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Two of Swedens newest and happiest 9-3 CV owners who just drive off in their premier drive after the purchase at the MapTun Meet some weeks ago


It is no surprise for anyone in the SAAB Automotive world that after the window of the production in Trollhättan and the end of sale of new SAABs the whole SAAB world has taken quite a hard blow. But it is at hard times like this the need for all good forces to join and build something that is better compared to the present situation. I have through history (yes it sounds like I am a dinosaur with my age of 50) argued for a unification of first the various Swedish SAAB Clubs to make one good and strong that was by the way second by Jan-Åke Jonsson ex. CEO at SAAB Automobile. Then came TrollhättanSAAB that evolved into SAABSUNITED (SU). SU had some glamorous years when we where at the forefront with the latest news from the at that time alive production. The economic game with Victor Muller, Vladimir Antonov and the Swedish Government. And a successful Historic Rally Team to keep us both in the present but also in the glorious past of SAAB engineering and traditions. For Tim and me and some of the other contributors to SU this was a good platform to promote the cars and the brand we all so dearly loved.

So what is the future like? Well the cars that has been made are out there and are cherished by their owners.

But what can we collectively on a global level do to make it possible for everyone to enjoy their cars from the olive-green 92 with 2 cylinders to the B I G NG 9-5?

Why not form a REAL International SAAB organization with SU as the base. The name is good and then just add something like  “Where all the Worlds SAAB entusiasts gather”

Besides the great social activities around the globe and the happiness surrounding the brand there is one area that desperately needs to be worked upon.

The parts, spare-parts and re-manufacturing. Another area that need to dealt with its the emission of the old engines and its technology. SAAB organisations like SU and others desperately needs to be proactive and get started on finding retrofit catalytic converters and means to collect the oily fumes form the cute 2 strokers. Politicians and governments around the globe are coming down on old dirty cars and we have some of the dirtiest most inefficient combustion engines around in some models.

So hoar do we go about safeguarding the past challenge? My idea is to set up a BIG server with every nut & bolt imaginable on SAAB cars. All the listings of parts for every model should be found here. Making the system easy for people who has spare parts laying around the garage to label them and possible have them sold to a fellow SAABer who is out in the system looking for that part number. I know there is so much stuff with SAAB owners around the globe that the need for spare parts for daily drivers  and restorers can be supported for a long time. So let us make good use of the Internet and the great possibilities it gives us. For example I have a set of brand new 18″ 9-3 TurboX wheels. But where can I find the part number easily and where can I post it in a easy task way so that that potential buyer somewhere on the globe can see that they are for sale.

I propose that a parts platform as described had a 10% kickback on all transactions to SU and the potential NEW International SAAB Club. That money could ultimately be used to procure and produce sought after parts that are really gone and near impossible to find. Just like the silver plastic that sits under the rubber belt on the 99 76-78 models. Agreements can be negotiated with DHL or UPS for a collective best deal for the shipment. Who knows we just might have a CEO for a carrier here on SU who could help out. Same goes with someone with the expertise in setting up a program for the searchable parts function described above.

It is time for SAAB people to really Unite again.




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Great idea Trued. I am finding out that Saab maybe more popular now than ever before. It seems that because they are no longer being made people want to collect and preserve their favorite car.

One thing about the parts forum or catalog, I think it would be good for the official parts numbers on the newer Saabs be made available with a direct link to Orio, with current inventory status, shipping cost, etc.


Good idea, and if 3D-printing will become relevant in the world of car spare parts, SU might also be the place for .stl files being shared or sold.


Great idea! Some models, such as 9-3 model year 2008 and newer who have navigation can be equipped with video cards for back and front camera. Some 9-3 can be upgraded with eSID2. Your SAAB can be equipped with ceramic brake pads etc. Install carbon fiber on the dashboard. So in addition to keeping your SAAB in the best condition by spare parts, you can often update it to today’s standards.


Wonderful idea Trued! However, the oily fumes from 2 strokers can already be eliminated from what I’ve read. There is no oil (hence no smoke) in Triboron 2-takts koncentrat and I would like to try this when my MC850 is completed but I don’t see a way to buy in the USA. Their 4-cycle fuel additive has been tested at NEVS! A test form the well-known Tommi’s Saab Site, no more smoke ever! (replace “_dot_” with “.”) saabisti_dot_fi/saab-96-1964/triboron-nano-boron-two-stroke-lubricant/#.V0RXWN9vFkU More info about the NEVS test (replace “_dot_” with “.”) triboron_dot_com/#/news Snippet from 2015-10-12… “A recently completed engine lifecycle test preformed by… Read more »

Monique Hubrechts
Monique Hubrechts

saabyurk nice to read you again. Hopefully our old saabs may run. The end of smoke cars and dirty battery cars is the future. The 4th tesla burnt out completely already. I go for 100 percent green fuel cell car running on hydrogen. When he starts to burn it takes only 60 seconds.

Paul Willis

I think combining the various Saab enthusiast sites into a larger one for a larger audience is a great idea. Saab ownership is becoming a collector hobby almost, certainly for the older models where parts are becoming an issue. So, the more ammo we all have to keep our Saabs on the road, the better we will all be in the long run.

Monique Hubrechts
Monique Hubrechts

To built up a database for the saab heritage regarding parts will be almost impossible because of lost data . What do we have: Printed workshop manuals and datasheets of revisions. What does orio ab have for cars older than 10 years. For the Uk mgb roadster built from 1962 to 1980 everything is available from complete body in white to all parts because of market demand. To start saabsunited Ebay regarding parts can be a tool to get parts to the owners and gain attention of saab part suppliers and dealers to use it as a outlet platform .… Read more »

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