A comedians SAAB and laugh about (with) phoenix story



Billy Braver ex Saab salesman and also ex. comedian tells his life story in a very personal way. I look forward to see his future stand-up shows. I am curious to here more about that lewis motorcycle gang in New York. I bet that story is more true than the one a Dutch Saab Automobile CEO told the world that he could see SAAB 99´s from his boyhood window and that he owned a SAAB 99 EMS that none of his friends can recall having seen.

Good luck Billy. I bet many of Your SAAB customer came out of the showroom with or without a car but always with a great comic story to tell!


4 thoughts on “A comedians SAAB and laugh about (with) phoenix story”

  1. Nice video treud. The intro music from bert k African safari is full of memories to me. THe sentence about the a dutch Ceo I do not like. I still believe in victor muller.Any way the wind blows, IN Brussels the car exhibition will start. Headline: cng cars . Tax free : 1000 euro bonus and a full european net work. For the non technical a cng car is still fitted with a combustion engine dual power cng or hydrocarbons. The TESLA stand is breathtaking. Change your minds.

  2. Treud i am of DUTCH origin who was and still is saab loving.THe netherlands lives below sea level. I.n about some time we are under water again as before.Therefore we fight against the sea and discovered the world with our ships. IN a other way than the vikings. yes i drove first saab 99 turbo. and many more. I never forget these turbo feelings. That saab is gone as it was lies in you. IN holland we had DAF -volvo-mitsu and now bmw- mini. the mini is very succesfull although its still a go kar but thats what youngster want.

  3. treud i forget something TESLA have now assy plant in the netherlands. If you have a large solar area and accumulation point you will get a large discount on a new tesla … if you make promotion for tesla. since the sun is also shining a lot in sweden i meet you in stockholm with your tesla at the VASA museum.

  4. It was nice to see this guy get back to his real talent. It was also sad (again) to see what Saab had been, and it was especially ironic to see the news clips about Muller and Spyker saving the day. If only.

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