InterSaab 2016

Hi Everybody!

Some of us are coming from United Kingdom. We are looking forward to meeting other Saab enthusiasts and to yet another visit to Sweden. We may arrive in a Japanese hire car, because costs are high, but we are coming to meet others with an interest in SAAB cars. Please don’t spoil it for us with petty arguements. I will let you know how we enjoyed it hopefully in August, but that is what we hope to do, meet other Saab nuts, have a few drinks, lot’s of smiles and see the lovely side of Sweden.

Bad enough that our favoured marque of car is no longer made, but we still appreciate them and love the many Sedish people who we met in past occasions like Saab Museum, (where staff are always great) Like when we came in 2011 days after the factory closed and we were welcomed by ANA (Alf) and Peter and Natalie. Last year we were at the Festival, it was great!  Peter and Gunner talking as we ate a memories of Erik hot dog. and all those Saabs in Trollhattan. We were in a hire car Toyota then but the atmosphere was good!      Here in England we love our Saab cars and the fact that they were built for people like us, and we plan to enjoy them for as long as we can.. Come on Saabers, let’s see some smiling faces, not whats going on in this discussion.

SAABSTRUK of England.


3 thoughts on “InterSaab 2016”

  1. Well said, Saabstruk.

    Like you we have been to Sweden many times for SAAB events and have always enjoyed the friendliness and camaraderie of Sweden and fellow SAAB enthusiasts. Long may it last and long may SAABs be seen on our roads.

    We are looking forward to IntSAAB and repeating the experience!

  2. yes Saabstruck put a smile on your face when you enter the festival and display the uk spirit. looking forward to hear the after party discussion. In the meantime we discuss the parts available from state owned orio ab. Check their database if they have door lock parts available.If not your smile disappears as snow in the sun. Cheers in sweden.

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