UPDATE! Will not happen due to lack of interest!



Convertibles at a SAAB festival some years ago with my Silver 9-3

It has come to the knowledge of SU that the SaabInt16 meeting in Vadstena has made a lot of Swedish SAAB entusiasts upset. The reasons why is primarily that the Swedish SAAB Clubs members are not invited to participate in the event. Club members can get limited access by working for the event organization and get a T-shirt basically. The cost for the meeting is set to 150 EUROS a sum that no previous SAAB meeting has reached up to. One wonders what could cost so much. I have spoken to some Swedish SAAB enthusiasts and collectors and they do not feel invited and are not going to participate at all. This obvious exclusion of Swedish SAAB people is worrying. One guy called me and said the only reason now to be a member is the get the special old-timer insurance through MHRF. I feel sorry for the prospective international visitors who will come to sweden and will not get to meet with so many swedes as they have used to do at previous SAAB meetings in our country.

An intersting alternative for swedish and foreign SAAB enthusiasts would be to gather in Trollhättan on the extended weekend of june 5-6. This is an interesting weekend since the 6th is the Swedish National Day. But not only that but also the BIG national automotive celebration day. Virtually every car club in sweden is engaged in some activities this day.

The Saab Club is no exception. This year they will join forces with the Volvo Club in a really nice activity. It all starts at 09:00 with a gathering at the SAAB car museum in Trollhättan. Around 11:00 the drive / rally starts with the finish at the Volvo Museum in Gothenburg /Göteborg a 1-2 hour drive depending on what activities are on the road. The cost for this event is 200 SEK. I visualize that foreign Saab enthusiast without a car can ride “shotgun” with fellow Swedish Saabpeople who would gladly share some space in their cars and split the fuel bill. When the meeting is over in Gothenburg I would guess a lot of Saabers will head back to Trollhättan. This day would certainly be a memorable day for an Saab enthusiasts. Saabs and Volvos in a shared event on the National day with flags  parades etc. Besides that it is usually good weather and the nights are bright and short.

If this sounds like a good idea I bet we could arrange a meeting at the Saab Car Museum on the day before Sunday the 5th. Just a nice gathering with cars and possibly a trunk/swap meet.

This is an idea that could be done without a BIG organization and lots of money. It is just about on the day 2 months to the day. So what do You think?

Skärmavbild 2016-04-03 kl. 18.06.03

Volvo Museum in Gothenburg


SAAB Car Museum in Trollhättan and my ex.TX


Picture take at the Midnattssolsrallyt 2008 – Volvos and my Olive 96 MC Rally



19 thoughts on “UPDATE! Will not happen due to lack of interest!”

    • It is a great idea to put together Saab and Volvo owners. I am not sure how these two communities live together in Sweden, however in my home country (Czech) and places I visited in my C900 they seem to be a perfect match. I always enjoy looking at a classic Volvo and talking to the owner as he/she is usually as mad about not only their beloved brand as I am but also mine. It usually ends up in “I am driving your and you take mine” and that is the way it should be, I suppose. Who else should we make friends with?

  1. I don’t understand what is going on here (I am not from Sweden). Why would would Swedish SAAB Club members not be invited? This should be something that can be worked out. Infighting is counterproductive to the SAAB community.

    • 3 Cyl, I wish just as You that is was the other way around. But Swedes are welcome as “servants” to the noble International guests. Swedes can enjoy the country attractions etc 365 days/year according to INTSAAB 16

      • Trued very nice convertible row. The yellow one is the best. The other ones behave like tractors, and in a viggen version death row. The last 93 convertible was better.

  2. This is the 4th time I will attend Intsaab and the perception you are creating is not right. At the other Intsaab events the limit for inscribed participants was always around 400. But on some days everybody was free to join in. But contrary to the Saab festival in Tröllhattan which is an open event, Intsaab has planned activities on which they must limit participants. I understand a lot of people are frustrated because this time Intsaab was fully booked in a few hours, and not only the Swedes. From the Belgian Saab club there were the last years always around 10 cars. On the participants list of Intsaab 2016 only 4. On the list you can see almost half are Swedes. But if 400 people is the limit it’s the limit, end of story. Organising Intsaab is a big thing and it must not be taken for granted. Nevertheless I support an alternative Saab meeting in Tröllhattan. Saab spirit up.

    • I run dog festivals in belgium and uk, belgium up to 500+ uk up to 2000. All perfectly organised by smarter agily computer program The entry sites and all the logic with it and catering . Except the uk saab meetings the swed saab meetings are bad presented outside sweden.

      • Monique, when you refer to dog festivals do you mean the four legged kind or are you referring to Volvo events?

        • 3cyl four legged. running agility not a dog show. national, european, and world championships.At the same time all different car brands are there.From the sky is the limit campers to saabs and volvos.These castle grounds do also yearly classic car festivals and in the uk mostly their brands. You must come with a bentley or so.

  3. The yearly IntSaab meeting is always organized by the Saab club(s) in he hosting country. So not understandable that so many Swedish Saab owners are supprised they cannot participate.
    That this year the meeting takes place in a small city must be the reason why the limit is set at 400.
    Announcements long before the opening for subscription to this yearly event did already warn for the limitation of participants.
    I am sure that IntSaab in 2017 in Trier can host more attendees.

    • I think you are right about Trier. Classic car rally in cities attracting thousands of competitors and spectators have their limits. In the uk they go to special festival grounds near old castles etc having lots of space and are specialized in these events. And reasonable prices.

      • Just to be clear on this. They park the cars outside vadstena near a castle and show off in town. Only the happy view will be there. That’s the way it goes. The same happens on large dogs festivals, Computer starts at seven o’clock in the morning for check in and five minutes later already 500 have entered. Its like a rock festival.

  4. I went back to the March 7 SU post about the “final call” for International Saab Meeting 2016 and it said the meet was arranged by the Swedish Saab Club. How are Swedish Saab Club members not invited? Or were you (Trued) referring to local Saab clubs whose members aren’t in the Swedish Saab Club?

    With talk of limited “seats,” was this just to leave room for all the non-Swedish Saab enthusiasts? This seems to be an issue of this not being as “open” an event as times past. There will always be limits for some activities (like dinner seats at a Saab Festival) but all who want to come should be able to partake of the overall experience. The annual US Saab Owners Convention created day passes over the last 10 years so others not signing up for the event package got to interact with the people and cars.

  5. Last Thurs or Friday, I submitted a posting for the main page that I thought would be interesting to the SU members because it was about a classic 900 that had been restored and was for sale in the US. The link included lots of pics of the restoration process as well as the finished product. But it has not been posted–why wouldn’t that sort of thing be of interest here? I don’t get it.

    • Me too paul. The sound of silence, or i see you when i get there. Not a clue what happens behind these curtains. Somebody should press a key.

  6. Well there are more people registered for the International at Vadstena from Sweden than from any other country.

    Sweden 101
    Germany 99
    UK 75
    Netherlands 57
    Norway 53
    Finland 50
    Denmark 42
    Switzerland 38
    Belgium 12

    And single figures from eleven other countries.

    559 people registered in all. Should be a good weekend!

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