9 thoughts on “Video: Saab Arctic Adventure 2011”

      • I imagine that for SAAB AB to allow the SAAB brand to be used on cars in the future, those currently in charge need to be kicked out first. At least I hope so…

        It’s obviously a pity there are currently no competent automakers around willing to resuscitate SAAB, but since that appears to be reality then the lack of SAAB-branded vehicles from those that are in charge is a blessing for SAAB AB as well as for the legacy of SAAB automobiles, not to mention for a potential future for SAAB as a brand in the unlikely event a competent automaker would at some point wish to pick up the pieces and launch new models worthy of the SAAB name.

        But I suppose things to “look forward to” in 2016 will only be more vaporware and empty promises from No Electric Vehicles in Sweden (NEVS), and of course China nonsense ad nauseam. Same procedure as last year.

  1. who let the dogs out ? impressive dog lover and rally drivers i wish i was there. thank you for pump up the saab jam.

  2. what a great line up of cars for arctic conditions! especially like the 9-4x, If Saab ever got going again they could do no worse than concentrated on producing the best, most comfortable winter cars a bit like they did before!

  3. You can also find a video of Per Eckland driving at this same event, on YouTube. I do agree with StefanH that it is also sad to see these videos from a better day. Things were not completely rosy in 2011, but with the new 9-5 there seemed to be hope. It is hard to imagine NEVS doing anything like this. I doubt their Chinese overlords have any interest in this.

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