Swedish national TV: Consumers program visits NEVS


Skärmavbild 2015-11-12 kl. 22.19.31

NEVS Technology and Engineering Department Picture from SVT

As part of the Swedish National TV´s Consumers program Plus+ they started to investigate the gasoline from Statoil. Statoil claims an added 2,7% increase in extended distance running the car on their MILES spec. 95 octane unleaded gasoline. After having reached less then the expected 2,7% on the road they turned to NEVS in Trollhättan and their laboratories. Same results where found during the controlled measurements. Statoil replies that “it differs between cars…………..”

Link to SVT Plus+ I hope it can be seen globally!

Great to see that the engine labs are up and running.

Skärmavbild 2015-11-13 kl. 09.30.22

Automatic driver robot named “ROBERT” inside a SAAB 9-3 Sedan

Skärmavbild 2015-11-13 kl. 10.38.15

SAAB 9-3 NG Sedan US Spec in the dynamic test cell at NEVS

Skärmavbild 2015-11-13 kl. 09.29.23

Could not find any secrets on the walls………

Skärmavbild 2015-11-12 kl. 22.20.26

19 thoughts on “Swedish national TV: Consumers program visits NEVS”

  1. That is indeed what we all like NEVS for; they do give jobs to the area of THT.
    We hope that the expertise stays in the area and that NEVS becomes a standard in automotive superiority. We so can just say that that superiority was built on the Saab heritage.
    That this expertise will one again gives us Saab cars again is for me further away than ever. But let’s never give up hope.

    • Agree with You. NEVS has great expertise just let hope that are on the move towards the stars in automotive. The competition is so hard that NEVS would really need a technology like the “TURBO” was in the 1970ies. Something that makes people really long for their products. I remember as a kid that a SAAB TURBO was something,

  2. Yes, turbo that was really something! It may seem gray at the moment; but I try to get used in my mind about electrical cars,
    and with the rapid step forward in battery field, maybe!
    I saw the other day an artikel about battery progress with batterys without fluid and instead a sort of polymer that
    will reduced weigth and lifetime,etc, etc. (Ny Teknik Magazine).
    If and if that might be something in the future ,then!?

    • Wasn’t there a Japanese “partner” in the NEVS consortium that already has ground-breaking breaking battery technology—-a world leader? I thought that was part of the NEVS miracle for Saab—-Chinese money, Swedish manufacturing and safety, Japanese battery technology that was going to blow the competition out of the water, right? What happened to that load of manure?

      • “What happened to that load of manure ?” >> It happened a miraculous transformation into chinese batteries from Beijing National Battery Technology, for the aborted Qindao EV 9-3’s. Dongfeng/NEVS future EV could be equipped with the same set of battery (as Beijing, via SRIT, remains in the process). What about japanese partner ? NEVS has just signed partnership last month with Renesas Electronics.

        I have no idea what from this new multiform “manure” will come out , I just know that manure uses to be a fertile ground. So, let’s wait and see. For sure, nothing stamped Saab Automobile anymore.

        • Yes, manure can be a good thing too—-helping things grow. It can also be used to blow things up, like the government building in Oklahoma. But the disappointing thing to Saab enthusiasts is that we thought one pillar of premise here was that NEVS was going to build Saabs. We were quickly disillusioned when it became evident that there would be a smattering of NEVSAABS in Sweden for symbolism,—–but that the gravy train was going to be China, including a Chinese factory. Many fans of Saab bailed at that point. I didn’t. I was stupid enough to continue to buy into “Well, they’re starting in China with the new Saabs, but if things go well—-and especially with a Chinese factory—-lower priced Saabs can be exported to Europe and North America again—-the old, loyal Saab buyers will get their chance eventually. I even figured—-once the silly EV thing runs it’s course, they’ll deploy their resources back to building great gas engine cars until fuel cell or EVs that meet our needs are ready for prime time in a couple decades. I raise my hand in admitting I was starry eyed and stupid. These people could barely figure out how to drive a car, much less build one. Saab is over, at least as far as NEVS is concerned. I wish someone would change the lyrics to John Lennon’s Christmas song “War is Over” to “Saab is Over.”

        • Beijing National Battery Technology is a private company and has nothing to do with SRIT or Beijing authorities. BNBT technical head is Fugetsu Bunshi, a Japanese nanotechnology specialist, and from the limited information about him on the Internet it seems he is quite a reputable scientist. Apart from him, the Chinese people involved in this company also have some serious background. NEVS have always said they would use Japanese battery technology, not batteries made in Japan, and from what I’ve read the batteries BNBT currently produces are quite good.

      • While the company Prieto Battery isn’t Japanese (I don’t believe) they’ve just partnered with Intel, they’ve apparently been able to make a “3D litium ion architecture” that will drastically reduce charge time, slow drain time, and increase capacity. It could be a Japanese company was on a similar 3D battery trail, so it might not have been total nonsense AT THE TIME, but seeing as we haven’t heard anything in months I doubt it’s materialized into much. Also, I’d say Prieto Battery must be onto something good or else Intel wouldn’t be sinking money into them.

        • You might be right Jesse—-but also consider that often, big, well financed companies like Intel invest in smaller companies in a speculative way. There are far more disappointments than big success stories when these rich, high tech companies spread money around. The thing is, when they hit one home run—-it makes up for a dozen strike outs. I guess what I’m saying is that you’re right, Intel wouldn’t be screwing around with a totally incompetent company—-but on the other hand, Intel investing doesn’t mean any guarantee that something magical is happening. Big, well funded companies trip over each other buying up or investing in speculations.

          • Oh no doubt Angelo, but what I mean is there are multiple companies developing “3d lithium architecture”, and I’ve seen information regarding it, not that I understand more than a Cliff Notes version, but the idea is really terrific. Multiple people have been developing this technology for quite a few years, so I’m figuring NEVS had latched onto a company that thought they’d crack the 3D lithium batteries first.

            It’s kind of like Solid State Drives for computers, they recently started stating the transistors inside those drives which has dropped the cost of a 128gb drive from $150 down to $70, and the speed is just as fast or faster. Sometimes a development takes a long time to develop, but then actually delivers it’s promise, cheaper, faster, better. It’s pretty rare, but my guess is the same thing that happened to those solid state drives is/was estimated to happen with lithium batteries. Way overdue, too… lithium batteries was the last “breakthrough” in rechargeable batteries, and that’s now a 20 year old technology. Technology keeps moving forward but our ability to power it is still limited to the lithium batteries that have been virtually unchanged for 2 decades.

    • Please, don’t be so sarcastic. That isn’t shoe string. That’s NEVS new high tech “Fiber Line” that’s coated with a special Japanese sourced silicone for superior performance and long life. Note that the color isn’t optic white, but instead a buff gray off-white, which cuts down on glare and integrates beautifully with the test equipment.

    • It doesn’t have to mean anything. This is a national TV channel/program in Sweden. They don’t allow any commercial messages and they’re really strict about this. In the children TV programs, when they’re baking stuff, they censor the brand of the milk, the suger, the flour etc.

      • If I were NEVS, and if NEVS still has anything to do with Saab—-or hopes of ever producing a Saab—-I would have made use of the equipment contingent upon allowing the Saab logo on the steering wheel to appear—-not highlighted, but certainly not covered with tape. The guy could have worn a different shirt I guess. So maybe it’s the integrity of the program not allowing “sponsors” or maybe it’s NEVS knowing they shouldn’t be showing Saab logos because they aren’t Saab.

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