NEVS buys 50% of another china company

50% of the shares in the New Long Ma Corporation has been bought by NEVS. They will make some of the vehicles previously ordered from NEVS by Panda New Energy. It is said that NLM has a producing capacity of 150.000 cars/year. Seams like this business development will have little or no impact on the Trollhättan plant.

39 thoughts on “NEVS buys 50% of another china company”

  1. According various press articles, New Long Ma has a plant that can produce up to 150,000 vehicles, and currently makes an electric commercial minivan. That is a lot of capacity in addition to the Tianjin plant that NEVS affiliates are now building. The Long Ma plant apparently just got into production last year, and has plenty of capacity left. These electric vehicles are apparently very popular in China. Long Ma also has a vehicle that is a non-commercial minivan that hit the market last year.

    So, NEVS has tapped into capacity of 300,000 vehicles in the very same market where it wants to sell vehicles. Hmmm.

    • So, NEVS, by this latest acquisition, are now a functioning manufacturer of electric vehicles able to immediately begin supplying the Panda New Energy contract. Hopefully this is to earn some dough to plough into their “real” business – developing (in THN) and building (in TSN & THN) a range of electric cars for Europe, North America and RoW?
      A plan so cunning you could put batteries in it and call it a vehicle.

      • They are no functioning manufacturer. They produce nothing and have no people to do that and above all no management structure to get it done. They are a holding company with cash in the bank run by managers incapable to run car assy plants and have outstanding designers. They just make noise about how big their market could be. They are just the most bad investor who entered the car business.They landed on saab and everyone was smiling.

          • You clearly have no idea. Just job descriptions and linkedin does not prove anything. I know the management key figures. Show me their organigram and third party approvals. They are in a setup procedure and the result is doubtful. Successful managers are not interested to work there. Go one searching linkedin and keep me informed.

              • I will change to positive the moment they ordered the sheet metal for the 200000 saab 93 bodies to be made in trollhattan despite their new production factory extension in china. And the new nevs engineers above work also for production in sweden.The volvo plants in europe cross their fingers. Most except a few are not positive about this company about a new saab car.

                • Let me get this straight – until they start building cars in Trollhättan you will be negative and think of them as incompetent but if all of their other efforts result in car production in Trollhättan you will suddenly switch to “positive” and acknowledge them as competent? So under your logic if one produces cars in Trollhättan they are competent and if one does not – they are incompetent. Interesting way of defining things.

                  • Avelik keep it in the right context so far only bodies are planned to be produced i repeat only planned there is no evidence yet this will be the case. And if yes they show something is moving in their organisation. At school above 6 is positive below disqualified.

                    • Well, if we are talking about plans they have clearly stated that they plan to produce four new models in Trollhättan. So as far as plans go it is not only bodies. But I still didn’t get – is it the production in Trollhättan that makes one competent?

            • Who said successful managers don’t want to work there? Johan Darsbo, Peter Dörrich, Freddy Ploj – these are just a few of the managers who have joined Nevs in the last few months. If these people aren’t successful managers I don’t know who is.

  2. The noise you hear, is the collective unfolding of “crossed-fingers” from the blindly faithful that SAABS will once again be built by these incompetents.

    • I just crossed and uncrossed my fingers and it didn’t make a noise. I think the noise you hear is actually men leaving their homes, whispering over and over, “Keep calm and carry on, keep calm and carry on, keep calm and carry on” as they march up to a mountain top and let out a shrill and very loud scream.

  3. I would think this WILL have an impact on the Trollhättan plant. The more options NEVS has for production, the less need they will have for that plant to produce anything—higher labor rate, proximity to their stated primary market, etc. In other words, NEVS is putting more distance between themselves in Sweden with each and every move they make. Despicable. And it’s funny how NEVS stiffed creditors not that long ago and now has money to buy into this creature, whatever it is. They’re seriously detestable.

      • And I’m curious to see what, if anything, becomes of the Phoenix platform. Maybe a few years from now, we’ll see a blurb in a car magazine—-buried in the most hidden part of the magazine—-that “NEVS” has produced a car for the Chinese market using a platform that Saab had started 15 years earlier. They’ll run a photo of some awful looking car, a disgusting design looking like it was penned by a toddler—-and that will likely be the last we ever hear about it.

        • Why all these negative comments about something who can be really great for the Saab / News factory in Trollhattan? Some one at this forum should have something positive to add!

        • Angelo, NEVS is hiring engineers at a really high rate, and if you look after them you can see that many of them have been at SAAB in the past. They must show those people something that you (and I) don’t know makes your prediction highly unlikely.

          BTW, they are currently seeking for a Corporate Communications Officer, wouldn’t this be a great job for you?

          • Red: I would be exceptional at that job too. Sonett: They already own a factory in Trollhattan. If they wanted to build vehicles there, seems they would be marching toward doing that. Instead, they spent money to manufacture in China instead, because they are Chinese. By the way, nothing wrong with that—-the Chinese own Volvo and the news over there is fantastic—-beautiful new cars, great sale numbers, etc.—-but NEVS ain’t that. NEVS is a hoax.

          • Give people a chance, Who wants this job? A saab lover? Just to declare the house is for sale? They will close before you wake up in the morning. Get the infra out and the floors cleaned and do something real business there. Sorry its my perception.

      • Yes It’s house for sale and leaning on the stairs they are just not capable to manage sheet metal into a classic saab 93 body please release me of this disaster.And the agony and the pain and the pride of the former saab workers. We have enough of Mathias bergmann he should be ashame of it selve.

        • Well, in fact they have managed to turn sheet metal into 9-3 body parts, they have been doing spare body parts for Orio, so your sentence is not right.
          And talking about agony and pain of former Saab workers, I think their own agony and pain is not having a job at this time, and NEVS looks like their opportunity to get one in the near future, so talk about yourself and don’t talk in the name of a group of people. I don’t even think that all the former Saab worker have the same opinion about NEVS.

          • I talk whatever i like, being a former saab owner of eight new saabs. you have not the right to say this all above have already said by me: light in the plant for the bodies and not some spare panels, never spoke about a negative way about the saab workers and their jobs. Don’t shoot the piano player.The pain and agony is extraction from sitar player ravi shankar when he performed for the people of bangladesh.In belgium two large assy plants have been closed so i know the social impact. Don’t act like a school teacher. And get away of this xenofobe swedish behavior and comment our posts in a common sense saab was sold world wide.

    • Did anyone really think that cars would be built in Trollhattan before this purchase? I’m willing to believe the assertion that this purchase will have little impact on the Trollhattan plant, since I’m sure it will continue to produce 0 cars per [insert time unit here], just like before.

  4. Every piece of news can be interpreted in different ways. If someone has a “negative” preconceived mindset, it will interpret it negatively!
    I personally do not see anything negative for Trollhattan and Sweden in this one, but the fulfilment of NEVS contractual obligation to supply electric minivans. Just the “application” of the know-how and R&D on a higher output.
    I imagine the comments on this blog if we had read that the electric minivans were to be built in Trollhattan. 🙂

    • I think the comments in that case would be, too bad these aren’t turbo sedans and wagons, but at least people are being hired again, to assemble vehicles. But this isn’t in Sweden, it’s in China. NEVS isn’t Swedish, they are Chinese. NEVS intends to sell in China, not the West (except maybe symbolically). That’s where the disdain originates.

  5. Sure, it is a lot of money coming in from China. But the management team seem to be very much Swedish and with connections to Trollhättan. Interesting also that they hired a former saab blogger as a Senior Director for Mobility Services and Customer Journeys. My perspective is that we must count the number of employees from zero. Saab actually went into Bankruptcy. With that in mind, 500 persons on the payroll, is not that bad.

    • These suppliers to nevs should be paid in advance by a bank guarantee check about 2000 worldwide For Something that only pluto knows. They show some sketches made by elementary school children. Get them away they lie and they cheat. Hakan have you seen a organisation diagram of these engineers. And how are the sweds communicating with china? Forget it gm was already a nightmare .

      • I think all this business is a lot more complex than many people are thinking. Without New Longma (NLM), Fujian Motors Group, the Fujian provincial government, or Dongfeng – the factory in Trollhattan or Nevs as a car maker should not be there for a long time. But this news, and former news, is really great for Trollhattan and Sweden. A lot of work will be done by Swedish people and in Swedish factories. In the long term all this is great for China, Sweden, USA and many mor countries. It’s all about better cars for the future with great goals for the earth and the people all over the world. How can people be negative to this visions? We have to start from zero now and see everything in the light of the great work many people are dong. Don’t look back! See the future for Saab / Nevs – iconic cars in the new world. Keep on going! Ps. To spell everything right: Nevs (not NEVS), Saab (not SAAB), New Longma (not New Long Ma). 🙂

      • Business is always involved with risks. “School children”?. The most creative minds I know about belongs to children. Saab on and have a nice weekend.

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