MapTun Car Meeting 2016, 5th of May in Örebro Sweden

Film from the 2014 Event

Let us hope this will be the best SAAB event this year in Sweden. The the event focuses on SAAB´s but any other great car is welcome. See other Saabs meet with people for MapTun, SaabsUnited and various vendors. So mark the day as a car day in Your calendars. Örebro is easily accessible for most people in sweden. Right in-between Stockholm and Gothenburg.

CEO Fredrik Bengtsson of MapTun welcomes You all to an exciting car day with some great surprises!

So put som polish in Your car and join for a fine day with great people

Skärmavbild 2016-04-16 kl. 10.33.52


19 thoughts on “MapTun Car Meeting 2016, 5th of May in Örebro Sweden”

  1. Nice and interesting video. Hope they make a video of IntSaab as well as of this new Map Tun Car meeting in 2016 so that those who cannot attend these events at least do get a good idea of what cars were present.

  2. kochje nice filmed but too commercial.About wheels.Cartons and T- shirts do not show their competence.No interactions with their owners, just left to right and back show. Hirsch make very impressive saab products and a nice logo. More open bonnets and underbody pictures are welcome and a nice speaker with some background music from abba. Hopefully some nice cameraman and sound will do better at this event.

    • And for jesus christ what is that blue saab 9000? doing in that garage with the the large air tunnels and the wheel in the front stupid view.

  3. Monique, I looked in fact to all the different Saab cars that are to be seen on this video and my favorite model is the Saab 93 Sport with the nice sound.
    The 9000 in he garage is on a test-bank so you can measure the output of the engine.
    So my comment is in fact asking that again the different Saab models will be filmed both at the IntSaab as well in this Maptun meeting in May.

    • Thanks kochje for the info on the test bank. I liked also very much the water spray nozzle pump they used for cleaning. Impressive to see the perfect condition of the viggen front bumpers and various colours.

      • Seeing these viggens my heartbeat goes up.Hopefully their marvelous 2.3 b235r engine has an effective crankcase ventilation mode and the engine is clean inside. The testbench can take on spot oil samples to check with result on the spot. Assume all of them have the famous viggen uk front suspension kit to survive.

    • kochje , to give you support on about trier: I returned this weekend from a large dog festival in belgium. All campers ended up in a swamp . And all have to be pulled out by a tractor. Because fwd campers lost traction in swamp grass. Still nice organized. And everybody smiles. Festivals are just a game with a lot of friendship. I wish you the same.

    • I’m mixin some 36:1 two-stroke oil tonight, and planning on laying out some blue clouds of exhaust on Saturday!

  4. Why don’t you approve articles we add? What’s wrong with you?
    There are latest news from Nevs which I added few days ago and nothing appears here. Why is that?

  5. I hear that Volkswagen will buy back 500 thousand VWs because of the diesel stuff up. Maybe Nevs can buy them, pull the wool over the eyes of the car buying public, and brand them Nevs diesels. Bingo, at least they would be doing something. Sell them to the Chinese government to ease the local pollution lol. Record global car sales in the last two years, Nevs sure missed the bus.
    Selling a excellent 2006 95 wagon and a 97 auto 9000 Aero, and every buyers a bottom feeder. Saabers there are still good cars out there, save the brand, don`t wait for Nevs.

  6. Nevs have a idle plant now in tht were the chicken are lying eggs. And a new plant building in china .Mass production planned by 1919. Saab or no saab branded. Over and out.

  7. 2 stroke blown and down for the count!
    Been saving my pennies for a NEVS-mobile. Ok, KJJ, I’m ready to spend, where’s my NEVSonnett?

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