Merry Christmas from SaabsUnited

As the year comes nearer to its end I have to admit that 2015 has been one of the more difficult ones in terms of finding things to report due to long periods of silence from Trollhättan. With recent news it seems that more life will return to Stallbacka so there should me more things to talk about. Additionally we will take a look over the fence from time to time and look what other brands are doing, still through the eyes of a Saab fan of course. I hope we can find the right mix to entertain you properly.

But for now and on behalf of all crew members of SaabsUnited I’d like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and to thank you for your ongoing support. We hope you all can take some time off from the daily routine, recharge your batteries and spend some time among your beloved ones.

7 thoughts on “Merry Christmas from SaabsUnited”

  1. Merry Christmas Till!

    Still driving Swedish/Chinese combination of cars: my own SAAB and Volvo V70 Classic as a Company car 🙂 \m/

    Tomi a.k.a. Sensonic

  2. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to Till and the other Saabs United contributors who maintain this site. It’s a commitment from you that takes time and effort and I think I speak for all visitors here by saying “Thank you for your hard work—we appreciate it!” And thanks too for all the comments, especially from the regulars. Great people make for a great website and Saabs United has proven to be a terrific site—even through the ups and downs (mostly downs) of the recent Saab experience. Seasons Greetings and best to everyone.

  3. Happy holidays to all the Saabists in the world. That 2016 will become an interesting year for novelties and the so nice discussions it can create 🙂

  4. Hi Till and gang! Have a wonderful Christmas.
    Very apropos to discuss “recharging batteries” here in the new year, Till!
    May 2016 bring some healing to the SAAB wound that lives in us all…

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