Fighters take off with the SAAB brand name…..

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We read on various international automotive sites that what we long feared has become true. Saab AB reaffirmed that NEVS will not be allowed to use the Saab name.

“We have revoked their right to use the brand name and there is no longer a discussion about NEVS using it”

Saab AB spokesman Sebastian Carlsson told Automotive News Europe.

I contacted Mr Carlsson this morning and got the information as well. So when are the big SAAB signs taken down at the old manufacturing plant in Trollhättan?

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    • Of course not. This is good news to preserve whatever is left of Saab Automobile’s dignity—stripping the rights to the name away from these interlopers was long overdue. Thank you, Saab AB.

  1. I just read two new job advertisements on NEVS website that came up today. They have changed in the ad text if compared with earlier ads, and now writes that NEVS “have a committed passion to create and deliver iconic and desirable global products suitable for volume production.” I wonder why they write about Iconic global products. Does that mean that they will make use of the Saab brand in the future? For what is otherwise an iconic product? I do not think this iconic product is the 9-3 EV model with a new brand name….

  2. IMHO think at this point either the url of this website should be changed to or it should focus on Saabs as per what it says on the tin.

      • Agree, and trust me SU will look in the mirrors much more and do articles on the heritage and classic SAAB cars (all Saabs made I guess are classic). The Future of SAAB cars is in its history!

        • Trued we need to talk with Orio and find out the status of parts, for each year. Are they still being made for model years 03 to 2012? More importantly body parts, should a accident happen are body parts readily available?

          • And the most important part supply at this moment would seem to be the airbags that are part of the recently announced updated recall for the more recent models.

          • Yes as long it profitable. if not they will fade away . THEy are already a classic car parts producer.

  3. I think its a wise decision from ‘the Real Saab’.
    Those NEVS vehicles and their all-electric plans have nothing to do with Saab (aircraft), their certainly not worthy of the name SAAB. Like many of the Saab (car) engineers did a few years back I’m gonna move on to Volvo; where one can still order a Swedish hi-tech turbocharged vehicle, like the wonderful XC60 T6.
    Too bad it had to come to this though…. 🙁

  4. I guess NEVS still has the 9-3 name though? If they’re really going to build almost two hundred thousand electric 9-3s for the Chinese government, will those cars be called 9-3? The Nevsmoblie 9-3? Or will they just start over with a new brand and new model names too? That’s assuming they actually ever build a car.

  5. To me, the statement is equivalent to nothing has happened recently.

    You might argue that this indicate that nothing will happen in the future, but the statement doesn’t prove that.

    There is also an elephant or two in the room, for anybody that notice. Because of that, I think the most likely outcome is some kind of compromise.

    • yes, saab AB was as nevs playing with brand name YES or not. Everything can happen if one elephant stands up in the room.

  6. I’m glad that Saab AB has made it clear that nevs will NOT be using the Saab name. They are unworthy of this storied marque. Without the Saab brand behind them, nevs is going to have an even more difficult time developing a successful car brand. My guess is that nevs will cease to exist as an automotive entity in the very near future.

    Perhaps there is a silver lining to this news. Not if, but when nevs fails, a real automotive company that’s worthy of the Saab brand can take the helm and begin making real Saabs again — in the Trollhattan factory…who knows, this might happen sooner rather than later. I never would have thought that the absolute “worst case scenario” would have befallen Saab, but it surely has. Truly unbelievable!

    • Crappest news I’ve heard so far this year. Foxtrot Uniform …..

      Our beloved brand is DEAD. But hey, come on, let’s sing and dance and celebrate!

      FW aa GMVMNEVSifififi

      • It’s been dead for five years already.

        The good news here is that the Chinese interlopers are now not given the opportunity to exploit whatever cachet is left in the SAAB brand name. And that may protect the legacy of SAAB.

        • NEVS / SAAB has been showing some signs of life recently. Honestyl, I am also quite concerned about NEVS competence and so far I am not really satisfied with their track record but considering money is coming in from China and competent staff make their way back to Trollhättan the starting point to reanimate Saab has been better than during th ultrafrustrating 2011-14 period.

          I WANT TO DRIVE SAAB! I do not own any Saab. When Saab was ailive and kicking I was a poor student not able to afford a Saab, then I was working abroad in a country where Saabs were not sold and when returning back to my homecountry Saab finally went bankrupt. It’s a real shame. I really loved all these concepts put out in the 2000s such as 9x, the renderings of the Simon Padian 2014 Saab 93, I was dreaming of a retro-Sonett. There isn’t anything interesting left in the automotive world. Lancia is as dead as Saab is, Citroen is building nondescript cars aimed at the mainstream, plus I do not like the new Volvo design and Alfa will fade as well – why do I have to drive German premium SUVs????

          FW aka GMVMNEVSififiif

        • Mick as saab brand name yes, as a real saab for me already when your GM entered the stage.

        • What about the american interlopers that ruined the company in the first place or the dutch interlopers that made it go bankrupt…?

          Why do you people hate chinese people so much?

          • Roger; The “American interlopers” as you call them kept them on life-support far longer than their natural life. Now the Dutch interloper is another story…

        • Yes this is good, I wish them all the best and hope they can get a good start and hire alot of people from Vänersborg/Trollhättan. SAAB died a few days before Christmas 2011. I’m all for twostrokes and the oldies so to me it’s totally fine. Let it go with dignity instead of these fudge up, half assed rescue attempts.

  7. Today it is true black day. Not today, but all days from 2010… Or 2011. I think swedish politics and goverment are stupid. They had to put money in SAAB cars… They sold Saab cars company to Chinese people and now say no more possible to use Saab name… Yes, it is army company, Gripens, submarines… But when they sold they had to say no more possible to name all future cars SAAB….
    And now goverment pay a lot of money, I´m sure x-times more than save SAAB and employment to escapers from Syria, Maroco and others…

    • Well said,
      i try every single day to find a reason for what happened in the 19th december 2011….
      I don’t know if it was the maximum expression of stupidity or the arrogance against all of us..
      Anyway 3200 employed and others 4000 people at home..and the unique REAL sweden brand thrown into the junk…
      I still don’t understand…..

      • Not possible to understand. In Sweden WAS very good brands… SAAB, Volvo, Husqvarna, Scania and others. All are sold… Not possible to understand this bussines steps… But Chinese Volvo shows the way…

        • YES geely with volvo and tata with land rover understand how to work with iconic brands. Why was tata not interested in saab?

          • coz they had been interested in Volvo and cannord afford to acquire and integrate a second manufacturer

            FW aka GMVMNEVSififif

      • I do, ceo FCA said that if the new models: alfa romeo and lancia will not sell it is over and out with them even ferrari where they already made some spin off. But that brand will stay as long as the Italians drinking coffee as a sacrament.

      • It happens luca SAAB not only in Sweden. These carmakers just look at figures.And they even Change their eyebrows about the social impact. They play chess.

          • everything would have been better than this. GM was the wrong partner, they failed, they sucked, they stank. 2011 was the wrong time to go bankrupt: Tata was busy with JLR, Mahindra with Ssangyong, Fiat with Chrysler, Geely with Volvo, the aftermath of the global financial crisis kept established Western OEM away. No BMW, no VW, no FIAT.
            The drama of Saab is a sequence of wrong descisions and bad timing.

            FW aka GMVMNEVSififif

            • GM carried Saab for 15-plus years and pumped millions of dollars into them. GM was incompetent at promoting Saab, but without them, Saab would have been dead in the early 1990s.

              • 15 years cash injection to be driven to bankruptcy? That only makes it worse and illustrates GM’s incompetence. Let’s recall: NEVS was a small start up when taking over Saab, GM was the worst…er world’s biggest OEM. It is a shame they could not keep Saab afloat despite all these loads of cash and expertise. First, they did not understand the Saab brand (as millions of car drivers around the globe did) and acted as juvenile as a 6 year old kid by building Opels disguised as Saabs. It was the early 1990s when GM took an very ambitious approach to kill Opel as well (God knows why). Their model policy was hilarious: slashing the hatchback, no 9-5 successor but some dull badge engineering of Subaru and Chevrolet cars. A complete disaster. Rather, they tried to promote the Cadillac brand across Euope – a spectacular useless effort. A bunch of German car test drivers were quite amazed by the Caddy’s dcent performances (because they were technically Saabs), but otherwise, noone across Europe cared about these cars. We all know the story’s end: GM went bankrupt and shud off four brands, amongst them Saab.
                Obviously there were some other automakers interested in taking over Saab in 1990 – the surely would have been a better choice.

                FW aka GMVMNEVSififif

                • You’re right—-it showed how incompetent GM was. Also, my understanding is that Saab staff were a little unreasonable with regard to specking certain pieces of hardware that inflated the prices of the cars—-in other words, as ridiculous as it was that GM made Saabs into clones of other GM products, it was equally ridiculous that Saab engineers insisted on high cost pieces that didn’t really improve any aspect of the car’s performance or longevity. Tim said as much when he used to post here. But sure, I’m willing to put it on GM on how poorly they managed Saab and the fact that they had no idea how to market Saab and grow sales. Fact remains—-there wasn’t a conga line of companies waiting to pump cash into Saab. GM was the best option they had and they kept Saab alive with some very good models for the better part of two decades. In fact, according to JD Power and Consumer Reports owners surveys, the most reliable Saabs with the fewest mechanical problems were built during the GM era. They weren’t a great steward of the brand by any means, but this band of imbeciles who now owns what’s left couldn’t hold a candle to General Motors. These people are beneath contempt as far as I’m concerned—-not only incompetent, but uncaring. They have owned this company for about four years now and it’s my opinion that they never showed even a shred of respect or interest in the hundreds of thousands of people who have owned Saabs and would love to own another one. NEVS was detached and aloof to the point of being insulting—-a despicable lack of outreach to us, the community. And virtually none to the dealers around the world still trying to hang on either. It’s almost a defiant show of disdain toward Western markets and consumers—-a reason to go to war with them and stomp them out as far as I’m concerned. I don’t have an open mind toward them? They don’t have an open mind toward me or hundreds of thousand of others who own or owned Saabs either. They can go pound sand and if that means another Saab branded car won’t ever be build, so be it. I would rather see Saab ride off into the sunset and die quietly than be kept on life support and humiliated by these ghouls.

  8. As an owner of a SAAB 9-5 XDW and long heritage with SAAB’s since 1960 .
    Name SAAB should be kept for the originals, let SAAB cars been trapped inside our soul and heart and live there forever!
    We don’t need a Pakistan, a China or a Turkish car to just have the name “SAAB”.
    Dear “Saab AB” even though you left your child bleeding for long … let GM,SWAN, NEVS eating the flesh ,
    At list Save ! the name of your only born child.

  9. Trued, it might be as you write in the post. But what is actually new here? Havn’t the message from SAAB AB been the same, whenever they told something public about this? Until they have an agreement about the brand name, SAAB AB can’t say anything different, as I see it. If it is true, that NEVS will not have the right to the brand name, I think it is sad. I still see that NEVS have the potential to develope saabcars, as they still have the facilities and know how, and perhaps even the trolls within their organization.

    • Hakan fully agreed. Trued seems happy. But that phone call with saab ab spokes means nothing.Brand names are in the cloud. IT will be very bad for the saab classic market if saab cars are no longer made.

      • The First austin Mini is standing in the assy plant in netherlands where the present are made, brand owner bmw. So it is not a bad idea that nevs put a classic ev there. There are two dutch engineers working at nevs. But plans are secret manner.

        • Don`t know where you got that info, Monique, but Minis are made at Cowley, Oxford, UK. The first Mini is at Motor Museum at Gaydon, Warwickshire, UK. Some limitged models are, I believe, assembled in Austria by Steyr Puch from KD kits.

          • yes but also by VDL nedcar in born Nl. as from 6/2014 and the cabrio from 11/2015.Their first mini is from 1959 the first mini produced in the netherlands by molenaar.NEDcar does not use KD units.

    • This man speaks the truth.

      Saab AB and Nevs had an agreement regarding the Saab trademark. This agreement was cancelled due to (or somehow in relation to) the reconstruction of Nevs. There are currently no active discussions between Saab AB and Nevs regarding the trademark. End of story. We already know this.

      Here’s some food for thought; why would Nevs even use the Saab trademark now?

      They’ve sold cars to Turkey (that will have some turkish name/trademark) and they’ve sold cars to China (where the Saab trademark is less known and a new trademark is being developed). Nevs are bringing in resources in development, technical know-how and funding. They’re building a solid foundation for their company now.

      Nevs aren’t making any cars for the western market (the US and Europe, Turkey excluded). They don’t need Saab right now. They’re actually better off NOT discussing the trademark for these NG9-3 based cars with Saab AB (oh heck, you wanna use the trademark for those old cars again?). Instead, Nevs has a line of completely new cars planned with the Phoenix platform. And THAT’S where and when the Saab trademark will be relevant again.

      • Yes, that’s reasonable. it’s probably true right now. But, my point is that I don’t see anything new in this recent message from the SAAB AB spoke person. And, I can’t see that it exclude NEVS for ever to make use the trademark again. Yes, your opinion is relevant. Why put so much effort with the brand name for the old 9-3, when a new line up is in the pipe?

      • Jonathan,you miss the boat here.Saab trade mark is less known as read many times before is bullshit. ANY company in china are aware of our brands. And the most they like with the real name on it if not they will copy.They now saab very well. BAIC paid 200 MUSD for old tech of the 9-5 and 9-3.They are very aware if there are saab gens in the car. And nevs will do it even with trademark on it. WHy not?

  10. It’s about damn time SAAB AB yanked the plug on the brand name!

    I had been out of the loop for a bit as I had surgery, so I am now looking at previous articles. I don’t understand the one about the old electric van. What is up with that? They plan to produce an electric van in their home country of Swe–um, er, China, but surely that has nothing to do with having purchased this old Saab e-van prototype. What gives?

  11. I agree with Mailr on this. We’ve known for some time that NEVS can’t use the SAAB name and that there are no talks currently ongoing with SAAB AB. The latest statement from Mr. Carlsson doesn’t change anything unless you interpret to mean that there will never be further discussions on the use of the SAAB name. This discussion will only happen if and when NEVS is ready to produce cars in Trollhatten for the Swedish market – which is at least a couple of years away.

  12. So SAAB as a future car brand is dead…shocking (not really). For future names, if they are based on the heritage of SAAB, why not use Phoenix? NEVS future product line is based on it, it meant something to the SAAB team of old, and if they really do bring back production, they would be rising from the ashes. Heck with some minor updates and tweaking to get around trademarks, copyrights,etc. the logos could even be similar.

    • +1 for Phoenix
      I am moderator in SAAB-BG.ORG
      When we talked about the new name of Saab(NEVS) I have always said Phoenix is the best name
      Aero is not patented, so it can be used for the best models
      If they are cunning NEVS
      they will continue to design and all symbols of Saab

      • DrakonSSon can you show me the full architecture of the phoenix platform. And why it is still up to date ? I am sure SAAB-BG-ORG will share. Such as patent nbrs description of the patents and patent owners. Also the rights given to parties who may built on this platform. In PDf. Thank you.

  13. Gosh darn it, why didn’t I think of this before! With the recent announcement that NEVS has signed a deal to supply vehicles to Volinco, which is another government entity, we should have lobbied for the Swedish government to ink a deal with the old Saab to provide vehicles for its employees. Or any one of a number of our gigantic US governmental entities could have done the same. I think senior Department of Energy or Postal employees deserve a nice E-Saab!

    This shows what a different world it is in China–their governmental entities are basically directly funding the purchase of technology to transfer for use in their market, and they are directly invested in the actual means of production (yes, Angelo, I know that the US government also subsidizes the manufacturing of alternative energy by issuing grants, low-interest loans, and tax incentives for purchasers, but they don’t own a Chevy plant). Well, at least in this case they are not pirating the technology as has often been the case, at least for the US (the number one loss of US engineering and scientific intellectual knowledge through theft and piracy, much of it via electronic means, is to to Chinese interests according to US officials). So, shout out to NEVS for paying for stuff.

    Also, NEVS has said it is going to be “very precise” in the brand it uses for the Chinese market. Half of the interest in NEVS is seeing the off-beat comments they make. I actually like that–I am going to include that to my boss for goals for this year, to start being very precise in my work and stop screwing around. 😉

      • who is reading too much into the statement? My comments are based on a number of articles in the press, not just those posted in SU.

        And, Angelo, where are your comments? 🙂

        • Well, I’ve been commenting. Regarding your comment—-sure, it’s a case of who you know sometimes. In the case of NEVS, it’s never “What” they know, because apparently when it comes to designing and manufacturing cars, they know less than my 15 year old cat or the tropical fish he watches. But apparently KJJ is at least somewhat set up with the “Who” he knows from time to time, to keep this little money exchange brewing.

    • YES john 9-3 viggen in monte carlo yellow. The fasted saab ever made. I had one fitted with a uk viggen rescue kit to stiffen the fwd train. It should have been a awd instead of TCS. The pull of that mitsubishi turbo was breathtaking.

      • To comment further about the viggen,myself looked more happy with this car than with the present. it was assembled by valmet in finland who still assemble cars . It had the 2.3 B235R engine made by saab.It was standing on a gm platform.SHIT.

        • And a lot of viggen cars crashed. Same as the viggen fighter jets. From these pictures you can see a lot of details of your car. Or look at pictures from the Junk yards.

  14. I will always be a Saaber but it’s too early to say I’ll never be a NEVer. As long as the engineering Trolls are involved something good could happen whatever it ends up being called.

    As for EVs IHMO I think some amazing improvements in battery capacity and charging methods will happen in the next few years that will banish range anxiety for the majority.

  15. Just food for thought: I don’t know Swedish law but I do know a little about U.S. trademark law. Under U.S. law, you cannot keep a trademark unless you are using the name in commerce. And, you cannot prevent others from using the trademark name for other products as long as there is no confusion with your own products. Saab AB does not produce overland vehicles in the USA and they have no legally justifiable defense for keeping the Saab name as a vehicle trademark. In fact, I searched the USPTO trademark website and found that their SAAB wordmark for overland vehicles has been cancelled (Dead). They do still hold the trademark for dealer services. I also found several examples of the Saab name being trademarked by other companies for other products such as generators and these companies are not affiliated with Saab AB.

    This would probably be a bad idea but why couldn’t NEVS just trademark the Saab name for vehicles without Saab AB’s permission? There would be no confusion since Saab AB does not make cars. NEVS could change the font (maybe a nice script version of the name) to further avoid confusion. But at least people would recognize the name and know it as a Saab car. Heck, they could still use the griffin as long as it’s restyled to avoid confusion with The Saab/Scania griffin. Other car companies have used, and some still use the griffin.

    Go ahead. Bring out your blowtorches and flame me now. 🙂

    • sure….why not? they’ve ripped everyone else off…they might as will rip off SAAB AB. And why would anyone in the West want to buy a car from a Chinese company posing as a western company with an essentially stolen name and symbol…..Oh wait…isn’t that pretty standard behavior for Chinese companies? paste following into your browser:

      • How have they ripped anyone off when they have yet to sell anything? Don’t understand your negativity. This news isn’t new, and it is merely stating they aren’t allowed to sell with the name Saab. Doesn’t mean that in future it isn’t possible.

        Furthermore, its way too early to judge their products. I’ll wait and see if the products deserve the name Saab before jumping into conclusions now

        • Yes….they’ve ripped people off…they ripped off suppliers who weren’t paid on timo e, and then some took a bath under the reorganization agreement….they ripped off employees who weren’t paid on time….they ripped off the Swedish people who had to step in and pay employees under Swedish law….they’ve ripped off workers and business people at dealerships and suppliers all over the world through their inability to bring a new Saab to market in a timely way, and they’ve ripped off the automotive public and the Saab faithful by sullying a once proud brand and putting it’s future in doubt.

          • They were also ripped off by money by their partner. This also can happen with your partner.

          • No, Hugh is right. Whether by utter incompetence or disdain for doing business in an honorable way, these jerks did rip people off—-they’ve been doing it since they were awarded the carcass.

  16. hughw acc some info according the ip displacement contract : saab scania-Gm-spyker-nevs the trade mark including the griffin is theirs. despite the change of ownership.All chinese study now Managing The ip disassembly problem.

    • Just the bankrupt is in between the 51 page pdf does not mention but you read all about saab and volvo changing ownership ,trade marks and ip both were truck and car makers and it was a hell of a job to split the ip from trucks and cars.

      • yes bankrupt will terminate it together with the CCCs. All depends what the rights are now and who has the force to stop it if nevs still uses it as a divested owner.

      • Your last post about the trade mark was a nice one. OF course you can wear a t-shirt with aston martin on it but not if there is an interest of conflict. I have to protect my info in the same way.

        • “Your last post about the trade mark was a nice one” — unlike my negative posts about hydrogen fuel cells I assume. 🙂
          I have to admit I made one omission when I described the hydrogen balloon experiment in my high school days. But I think I can be forgiven for that after 55 years. I forgot that we were instructed to wait until the balloons were in the vicinity of the fluorescent lights before popping them. But still, it didn’t take much to ignite, no spark.

          • I liked this experiment and have given it to air liquide and air products hydrogen producers. And fuel station builders. Reply: Impossible W/o test data known. Yes leakage with all that electricity is a concern same as your 1800bar diesel injectors start to leak.

            • Yes, my 1974 backhoe nearly put a hole in my hand when a hydraulic line developed a pin hole, I think at 2500 psi. Only a thin actuating rod saved my hand. The nearly invisible stream blasted into a big fog when it hit the rod, unbelievable.
              Early fluorescent ballasts were electromagnetic beasts compared to today’s electronic ballasts. The GE Ultra Max ballasts in my barn are potted and safe for use in hospital operating rooms where oxygen can be present.

              • You are on the right track and the moment i saw your comment post that you recognised the importance of flammable gas weight in relation to air i was lucky. All E equipment in defined zones have EX protection also H2 Cars.o

              • you got it with potted ballasts. also called Ex d . to keep it nice i remembered also a high school test. A glass tube at zero pressure; in that tube all material falls at the same speed irrespective of weight . Not at atm pressure. how come? Ref: galileo galilei. next one but not today if you buy 15 oranges on the market of same weight each except one. how you find out by weigh them again in shortest way to find out the exception.

  17. “We have revoked their right to use the brand name and there is no longer a discussion about NEVS using it”
    Literally that sentence could mean that Saab AB doesn’t care that NEVS use the name.

    We have to wait and see. I don’t think this is over yet.

      • Yes, very nice! Another brand name for the cars sold in China isn’t a problem at all. Most important is the business, sell a lot of cars (150.000 – 200.000) the next four years, and then we will see the next step with cars for the worldwide market. Like Roger said, “I don’t think this is over yet”!

        • If that is the plan, I wonder where the money will come from to develop cars for the worldwide market. The sale of 200,000 cars over four years won’t generate sufficient net cash flow to do it.

          • They’ll be lucky to break even if they only sell 200,000 cars. That sounds like a massive money loser in any other market—-maybe there, the government will pay KJJ off for something else—-keep the charade alive for a few years and fleece some more suppliers?

    • “We have revoked their right to use the brand name and there is no longer a discussion about NEVS using it”
      Literally that sentence could mean that Saab AB doesn’t care that NEVS use the name.”

      I disagree. I think Saab AB statement is not ambiguous at all – it simply means no use of the Saab name now or at any time in the future. We don’t wish to revisit this issue, period.

      NEVS are never going to build “Saabs”. We need to get used to that idea and move on.

      • “We have revoked their right to use the brand name and there is no longer a discussion about NEVS using it”

        I think that statement is unequivocal. It states the current continuing situation as of now. It doesn’t say “never again”.

        As for comments about SAAB *not* being able to legally protect their brand name from being used by any other party to brand motor vehicles – are you guys serious? Of course they can and would. They need to protect SAAB AB from being associated with failure and false representation. There are many offshoots from the original SAAB that continue to trade with the name. BTW “Elie Saab” is not one of them 😉

        • Romac failure and false reputation is your opinion supported by many at su. But nevs is still on daily business hours working. And get paid.

  18. For all saab lovers: If you want to know all what happens when saab and volvo were sold read this: pdf managing the ip disassembly problem. some highlights: The trade mark and the griffin was given for ever. Both brands where involving giant us automotive brands and chinese investors.

  19. I took a quick look at which brands NEVS own. For example, they own the SONETT name in Sweden and Loong as an international brand.

  20. NEVS is still Saab!
    Why u might ask, when the products no longer can be badged with the SAAB abreviation.
    – Companies are made up of people with knowledge and skills.
    The new and latest Volvo Ad running on the web states: made by Sweden / made by us, with images of the very people that build and develop volvos, a very diverse range of people with backgrounds from all over the world.
    NEVS is Saab, because the people and skills that work at saab are the continues link of knowhow that goes back to the very Ursaab.
    The very buildings, labs, workshops where the Saab 99,900,9000 were produced is the same spaces where the new Electric cars are being developed.
    Saab cars & Nevs cars are historicly connected by a shared DNA, despite who owns the company!
    – Scania
    – General Motors
    – Spyker
    – Nevs
    If Nevs was to market their cars as Sonett’s, the Saab evolution can continue with a Badge that also carries the right DNA.
    My hope is that Nevs will use Saab design clues in their next products, to link even closer to the Trollhattan heritage.

    • YES saaburban and forget the busloads full of lawyers flying in to arlanda to tell saab what to do with their fucking shit of contract papers, shit produced by giant carmakers and investors themselves. At just a distance of 100 km the same happened with volvo. Lets hope these plants will keep intact.If not keep your good memories.And do not run into a situation like MG and HEALEY where the name is used for guinea pig cars. In that case SAAB AB is right. BUT that’s not the present situation.

      • And remember SAAB drivers have the highest level of psychological involvement with their cars.

        • This post by saaburban told exactly what I mean. Nevs don’t come from everywhere. They really care about the iconic products from Trollhattan, from when the factory first produced cars back in december 1949, and up to date. Fore sure they will produce cars in the Trollhattan 2019, with the brand name Saab, Phoenix, or another great name. Most important is the products and the design. Then I of course hope for a very good name. I think Saab AB maybe will go for Phoenix-Saab, and my dream car should be the top of the products – a “Phoenix-Saab Sonett MK I” 🙂 Wow! Anyway, the name for the Chinese market is another story…

      • And what they did with the iconic rover car logo the most beautiful logo i have seen the one with the viking ship on it do you remember?

    • There’s certainly much more of a link between NEVS cars (whatever branding they use) and SAAB than there is between current Audi (post ’69 re-badged VWs and cars engineered by the NSU design team) and original Audis from 1910 to 1939. Yet VW still promote them as being one continuous historic line (especially when celebrating the ‘100th’ anniversary in 2010!

  21. The Sonetts have lots of interesting design clues, in everyhing from grills, headlights, silhouettes window and door design. The sonett I, II & III where based on Saab architecture, but designed differently. The models lived parallell lives with the Classic models of the 50s, 60s and 70s Saabs. Sixten Sason and italian designers shaped everything from convertibles to coupe’s, some in lightweight materials.

  22. i think Saab would be good for hyundai, think about it, they would have a luxury car division. the problem is would nevs resell the assets to a reputable car company like the trollhattan factory?

  23. I am afraid folks here are being way, way too optimistic about the future of Saab. The statement that SAAB AB is not allowing NEVS to use the Saab brand and is not discussing it further does not mean that they don’t care if NEVS uses it. That is really stretching things too far.

    Also, I think NEVS’ use of the 9-3 architecture to make E-cars for China is a stopgap measure till they can devise their own models and make them completely in China. I hope I am wrong, but even one of the new Volvo models is now made in China, so it is not too hard to see that happening with NEVS.

    I hearken back to that Monte Python sketch about trying to convince someone that the dead parrot was not dead. I really, really, really hate to say it, but I think it is applicable here.

        • Yes, the S60 Inscription model, the long-wheelbase version of the S60, is made in China and sold right now in the US. I am not saying anything is wrong with that, I am just saying that this is part of the deal with Chinese owners. Could NEVS make a real Saab, one that anyone who loves Saabs would care about? Maybe, but it won’t be called a Saab and I doubt it will resonate with the true Saab faithful. It might be an ok vehicle, but it’s just hard to see that it could really be a “Saab.” I am not holding my breath.

          • yes paul acc their ceo inspite the doubts about chinese QA and seeing the pictures it is real volvo.The main shareholder of geely holding group is a multimillionaire. Why the fuck he was not interested in saab.

    • I go for what metalhead said above. No customer ask where a car is made. About the landwind x7 a real copy of the real land rover Evoque built in china for one third of the price ceo ralf speth said: there is no copyright in china. they copy-and paste there are no laws there is nothing to protect us so we have to take it as it is.

    • Yes, Monty Python is funny. I also recall the parrot joke when I see this discussion. But I suppose it takes a lot more skills than what John Cleese showed, to convince all of us on this site. I am still eager to see what NEVS can accomplish, and I am not waiting for the parrot but for another bird – a phoenix.

  24. It should be under the recall heading by trued about the saab air bags but there it is very quiet so i post it here. I have a recall about my fiat campervan just 8 months old. Problem: Due to weak contacts in the ignition/start switch it is possible that during driving it can go to out of run position effecting E- systems such as engine stop,airbags,abs,steering and brakes. I think you will agree to get it fixed ASAP.

  25. For us Rv drivers on this site fca fiat in us is trade marked as ram promaster check out if they have the same switches. another thing came up by uk drivers that they can not read the tacho during daylight. They have update that when you switch on you have backlight. I have no problem but it could be just the rhd cars you know the ones with the steering wheel on the wrong side.:-)

  26. A New Brand for NEVS
    I’m don’t know Swedish but how about this: Svenska Avancerad Ackumulator Bil
    which means Swedish Advanced Battery Automobile in English.

    My proposed logo using the URW Chancery L font of my Linux system can be found here (replace _dot_ with .): goo_dot_gl/photos/uihpaYN6tc7SzA5w6

    And don’t tell me SAAB AB owns the name. Millions of people with the Arabic surname Saab would disagree. One site says Saab comes from a word meaning “morning”, as in morning of a new day for Saab. And, my proposed source words for the acronym avoid confusion with SAAB AB.

    Okay, just dreaming. 🙁

  27. Saab AB is making a mistake. It looks as if NEVS, for better or worse, is about to produce a lot of cars, for China this is sure. But they have the backing of the Chinese central government, anyone who thinks otherwise believes in fair tales. So why is Saab AB making a mistake?
    It came to me last night as I was subjected to a Boeing commercial on TV. Do you think everyone watching is going down to the Boeing factory and order a new 737? Of course not, Boeing feels it is necessary to put their name out there to the general public for a number of reason, one of which has to be brand/name recognition. Saab AB has struggled to sell jets to foreign nations in the recent past. They need name/brand recognition. The type that Boeing is paying millions to achieve in TV. Saab AB is not protecting their brand as much as they are making it disappear.

    • Yeah, but if Boeing’s brand name was being associated with failure* etc, like SAAB is, you would understand why Boeing would want to disassociate itself and remove the right to sully their brand name? I would!

      *long story which we all know, but I was just trying to find a word that made the point rather than criticizing NEVS directly.

    • I don’t understand why some people insist that nevs must use the brand name “Saab”, no matter the cost or consequences. Nevs = FAILURE. Why subject the Saab brand to this albatross of a company. Saab AB has NOTHING to gain by being a part of Nevs. Also, there is NO guarantee that nevs is “about to produce a lot of cars, for China” or any other market for that matter. Nevs has NO track record and they’ve had several years now to prove that they can produce cars, but they have NOT produced any relevant automobiles to date. Saab AB is being smart by disassociating themselves with nevs. The ONLY hope for the Saab automotive brand is for a REAL automobile manufacture to acquire the brand independently from nevs and start over with a clean slate. But sadly this does not look like it will happen. I mourn the loss of Saab automobile. But I would rather see it die an honorable death than be dragged into the abyss by nevs.

    • So where are we now: Saab is a reg trademark by the laws of sweden. The Mythical Beast Half-lion half eagle called GRiffen too The first owned by saab ab the second by scania-saab ab.Nevs is out but may come in to join the club again.

      • In some form as Affiliate (commerce) or as a retailer of the brand What’s in a name said Shakespeare.Or they sell it again as before others did as a very hot potato.

  28. It has been hammered home to SAAB AB that the risks associated with a car company sharing their identity far outweigh any potential benefits. SAAB AB management has undoubtedly gotten this message, but if they haven’t their shareholders will make sure that that they do.

    • Well, I translate your comment to mean “No more Saab branded cars, ever—-unless Saab AB gets into the car business themselves.” And that just might be correct.

      • Angelo, I’ll add that Saab AB won’t be getting into the car business. They were in the car business and got out of it.

        As for licensing, the exposure is too great. Saab AB can’t anticipate the ways It might affect them. For instance if VW had bought SAAB in 2011, SAAB AB would likely have licensed the SAAB name to them. VW would probably have adopted its diesel engines to SAABs. When the diesel scandal hit, SAAB AB would have been unfairly associated with it just as they were with the bankruptcies of the builders of SAAB cars. Competitors would use it against them, management resources would be diverted to respond to the negative association, shareholders would point the finger at management for damaging their brand and negatively affecting their share price for a few Krona of licensing fees, etc. etc.

        At this point, I suspect that Saab AB is relieved to be done with SAAB cars.

        • Yep. This is why your comment was correct. One scenario is extremely unlikely and the other is highly unlikely for the foreseeable future. We’re done seeing factory fresh Saab cars. Enjoy what you have. If you like to tinker, buy a used one because they’re going to be given away soon enough as resale continues to plummet. I will drive my low mileage 2004 if or until I am faced with a repair bill that is so outrageous, it makes no sense to keep the car. It’s not a good time to be a Saab car lover—-unless you are good mechanically and have time on weekends to do your own repairs and mainteance—then it’s a great time, save for the cost of parts, which will now go on the upswing.

    • 3cyl: As far as i now saab cars had a back up by the royal family of sweden. They support nevs right now and most swed people the same. They say it now called nevs but saab cars will never die. As was all the time before despite the owners. You can never beat nostalgia. You wanna bet?

      • It gives them just free money free exposure. They fly with jets running on JP4 fuel. Nevs have sustainable future cars. It is good for their image. But if saab cars are still will be made in sweden is wishful thinking. Thats economy. We are living in a global market.

          • Yes, sharing a brand name can be risky. Just yesterday I read that Volvo was adjusting to reduced demand/sales in the USA and I thought “Da*n, I thought they just started doing well with the new XC90.” Then, after reading a little, I realized it was Volvo trucks.
            So, I’ve changed my mind. NEVS should forget pursuit of the Saab brand name and find a good new one. After all, If Saab AB’s reputation/finances falter, we wouldn’t want their bad name to affect NEVS would we? 🙂 What if they’re found guilty of bribery in Brazil?

              • The more south you go the worse. They dance the Samba at copacabana beach in Rio. Cars are not really their thing.The last Vw van from the sixties just leaved assy plant. If you lay in bed with a broken leg a brazilian girl will cheer you up:-)

            • As far as i see Saab ab has no ties with volvo. Only they share the griffin with scania trucks which is vw group Nevs is heading for 93 project 3 bev and maybe fcv.About the phoenix i still working on to get out if they still invest money on this platform . In the truck world bribery is common practice same as in the building construction they work in a different way as a normal company and avoid taxes. you pay they not.

  29. Me too Joe, But they are very busy with ordering sheet metal and paint to start with the production of 170000 of body in white cars and paint cars. The 93 w/o the logo to be assembled in china in a plant ready by 2020. With nevs bev tech and some fcev tech from honda by Thomas brachmann powertrain honda r&d europe.

  30. And how is situation of the phoenix platform which was 60 percent ready the time nevs bought it. The 12 modules were full of new saab tech. Modular,hiper strut which even could replace the famous Mcpherson.Zf axle tech .new advanced awd drive with electric rear drive.New seat structure etc etc.?

    • Well, NEVS isn’t very good with talking. In fact, they aren’t very good at anything save for hanging on and not going anywhere—-sort of like old luggage or the herpes virus. Anyway, we don’t know the disposition of the Phoenix project/Phoenix platform because the have no outreach to the media or to consumers who would be interested in knowing. They’re duds when it comes to all things business related. They’re duds when it comes to everything. I would venture a guess that they’ve done nothing with anything since they were gifted the carcass. They built a couple hundred 9-3s I guess, in black or silver. They put a new head rest in and some bizarre appendage on the dashboard that looked like a kid who just passed his driving test was playing around with his 1989 Corolla. That’s what they’ve accomplished. Phoenix? I don’t even think NEVS braintrust could find it on a map if we spotted them Arizona, USA and gave them access to Google.

        • They find some new 20 pcs corollas in diff versions back in a garage blocked in the small corridor between cyprus and greece. Amazing to see which was intact and what not. my secretary had a corolla. Amazing long lasting car full of memories same as saab. Yes angelo i fully understand the kids. same as i did with the chevy of my brother he bought it and the next day the engine block was cracked by freezing because spiritus instead proper antifreeze he just buy it on a fair .Then he bought a opel kapitan. In both cars cars standing still i was playing . memories which are stiil in my mind.

  31. Angelo, I agree with your earlier post that us Saab faithful will have to make do with whatever Saabs we have. Hey, yours is 12 years old– but mine is 25 years old! and it make nearly as many groaning/squeaking/clunking-type noises getting its work done as I do 🙂

    I guess the good news is that used Saabs are getting to be pretty good deals. I looked quickly at convertibles in our US site to see what $10K (dollars, not pounds or euros) would get me. How about a 2005 9-3 Convt. with 44k miles! Or a 2006 9-3 Aero Convt. with 77k miles. Not too shabby. That is what I will probably do at some point. Given I have 340,000 miles on my old Saab, I could have one of these for a long time.

    • I don’t do my own work—-I wish I was smart enough and mechanically inclined enough to do real work on cars, but I’m not. So for me at least, the viability of keeping my ’04 9-5 will depend on availability of parts and someone near me who knows how to work on a Saab, with the proper diagnostic equipment. Right now, my old dealer relocated to a smaller location, but they still sell used cars and service Saabs and other makes. So I’m set for now at least.

            • I never used the night shift . Because it goes in a sleeping mode. Unless you were tuned to a nice radio station.But if you like it keep it. Because new branded saabs is a balloon. At the moment i go for angelo style:Are they capable to start up THT plant? not to confuse with their THT chinese shareholder. I think sweden is used to support Tianjin factory with manufacturing, planning,workers training and product supply in the initial stage. I doubt even the white painted bodies will be made. If they have already the sheet metal in house the same will happen as last bankrupt. They were sold to the best bidder to make high strength garbage containers of it. Nevs works as a engineering co. There are a lot in trollhattan. Hopefully they pay their taxes but it seems they have a tax shelter at the british virgin islands via hongkong and the netherlands. There will be no longer saabs with the golden crown on a blue background built in sweden with this company. They simply lost and take the brains.

      • Me too angelo a good car mechanic is every thing, they fully open your dash in 5 min change your airbag and charge you the time set for it. For a gearbox the time set is always too low. Nevertheless however i understand what’s going on.

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