19 thoughts on “1973 96 in amazing and original condition”

  1. Paul Amazing HD picture. In perfect light and shadow. All curves are there. Look at the head restraints. Although the top roof is made by some other then saab he did a very nice job.What kind of light bulbs ?

    • Paul have you seen the Volvo master plan up to 2019 when we are still alive?

        • How important a purchasing manager can be.First at nevs than at Cevt and back again at nevs.

            • The janitor is throwing mothballs around to keep the mice away? A few maintenance people are putting tarps over some equipment to keep the dust off? The lights are turned off? In short, as long as NEVS is in charge, nothing meaningful is happening on their watch.

              • Any way the 150 000 93 bodies in white with some primer coat should be shipped to china.Similar as the 1973 96 once was shipped to valmet in finland for extended production capacity. When is this going to be started? What’s another year.Any contract Work? Nougat balls.

                • Recently announced that 200 people will be employed prior to starting production of car bodies. In the end of year staf will be about 1000 people at NEVS.

                    • China european vehicle technology according volvo and cash in the bank, enable to sell millions of cars to satisfy the shareholders otherwise the go play in the casinos or open another bank.

                  • Last week volvo at an event in gothenburg launched their new car plans based on the CMA platform which for europe to be built in gent belgium.Not a word about a new sub brand name.Saab? You are so far away from me.

    • I am glad they posted this–I just thought it was a cool old car in amazing original condition. Though getting as rare as hen’s teeth, there are some still out there.

      • If you are the auction seller, you have to like it when two very committed buyers get into a bidding war right at the end. It was not expected to go for that high a price, but apparently neither bidder wanted to give up .

  2. The collector car market is nuts, and they love these original condition, low mile examples most of all. I figured it would get into the mid-teens, but $24k is some serious money!

  3. Hey, just read that Cadillac is going to build a version of its new CTS in China, and a hy-brid version will be built in China and exported to the US (!) Wow. Just what is happening nowadays.

    • Paul: Think about the fact that Volkswagen built cars in Brazil and Mexico (and has really increased their output in Mexico) and it becomes apparent that things, they are a changing—-but the groundwork was laid a long time ago. And I know Cadillac/General Motors has spent billions of dollars in China—-a huge market and with some new money the last couple decades.

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