New people in the NEVS Board of Directors

The board looks like this of November 10th: * Indicates new to the board

Kai Johan Jiang, Chairman WikiPedia, 50, car ownership ??

Stefan Tilk, vice Chairman LinkedIn 42, owns a  Yamaha Moped but no car

Mattias Bergman, CEO LinkedIn 49,  owns a SAAB 9-3 2009 have had it for 16 months

Ronnie Hermansson, union representative, Unionen Trade Union (white collar) LinkedIn 50, owns a SAAB 9-5 2010 + another one

Finn Johnsson, Member (Not on LinkedIn) 69, owns a Volvo XC70 2008 and an Audi Q7 2009

* Ming Li, Representing owners SRIT State Research Information Technology (State of China)

* Limin Sun, Representing owners THT Tianjin City Development area (City of Tianjin)

Stand ins:

Mikael Kubu Member LinkedIn 47, Owns just a Respo Trailer but no car

Stefan Larsson, union representative, IF Metall Trade Union (Blue Collar) 47, Owns a SAAB 9-5 1999

Lets hope NEVS could reveal more informations on the two chinese owner representatives in the board. A search on the web gives no hits whatsoever. The swedish guys are found out there in cyberspace. I am sorry to see no women in this group of directors. Unless any of the two chinese persons is a she. Lets hope for that. If not I would give the board an F for failure in gender integration. For sure women also buy cars. Mr. Jiang start a search for great women. I bet SU readers have good qualified names to support in the search.

It is interesting to see that none of the board directors have any classic or modern unique collectors or enthusiast cars in their garages.

SaabsUnited wish the new board luck in forming an efficient and strong team to spearhead NEVS into the future!

22 thoughts on “New people in the NEVS Board of Directors”

  1. Just a question. I have no idea how much time and effort it takes to be a board member, or how important they really are. However, I don’t understand how someone can be a board member of so many companies simultaneously and still devote enough attention to any one company. I guess it’s like a part time job to them. 🙁

  2. Any chance the Yamaha moped is turbocharged?

    By the way Trued, you have had some enjoyable recent posts, e.g. regarding the long-time SAAB shop owner, how to own a new SAAB, and the SAAB Museum birthday. These may not generate as much response as posts about the controversial NEVS, but they make good reading.

  3. Seriously, who cares about the lack of women in the board? That seems to be a typically Swedish fixation, which the Chinese could probably care less about (or at least I hope so). What matters is that the board is competent.

    Then again, this is NEVS (No Electric Vehicles in Sweden), so it’s hard to care in any case.

    • Sad attitude there I some countries are more progressive compared to others. Remember that the cars You so dearly love are made in a society with the belief system that women and men are equal. Saab was one of the first manufacturers in the world to have women working on the line putting cars together.

      • There’s really no reason to assume that an all-male board suggests that women and men are not equal. In fact, since women and men are considered equal, it shouldn’t matter whether the board members are men, women or a combination of both.

        But if there are indications that there were in fact female board candidates that were passed over because they were women, then the situation would be different, and you would have had a point. This would obviously also apply if male board candidates were passed over because they were men, and women were chosen instead. Either variant would be discrimination.

      • Well, there’s good old Mary Barra at GM—-she’s now the head honcho. I don’t know if it matters much on the board of directors—-often figureheads. But in many countries, women are now outnumbering men in car buying—-or at least they have a strong influence in car purchasing. It’s not the 1950s anymore. The point is that from a product development/product positioning/marketing-advertising perspective, it definitely helps to have women executives involved. If NEVS isn’t doing that—-perhaps it’s because men still rule the roost of car buying in China maybe???? And it’s clear that NEVS is focused like a laser beam on China (and I guess Turkey) so women can go pound sand. NEVS doesn’t seem interested in selling cars in places where many women are likely buying them. NEVS is for China.

  4. Trued, have you seen ever a picture or video of a saab 93 viggen on the assembly line in finland?

  5. yes it was trued similar to the plant in malmo
    sweden it looked like an inside garden with a lot of women and factory footage. however plant closed rapidly by gm.they c
    alled it ikea style. still looking for viggen pictures on finland assembly line. in sevel italy fiat ducato the women have majority

  6. hi viggen riders if you can show me a saab viggen 93 in laser red ready assembled on the original assembly line at valmet finland i repeat valmet finland or in their museum videos or pictures let me know conditions my viggen collection pictures in original saab showrooms are breathtaking to the hearth and skin same as hearing to a song from roy orbison out of my saab collection speakers

    • daniel assume you mean by GUINNESS the famous beer? anyway this site is not dead yet thanks to trued and
      viggen drivers like iam new on this site so i introduce my self a little bit : cars owned in time : triumph spitfire datsun 1200 crashed datsun coupe again than mgb austin healey 3000 triumph stag and than the saab era 99 900 93 in total 8 saabs when gm came in my saab interest was declining most people in belgium find saab ugly to see any way i made my contribution to trollhattan saab workers because saab was not cheap. how is tim doing with his new bmw? the swedes are very
      xenofobe but their products are well accepted worldwide cheers daniel

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