“A Man Called Ove” – The Movie!

A while back I wrote a few words about what quickly became one of my favorite books. This week, the movie based on the book premieres in Swedish movie theatres. Judging by the trailer, it is the perfect movie for the holidays.

The story begins with Ove who, quite rationally, decides to off himself. As the story unfolds, the reasons behind his decision becomes clear. Along the way we are also treated to the story of his next–door neighbour, Rune, who drives a Volvo… (why the Volvo–driving character is named “Rune” is a worrisome question, but as this is a work of fiction don’t let that stop you)

Some hastily translated dialogue from one of the trailers:

– Stop! Stop I said!
(hasty introductions)
– Rune!
– Ove!
“We cooperated well already from the start.”
– I’ll take the shortcut!
– Oi!
(addressing the young fella on the bike)
– You are not going to do this again!
– And tell your buddies too!
“We shared the same values and I was elected chairman of the first meeting in the home owners association with Rune as second chair. A wise choice we felt. We were both surprised at finally having found a friend.”
– Yes, I will just put the car inside the garage…
“…until we finally detected that small difference between us”
– You are driving a Volvo?
– Yes? What do you drive?
– Saab
– Oh.
“We tried to not dwell on it at first, but socialized as normal couples do. Everything went well as long as we kept things tidy.”
– It was a boy!
(an excessive amount of very nice cars from Trollhättan paraded about)
“Years passed by. We sort of lost touch. But then, with no prior warning, that bastard jousted me from the board!”
– I was so pissed off, so I stormed off to the dealer and bought myself a new 9000. …CS! (this bit of the trailer may not be safe for work viewing. One of my favorite cars… Pure pr0n I tell you)
“Then Rune bought a ninesixty Executive instead. In the end, their son reached adulthood and suddenly decided to move all the way to the USA. I do not think they saw him much after that. I had just returned from viewing the new Saab nine five when I concluded that it was time to put the past in the past. We should start talking with each other again.”
– I have been thinking. Isn’t it time we put our differences aside?
– Of course we are friends.
“That is when it happened”
– Do you want to see my new car..?
“B–M–W. I turned on my heel and went straight back home. Rune had abandoned everything”
– What? A man can’t drive a Volvo his entire life!

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A must see!


The 9000 CS looks nice, one of my dream cars when I first saw it! I have read the book, must go and see the movie too. I guess it is difficult to find a Swedish actor that is more suitable for the character Ove.

Anders Schioldan Ostergaard

get it on DVD a.s.a.p. in swedish can´t wait………..hurry!

Red J

I wish I had more time to learn Swedish to better understand it. It is so funny even if I only get 10% of the whole conversation!!


agree with you, Red J.
By the way; enjoy these fine holidays.


And so so I…!

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