financing to have more arguments in the talks with SAAB AB about the brand before talking about a own car-line.

    • NEVS is in the business of product development and engineering services, they are doing their core business here. Much like Rolls-Royce, whose core business is not in building cars so much that they’ve sold the carmaking division long ago.

      Hopefully in due course NEVS will restart building their own cars, but for the sake of the hard-working professionals in Trollhattan whom I met, and who decided to stay on and lend their expertise and efforts to the new company, I wish NEVS much success in what is an endeavour just as ambitious and its gradual accomplishment quite awesome.

      NEVS is still keeping the plant despite the cost and the potential benefit of simply divesting of the real estate, so I believe they did not lose the long-term vision that Mattias Bergstrom presented this summer to some of us in THN.

      • Regarding the plant. I think they must be working on some kind of production contract. Such a contract would give them some income and they would have trained personnel and a working plant in 3-4 years time when a new product from NEVS could reach the market the earliest.

      • Brav – Finally a level headed response to the latest small piece in the NEVS business plan which if you all recall was a multi-position one. I can only assume that many of the negative comments posted so far emanate from a basis of frustration. Until there is an announcement regarding an own NEVS project we will not know whether the Saab brand is going to be truly reborn. The progress is slow but sure. I too am frustrated and know that I may have to consider a replacement marque to purchase in the years to come if a rebirth takes along time or does not occur. Good news for the workers at THN.

        • I’m at the point where I’m hoping Saab AB yanks the Saab name away from these people. Frustration? Maybe. Grounded in reality? Absolutely. I think to pretend that NEVS is on some slow but sure path to success is folly.

          • NEVS is there to serve its business interest first, and, because it’s a Nordic company, it’s people second. Not you and your expectations. If Haagen-Dazs stops making your favourite ice-crem flavour (perhaps because nobody bought it but you) you can hurl all kinds of emotional tirades at them, but they will continue their business as usual regardless of your opinion.

  1. I disagree with you on this, why not start here and get some investment from Turkey. You got to start somewhere and this might be perfect to get the ball rolling once and for all.

      • It is good news for people who will work in Sweden, temporarily, before all operations move to China. Then it will be good for the Chinese. I guess my thinking is there’s nothing here even remotely related to Saab, right?

  2. If you remember Turkey was involved in the sale of Saab back in 2012. Always muted as a possible buyer/partner. Really don’t know what all this means for future production of Saab cars though.

    • This means that NEVS has another cooperation contract inked, which means revenue for NEVS, which means more cash to develop their own car-line and more reasons to convince SAAB AB to give(sell) NEVS the rights to use the SAAB name on their cars.

        • I didn’t like your negative posts about NEVS and possible future of Saab but now, sadly, I have to fully agree with you.
          That’s all bollocks following by another bollocks, NEVS didn’t develop anything yet, just nothing at all and they proudly announcing to get involved in some Turkish national car project??? Wtf?
          I have lost my hope, looks like I have to keep my 9-5 Sportkombi forever.
          Why Saab AB haven’t bought what’s left in Trollhattan in a first place – why why why? And now all of this is happening, can’t look at that…

          • Jacko: I don’t like my negative posts about NEVS and the possible future of Saab either. Believe when I tell you, I’d much rather be gushing about how beautiful and cool the new 2016 Saabs are—-how I want my next new vehicle to be a Saab, etc. I wish the discussions on a Saab fan website could all be positive and optimistic. But I think above all, we need to be honest with each other and in that spirit, my posts have become negative and yes, sour. They weren’t always that way.

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