27 thoughts on “Panda New Energy a company registered 2 days ago.”

    • Oh, for the love of God. A shell game. Jiang was behind door #1. Now he’s behind door #2 and after the next bankruptcy reorganization, he’ll be behind door #3 too.

      • if it’s really that difficult to succeed for NEVS, what about giving them some support and co-founding a fan club for NEVS with me? Maybe you want to design their Facebook page….?

        FW akaGMVMNEVSififif

        • I would love to do that. But in order for it to be effective, I’d have to believe in who they are and what they’re doing and as of now, how can ANYBODY believe that good is coming out of this, ummm….”arrangement?” If Muller was still pumping out beautiful sheetmetal with turbocharged paradise under the hoods, I’d join you in partnering up for the best fan page ever created, anywhere. Unfortunately, that’s not what we have now. The chances of me ever being able to buy a NEVS car? Slim and none. Unless I move to China, where it will be slim but possibly possible!

          • let’s just hope that the Tianjin government do not consist of a bunch of a+++++++ as the Qingdao government….

            Chinese normally keep their promises.

  1. Its very unusual that Swedish Radio gets their facts wrong, the following two articles are in Swedish. In short the articles state that their chinese correspondent has checked with the Chinese register for commerce and the company New Panda Energy was formed only 2 days before the deal was announced. The owner of the company is Jiang Dalong which is the same person who calls himself Kai Johan Jiang. Swedish radio also talked with a well known auto analyst and editor for one of the biggest chinese auto magazine, he had never even heard of the company or the deal before.



      • I checked the Chinese register. The company, as said, was approved on December 16th and according to the register the company’s shareholders are one person – Zhang Guojiu, and two companies – Beijing Baida Deheng Investment Guaranty limited and Beijing Gaohua Caixin Investment consulting limited, none of which is directly connected to KJJ.

  2. And when you thought it couldn’t get any worse.

    Can we stop talking about this company here on SU? These guys are as much a real car company as Matchbox.

    • I think NEVS will hold onto the Saab assets and eventually burn through them and leave a useless carcass. The asset I’m most concerned about is the name “SAAB” for automobiles. My prayer is that Saab AB will withdraw permission for NEVS to use the name—-nothing good is going to come out of it if NEVS continues to butcher what’s left of Saab cars. I hope that Saab AB takes back control of the name and mothballs it until a bona fide and capable group wants to do something positive with the name, at which point Saab AB can license it again—-next time to people who respect Saab’s heritage and fan base.

      • Agreed. Moreover, I think it’s about time NEVS (i.e. No Electric Vehicles in Sweden) stop portraying themselves as Swedish, when in reality they are a Chinese company.

  3. angelo i just returned today evening from a nice end year setting in a nice surrounding nearby with friends. they have a ice piste for skating. and you wont believing a new jaguar xe with 99 co2 was on display just on the ice piste. yes a landrover area marketing you now. my eyes fall in tear seeing the nose i thought it was a new saab launched by nevs; I made a picture on my i phone but how i get it on our su site ?

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