Saab Car Museum celebrates 40 years!

facebook-eventI know many of you guys has been to the Saab Car Museum (and for you that hasn’t been there – you have something to look forward to) in Trollhättan, and this year the museum actually celebrate 40 years!

Of course haven’t our dearly loved museum been at the current location since 1975, there has been some changes since then. When the museum opened the doors for the first thime it was locates in the basement of the old Saab-ANA building, in Tunhemsvägen. For you guys that has been to Trollhättan and know the area, we’re talk about the building where Brandt sell Volvo cars today, near Hjulkvarns Camping. After some years the museum was moved to the current location, and some years after the relocation the exhibition area was doubled. The next big step was in 2005 when Saab gave the the museum a makeover and opened it up the way we know it today.

As we remember from a couple of years ago, it was not obvious that the museum could celebrate 40 years –  so my challenge to all of you is to visit our museum. Not just at the big events such as the Saab festival, but why not spend some hours at the museum in the weekend or if you have a day off with no plans? Gather some friends and/or family and take a road-trip to the museum in your Saab, and just enjoy… Sounds like a perfect day for for me!

The UrSaab getting some air / Photo:
The UrSaab getting some air / Photo:

So the short and direct invitation from the museum goes as this:

Believe it or not, it´s 40 years since the Saab Car Museum opened its doors for the first time at Tunhemsvägen in Trollhättan in 1975. Come and celebrate with us Saturday October 24 between 11.00-16.00! We celebrate with open house, cake and coffee! Bring your Saab and your memories of 40 years of Saab enthusiasm!

If you want to read more about the history of the museum, check out the Saab Car Muesum webpage
I also want to remind people about the Saab Car Museum Support Organization, that is a nonprofit organization whose purpose is to promote Saab Car Museums business. You will find more information here about this great way to support the museum.

WHAT:  Saab Car Museum 40 years celebration
WHERE: Saab Car Museum, Trollhättan
WHEN: Saturday 24th October, 11:00-16:00

7 thoughts on “Saab Car Museum celebrates 40 years!”

  1. I think at this point the museum curator, Peter Backstrom should get a special mention for his tireless dedication and enthusiasm in maintaining an impeccable museum. His attention to detail and love of everything SAAB is testament to this wonderful museum. For those who have not yet visited then I strongly urge you to do so, I promise you you will not be disappointed. If you love SAAB you will also love this place! It is truly magical, wander through the decades with all those memories of our wonderful brand.
    And if you get to meet this amazing charismatic man Peter, then you will have had a very rewarding visit!

    • Martin T16, what you state confirms that sometimes one person makes a difference. Fortunately in this case, the preservation of SAAB’s history is the beneficiary.

  2. I have been there and it is a wonderful place. The display of engines with internals visible even got the attention of my young daughters.
    And I have a watch as a memory. The Saab Sport 1965 wristwatch. 🙂

  3. My dad and I almost stopped by the museum on Wednesday afternoon, but I feared that my dad might skip the anniversary if we went this close to the event, so we did not make a stop in Trollhättan; We will show up in force on the 24th however!

  4. Another way to support the museum is to buy something from their webshop. Anything from books to coffe 🙂

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