3 thoughts on “Unique never shown before SU Historic Rally Team video”

  1. Two consecutive posts featuring the 99!!! Great to celebrate SAAB’s competition history. If SAAB does revive, I hope motorsport competition will be part of the package. Also, congrats to those of you with the skills to rebuild these cars to such a high level, and I am glad to see that you campaign them rather than relegating them to storage or display.

    • Thanks 3cylinder
      The 99 with the turbo engine saved Saab and is today regarded as one of the most important cars of the last century in the world.
      Rally is the true Saab heritage, unfortunately Saab closed down the competition department ? in 1980. At that year a gloomy auto company called audi launched a 200 bhp model named Quattro. The rest is history.

      • And the history is that the south of belgium drives 4wd in winter time for the people who live in higher places.You will not get there with a 900 fwd. you will get there with a citroen 2cv fwd small tyre. funny when i opened my range rover this morning at -5 deg c the doors were blocked. my saab 900 have never had this problem So i pull out some glycerine and baby powder. now landrover takes the lead in 4wd with very intelligent tech which audi has not a clue of itTheir german ceo is amazing he takes the best out of germany and haldex and said just improve it. But in rally they were top, And in today cars. The most famous race track is in belgium called SPA With a famous S bend. ask the son of the father who crashed there.

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