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Maybe any of you has noticed it, but NEVS has changed the homepage of their site. The pictures of the MY14 9-3 are gone, which is good from my point of view, but on the other side the homepage is as vague as it could be. We know what they mean, but who else does? Ok, maybe all the people that visit that site knows about it.

But has this anything to do with Tomorrow(Monday)? No, I don’t think so, and as NEVS is not appearing in the exhibitors list of the Geneva Motor show, I expect, that we will be seeing those northern lights for the next weeks.

But tomorrow something will happen at NEVS facilities, something that I consider quite strange, but something that has a clear message.

On Monday January 25 at 13:30 CET the press is invited to a talk with Matias Bergman, CEO of NEVS, and Stig Nodin, head of technical development at NEVS, at the technical development center. The event is centered of the presentation of the last acquisition of NEVS, one of the rare prototypes of the electric Van that Saab developed in the ’70.

To acquire this car has a strong message, namely they want to be related with the past of SAAB. But on the other side it feels strange to me, that they spent money on this prototype, while a better looking version of it is dusting at the back rooms of the SAAB Museum.

To be honest, I’m not sure if this yellow E-Van still is at the museum, as this was one of the cars that were on sale in 2012, but I would have preferred to see some kind of cooperation between NEVS and the SAAB Museum.

I’m sure I don’t know the whole story, maybe not even a small part of it, so let’s wait till tomorrow to hear what NEVS has to tell.

BTW, this prototype was bought by NEVS back in November 2015 in the Netherlands, you can find some articles about that on other blog sites.

89 thoughts on “Tomorrow”

    • Perhaps not… NEVS so far has had a hard time even being able to get passes to shows like Geneva since they are not an actual manufacturer yet…

        • correction should read nevs instead of saab blog. Is there no more information to follow about thei r press conf last monday?

          • Red J That saab postal EV prototype car taken out of a dutch car museum for the price of….. was not the first EV saab car.The first was already there in 1960. Source: saabyurk on saab blog. Saabyurk works on two different fronts. Looks like espionage. And yes they uses saab heritage. Because……..? I know.

                • fw all that stuff to put on your table needs some activity. And you will get it all without moving your ass.Take saab yurk as an example.

            • Allow me to drop some amusing and informational links here below the surface of the moderator’s radar (replace _dot_ with .)…

              A newer improved version pictured here:

              Click on 1970 once this loads (slight timeline discrepancy):

              You MUST WATCH this, very funny. At least watch at 1:05 for SAAB 95:

  1. Well, since I won’t be able to make the press event, I’ll be watching NEVS website for full details. I’m sure they will post a great update immediately—-maybe even live stream the press event. Yeah, right.

  2. Seeing as NEVS immediate business plan in China is to build EV busses and vans along with the 9-3, this seems a calculated move to link Saab’s early EV work to the current ownership. I very much hope I’m wrong, but if this is the case the only people who will be impressed will be the gullible Chinese press and some Asian investors. Everybody else will see it for what it is.

    • We can only hope. But some people are so desperate, they will latch on to any tiny morsel and convince themselves that NEVS is Saab. No, they’re not. And the sooner that Saab name is stripped from NEVS, the better.

      • Angelo, thanks for your kind words for the “so desperate” that latch to any tiny morsel.

        Now that you have understood that SAAB is not SAAB anymore and wish so strongly the SAAB name to be stripped from NEVS, I wonder what are you still doing in this SAAB blog and when you will start writing on the blog of your next favourite marque?

        By the way, have you asked yourself why the SAAB name is not stripped from the NEVS website yet, or from the factory buildings? Did SAAB AB run out of lawyers? Maybe!

  3. Well, some official interviews coming out the last weeks that indicate that NEVS is aiming for producing a Phoenix based car in Trollhättan starting 2018,

  4. Not much needs to post, because all the other great posts here by Angelo V and many more people. Just one thing: Nevs have strongly surprised me with a lot of great news in the recent weeks, and I have changes my opinion a lot. Most of all I want the Saab name back to Nevs, because we can see a much stronger future than many of us could be thinking about. I’m sure the cars from Trollhattan (with any name) will be a great add to the car market around the world. They will be a better alternative than many of the todays big car makers. The old Saab 9-3 was a fantastic car, and I’m sure the new 9-3 EV will be a great first EV for many people. For the first time after the Saab Automobile days, I’m happy again and my negative mood have changed to be very positive. I hope many more people than me feel the same. I wish good luck to every one at the factory in Trollhattan, and also at the factory in China, and I will se forward to much more news about Nevs in the next few months! 🙂

    • Well I hope I can be happy too like you are. If NEVS makes any sort of meaningful announcement about building cars and exporting them to North America, I’ll listen. Until then, I will target them as outsiders who destroyed what was left of Saab.

      • Angelo, I actually think NEVS “saved” what was left of SAAB.

        I do not recall a line of qualified parties, say BMW or PSA or FCA or PSA or else, in the front of the liquidators’ door to submit an alternative offer to buy SAAB … maybe I do not remember correctly … do you?

        • I remember what appeared to be a manipulated process to make sure the carcass went to NEVS. Mahindra was an actual car company that had accomplished something and they were interested, but thrown off the trail.

          • A “manipulated” process? Then the liquidators were bribed? Mahindra were interested? Then the liquidators acted against the interest of the creditors? The Swedish Government was a creditor also, was it not?

            WOW, I am speechless Angelo. You really have access to some “hot” confidential stuff here!

            • Carlo: Based on the spectacular failure that NEVS has been, I think it’s safe to say the bankruptcy receivers didn’t act in the best interests of Sweden, or the town that employed thousands of people at a car building plant. “Green” was in the air, and when “electric cars for a sustainable future” was floated, some really stupid people might have bitten on that farce without bribes even being attached to it. Suffice to say, regardless of “how” or “why” we know that conditions were put on the sale and process that left some potential players gun shy and out of the game. By the time these “matters” had been cleared up, there was precious little time for companies to put a new bid together—but low and behold, this “consortium” that never built a car and in fact never did a damn thing—-THEY had their act together and moved forward and viola—-they got the bid in and won! Hurray, NEVS! These guys have DEEP POCKETS! These guys are SMART! These guys have a PLAN! Hurray, hurray, hurray! Saab has been saved! They’re building an electric 9-3—-they’re working on the Phoenix—-they’re building the Turkish national car—-they have this amazing battery technology that Tesla could only dream about—-they’ve got a province in China funding them and ordering government cars which will put things in motion to bring Saab all the way back! YAY! Oh, except it never happened. It’s a lot of leeches flapping their gums and delivering zilch.

              • Angelo, I am sure you agree that there is a big difference between:

                1) NEVS have been a “spectacular failure”. This is your opinion on what NEVS have delivered to date, and your opinion must be respected;


                2) saying that the sale to NEVS was something that “appeared to be a manipulated process” and “Mahindra were interested” thus implying that the process was faulty with serious damage to the stakeholders, primarily the creditors. This you do not know but you only guess, you are only speculating and making some very serious accusations. If you have final evidence about your allegations, I suggest you to report it to the authorities in Sweden

                • The point wasn’t that there is a correlation between the two, Carol. The point is that it was a mistake because if a different party was chosen, things might be a lot better now for everyone involved. And yes, it was reported at the time that the process was strange in that things that had been described as part of the landscape changed AFTER Nevs won. And if those things had been part of the deal to begin with, others might have bid. Have you ever been part of an RFP process? I have, several times. There are ways to steer the award to a chosen party when the RFP is written. In this case, I assert that the conditions were announced to push out other bidders—-and the conditions changed after it was whittled down to NEVS.

                  • Since you “assert that the conditions were announced to push out other bidders—-and the conditions changed after it was whittled down to NEVS” I urge you to contact the authorities in Sweden to report this!

                    PS: since you have been part a RFP process several times, you know very well the agenda of the Liquidators may very well differ from yours

                    • Well, to be fair, I think the Receivers were charged with getting the most for the stiffed creditors that they could, and in fairness to them, NEVS might have met that criteria—-but I can raise two concerns: 1) NEVS might have been the one to meet that criteria based on others dropping out under false pretenses, I.e. as I said above, “steered” to NEVS. 2) Maybe something else should have been considered—–and that is how this would impact the world beyond the creditors, meaning jobs in that part of Sweden, the bigger picture. And I think it’s fair to say that almost to a person, on this site, we realized very early that NEVS was the LAST choice as far as that goes—-inept, unqualified, unproven, untested, in over their heads, horrible business plan, two left feet, clumsy with public relations, zero outreach to Saab owners, missing in action trying to help dealers, step on a crack, break NEVS’ mothers back…etc. Maybe Sweden should have taken this more seriously and brokered something meaningful with a real car company to try to save an industry in their country instead of letting interlopers “have at it” and go down in flames.

      • I’m sure Nevs have a future in the USA and in the rest of the West. We just have to give them some time to put out great products. Sadly it can take 2-4 years before we can buy the cars I want for the markest in the West, but it will help a lot if the business in the East will kick off in a good way, and they can make a lot of money for the devlopment of the new cars for our markets. I’m sure Nevs will not produce cars only for the East market, and I’m happy to hear about all the work in the Trollhattan factory and the China factory. There is a lot more to do, but as they have reported they take it further step by step. I will not give up my hope for Nevs and Saab cars. 🙂

  5. No doubt, NEVS acquired that 1970 Saab EV mail delivery vehicle concept to reverse engineer it for their new technological breakthrough for 2018. Maybe they’ll get a municipal contract in China for a fleet of these. Sure, the concept is almost 50 years old, but it’s advanced in NEVS’ world.

    • I find your sarcasm annoying and unnecessary to the benefit of this discussion …it ia a piece of the SAAB heritage and I am happy the brought it back to Trollhattan

            • And by his natural chords. The beautiful sound coming up from stairs is not nevs at the very moment right now .Have you heard any thing? I do BUT may not tell you.

                • When the time is right, NEVS will speak.

                  Confucius say: “The winds of change can take a lifetime. May NEVS fly on eagles wings to Jupiter so we never hear from them again.”

                    • By the way Monique, I used to play the “I know but I am not going to tell you” game when I was 6 y.o.

                      I guess you are an adult, therefore I invite you to keep “your mouth shut” as you very correctly suggest right at the beginning, rather than making some very childish remarks like “Have you heard anything? I do BUT may not tell you”.

                    • Carlo just relax, don’t be aggressive as expected from a saab driver. I saw your posts against angelo in the same way. It makes no sense.I Am impressed about your games at 6 y.o. you must have a nice child time than, be lucky . See every thing in the context and don’t react in the same way as you where 6 y.o. But than you just don’t get it.

                    • Maybe you guessed wrong, Carlo. We don’t know if Monique is an adult. She could be a young high school student who loves Saab and wants the ability to buy a new one when she starts driving.

                    • And Monique can also be a guy—-and in different regions, that name can be for a male or female, though in the U.S., it’s always a female name.

    • Angelo, people like you and me assume NEVS is aiming at manufacturing goods for sale to make a profit. For some this has become an old school business model. More and more I see relative small companies with a bunch of CFO’s, CEO’s, COO’s, Presidents and Vice Presidents who’s main achievement it is to get investors (or governments) to put money into an idea. “Look at our prototypes, if you put in your money, we make the fantasy come true”. Some of us clung onto NEVS as saviors of SAAB cars. But the initial idea of European manufactured EV’s for the Chinese market was already absurd. SAAB wasn’t a strong brand in China like BMW. Only the small rich upper class can afford expensive foreign cars. But even these are partially assembled in China because the Chinese government insists on local employment. The mass market is cheap Asian built cars. The electrical supply is far from stable in China. Brown-outs (selected areas are shut down) occur frequently. NEVS is a nice paid hobby, but no true car manufacturer.

      • I am with you on this. Some thoughts: CFOs are the most important ones of the 5 mentioned. The small rich upper class in china is rising rapidly. landrover in china has full assembly in china whatever that really means. About nevs we have to wait before a complete blackout of their batteries happens.

      • Yes E. Boon, a lot of business today isn’t about filling a need with a product—-and making money. It’s more about moving piles of money from one place to another. That’s a skill set that can make someone wealthy beyond belief, while victims are bamboozled, in some cases, those victims being taxpayers. It used to be that a much different skill set was needed—-the ability to engineer a product and bring it to market before you were rewarded. Now, there’s money floating around, and you’re absolutely right—-charlatans can conspire with others to sink their hooks into that money without accomplishing anything at all with regard to bringing a product out for public consumption . There have been carnival barkers hawking “3 wheel autocycle” ideas for decades now. It comes around every few years. You see prototypes and a lot of hype. The latest is Elio. I would love to see their “idea” come to fruition. It’s a great concept. Right now, that’s all it is. Yet they’re taking $1000.00 deposits for people to get in line and ‘reserve’ their Elio for when manufacturing begins. That manufacturing date has been moved back at least three times since I’ve been following the story, which is about 2 years. And their current “target” is later in 2016 and I see no possibility of that at all. What does this have to do with NEVS? Everything. At this point, I’ve seen no evidence of a serious and sincere effort to bring product to market—-in China or anywhere else. Building dozens of 9-3s doesn’t count. That was a ridiculous escapade and everyone here knows it. Until we see something that’s light years ahead of what we’ve seen so far from NEVS—-it truly does appear that we have someone who is trying to get chummy with government officials and has succeeded at that in the past—-and is lining things up to succeed at that again in the future and move some money around. The irony is that with these schemes, today’s internet makes it easier than ever for these people to create a buzz and dupe some investors. And NEVS wasn’t even able to run a website with any dexterity—-that website was so pathetic, it was the cornerstone of the laughter toward these people. Yet there’s a sucker born every minute, and when it’s government involved, it’s suckers not even spending their own money, but the earnings of others. So we this this mess continue to march on, stiffed creditors and all. Amazing.

  6. Sustainability, green and environment are todays buzz words to start a flow of money. Though the subject itself is very serious, it’s misused by many charlatans.

  7. So, did anything actually happen on Monday, press conference or otherwise?

    Also, I’ve said it before, but I still think it’s bizarre that the SAAB branding is featured so prominently on the NEVS website, not to mention they use it in their domain name. You’d think the lawyers would’ve pushed to have it all removed a lot quicker.

  8. Just drove a hundred miles through a rainstorm that lasted pretty much the whole trip. My old C900 felt safe and secure and i passed a few BMW’s, Jags and Mercedes just to illustrate that the grand old SAAB mark still can do the business.

  9. so what happened except nothing?
    nothing to show except a 1974 soapbox?
    come on, NEVS we surely know that money just was wired to you and newe models ain’t ready yet but a teaser would not have been too bad?

    FW aka GMVMNEVSififif

    • Last teaser from mr MB of nevs was:We won’t be sharing these details today, wait for the launch and we tell you if it is a saab car or not.

      • So there was no “tomorrow” when tomorrow was supposed to happen. No new visual identity except a generic northern lights background on a web site as moribund as NEVS apparently has been. Every business success that I’m aware of has attempted to excite existing and new customers by peeks and hints of the future, leaked information, concept cars, and on and on….Other than building an ancient 9-3 modified as an EV for China, NEVS has done nothing to provide any confidence to the automobile world that there ever will be a viable SAAB for North America and Europe. And if there’s not a viable SAAB for North America and Europe, there is no SAAB. Thank GOD that the folks at SAAB AB care more about the SAAB automobile and reputation than the financial charlatans at NEVS.

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