Svenska Saabklubben is taking over SaabsUnited

Saabklubben loves SaabsUnitedToday an agreement has been made between Svenska Saabklubben (the Swedish Saab Club) and the owner of SaabsUnited, Till Drescher, where Saabklubben will be taking over the management of SaabsUnited. The primary objective is to make sure the website is properly maintained, so that the content and history of SaabsUnited isn’t lost. Saabklubben intends to keep SaabsUnited as it is, with the crowdsourced community earlier described by Alphonse (where visitors contribute with posts).

SaabsUnited will still be SaabsUnited.

Saabklubben is a non-profit organization founded in 1976, with more than 3 000 active members (approx. 10 % are members outside of Sweden). We care for all models of Saab – from Saab 92 to Saab NG9-5. Saabklubben has a member exclusive spare parts production, with close to 10 000 parts for Saab 92 up until Saab 9000. We also have a close relation to Orio (former Saab Parts) and provide our members with spare parts for their newer Saab car models.

Saabklubben cooperates with several companies that provide parts and accessories for Saab, from Maptun and Nordic Tuning to CardYourCar and Speedparts. These companies provide our members with certain discounts. Saabklubben also provides its members with better insurances for their classic cars, a membership magazine, events and track-days and much more. Saabklubben has local sections in many parts of Sweden, from Skåne and Trollhättan to Norrland and Stockholm.

Feel free to read more about Saabklubben, in English, here:

Existing authors of SaabsUnited are welcome to continue with their contributions and posts here. The site and content will be transfered to the server environment of Saabklubben, which is the exact same as SaabsUnited (WordPress). This means that there will be no changes to the look, feel and functions of SaabsUnited. As when SaabsUnited has changed management before, all authors will be able to have some or all their post removed if they so wish.

Saabklubben will add a number of new editors to SaabsUnited, to ease the management and moderation of the crowdsourced posts.

Finally, we don’t want SaabsUnited to be something of the past. To preserve is important, but we also want to develop and improve SaabsUnited (with your help and feedback). We would love to be able to increase the activity and community of SaabsUnited. The enthusiasts, the clubs and the companies supporting Saab all deserve it. There are also a lot of rumours about Saab, Nevs and so on. SaabsUnited has been, and can still be, the most reliable source of all things Saab.

Again, this agreement was made here today. We have just informed all the authors and major contributors of SaabsUnited. If you have any questions regarding this, let us know in the comments below. You can also contact me, the webmaster of Saabklubben, directly at [email protected].

63 thoughts on “Svenska Saabklubben is taking over SaabsUnited”

  1. Indeed, I concur with Nicola—-thank you to those who have managed this site in the past and the new group taking over. Svenska Saabklubben is to be commended for their support of the community of Saab owners and enthusiasts. These have been hard times for the Saab loyalists—-but as long as our cars are still on the road and we love them—-it’s great to find a place where we can share ideas, hopes for the future, joy of owning these wonderful cars.

    • I agree completely with Angelo. I think nearly every day over the last week I have had someone comment on my old MCY 900 convt! There are still thousands of us all over the globe keeping the flame alive, and I think banding together on this new site will help us keep the flame bright for a long time.

  2. A welcome development.

    Thanks to Till for keeping the lights on during tough times but it’s pleasing to see Saabklubben step in to spread the load and keep SU as a resource for passionate Saab owners.

  3. Agree with Swade. We will most likely extend the reach of the site with more dedicated writers and hopfully make the site once again the leading and most trusted source for news and knowledge of Saab cars and the Saab Culture around the globe.
    This is an exciting new time we have ahead of us.

  4. Again thanks to Til. We know this was a labor of love. And recently, it’s been obvious that it’s been difficult to keep the site fresh and current and the place to go for up to date news about Saab. There has been information regarding NEVS out there on saabblog and other sites that has never shown up on UA. Regarding that,I have a couple of suggestions for Saabklubben. There should be a way for registered users to post relevant information without hijacking an existing thread. Alternatively, there should be contact emails, or a contact form, where users can bring information to the attention of the site operators.

    • Nevs will start to produce saab 93 BEV bodies for china. Does Saabklubben have info on the brand name, The powertrain, the platform mods, 3d animation about the car. What kind of tyres. Will there be some complete cars made in trollhattan. Do they have real green energy plans. Sk can reach more info than su to keep us busy. There is more in life than just saab spare parts.

  5. Like the others above, I want to thank Til for keeping SU alive. I am looking forward to the Saabklubben involvement. I have been a member for several years and I have bought many parts from them with great satisfaction.

    • Very strange you have them not in ohio. Based on sales figures in the us starting from the 92 you must have tons of spares.As long they are not made from plastic they last forever like diamonds on the soles of your shoes.

      • I hope Alphonse will be still there. His post about the Honda fuel cell car was the nicest interacting one on this site whit nearby 200 comments.

      • Mostly just used stuff here, or someone selling NOS on eBay. Nobody has as much as saabklubben. I bought a new trunk floor from them, stamped with the original Saab factory dies. It was perfect. The Bakrutan magazine itself is almost worth the price of membership—great reading (or photos, Swedish only).

        • Has saabklubben the info and asked by me many times on this site where are the factory dies right now ? Where is all the data of former saabs.They must be somewhere.Just data to produce a new car.

          • A friend of mine visiting the museum was told all old Saab records are still held by the bankruptcy administrators. That was over a year ago but it wouldn’t surprise me if they are still holding them.

            • Nevs have the 93 and phoenix. But the former data at them? The dies are real material where are they stocked.

              • And general motors cleaned their drawing boards and has nothing related to saab anymore?

                  • Take also good care of the scuttle plate, a very important item just under the front screen . The function to drain water over them thru the l/r drain holes. This gutter should be watertight sealed against the windscreen to prevent ingress of mud. On transverse engine mounts where the engine is close to the scuttle water gets over the engine when the waterholes are not sufficient . If you witnessed a windscreen replacement and the removal of all the mud you understand what i mean of a good scuttle plate design.

                    • In replay to your questions, I was only talking about vintage records from the 50’s and 60’s. I don’t really know answers to the others except I think the bulkhead is the reinforced boxy cross section at the top of the firewall, below the window.

  6. Fingers crossed that Svenska Saabklubben taking over means that this website can start concentrating on Saab (the defunct Swedish manufacturer of cars) for once, and completely drop the focus on the Chinese interlopers.

        • Can understand that Mick E Bice.But Nevs and Volvo are alive with chinese money. With goals to sell about a million cars a year to break even. Nevs provide jobs in tht and volvo in my country belgium for the cma. They are not 10 million selling brands like some others. Give them the benefit of the doubt. Especially Nevs. Volvo has an very impressive ceo.

          • And with all career scania roots. To get a new saab logo he is the man. He must be him. Get a liaison merge between saab and volvo to get two sewn brands as before. Do not compete each other on small markets. Join forces.

    • Mick, agree with you. Now is the time to look at the Saab automobile ? history. Priority to help Saabers keep their cars running and help those renovating old gems. But also keep up with more stringent regulations on old non-environmental cars.

      • trued, the last sentence will be the hardest. Even now they talk already to abandon euro 5 diesels in certain environment areas. Classic car rules are in every country different. As are the tolls. To get with a camper to Malmo over the bridge is 155 euro.

      • Tued; What shall I do with my daily driver 2 strokes? I love seeing the big blue clouds of exhaust every day as I race about!

        • Joe I remember the noise and blue clouds of my beloved arctic blue dkw i had also a 99 in the same colour. But with your saab you can not entertain a party at the champs elysee in paris france.

          • Monique, are you suggesting that the Tour de France organizers would object to having the race contenders paced to the start of at least part the course by a classic SAAB? Some cobblestone sections remain in the name of tradition, so having the race director lead the way in a classic European rally car like Joe’s seems appropriate. Besides, considering all other things bike racers have a history of ingesting, a bit of two stroke in the lungs is the least of their worries.

            By the way, I miss the days when SAAB was a major sponsor of the Tour broadcasts.

            • 3cyl very nice Iq comment. Yes i miss saab too. As jack nicholson sitting in a saab cabrio in hollywood in perfect seating position with his smiling face. All cycle events including the TDF for years right now are sponsored by skoda. All sport directors run them and are in constant exposure. About the motorbikes a lot of amateurs are running between them. Recently a lot of runners were attacked. This need more rules. Not speaking about rally car drivers. Sorry treud. Any way classic car rallies are still possible in our areas. No matter what comes out of the outlet pipe. California started the war on exhaust and loosing screws on the highways. Loctite was invented outdated already by excentric screw connections. Crankcase ventilation is a highly patented business right now. Away with a lot of hoses and catch cans. However a engine designer still uses a catch can the only way to find out how much blow by the engine has. When i open the bonnet of every car i check the system. Just for hobby. The two stroke engine has not a problem with this . But that’s for another time.

              • For once and for all for saabklubben engine freaks to be understood. Engine blow by in a internal combustion is blow by in every path which can leak outside the combustion area. you name it. Thousands of crankcase seals are removed unnecessary because of too high crankcase pressure because of faulty system ccv. Why worry about this? Just look at your Pfaff sewing machine at home, this it should look like when you open the main parts of your engine. As from euro 6 the engine should all eat this up in the powertrain on road running engines. A stationary caterpillar crane will never return the condensed blowby back into the sump.

              • Blow by you can hear and feel because it’s set at plus atm when you open the oil fill. By use of a stethoscope similar as checking your lungs aspiration a prof can feel
                which piston leaks more. He can not check what happens in the cylinder head valves seals;. The above when running at the correct idle rpm. Never forget correct idle rpm is the important base memory of all settings. They always go back to base memory.Even torsion bars or our Skeleton;.

        • The blue smoke is something of the past that is not good in anyway. It is pollution of our collective environment. SSK and SU must take the leadership in promoting greener historic cars.

          • Being alive pollutes the environment, as does dying. A handful of classic cars being driven to car shows or on weekends isn’t going to destroy the planet. Neither is burning home heating oil (the dreaded diesel) to heat our homes or move people and shipments around the world. The same omadons who are “warning” us about climate change are also going to conferences in private jets and eating like pigs when they get there—staying at hotels fit for a king and queen and getting around town in limousines. It’s a load of bunk.

            • Especially the nouveau riche russians are eating like pigs. Order full tables and eat half of them.Still shooting all the time to the servants. On our international festivals we join together and try to communicate.

    • Well, the entertainment is in the continuing failure of NEVS. Sure, they’re interlopers and they lied/misrepresented themselves from the beginning (I’m still waiting on that Japanese partner they barked about to introduce the groundbreaking technology NEVS promised in the Spring of 2012). But watching them flounder around and fall on their faces has been amusing to say the least. Once it was decided that a capable automotive manufacturer wasn’t taking over the remains of Saab, but instead it was more promises of “green stuff” from people who had no chance at bringing Saab back, this became less about pulling for Saab and more about watching a nosedive. I still hold out a tiny morsel of hope—-a millimeter in an ocean—-that someone will gain control of the Saab name and sell real cars in the future. That looks all but dead at this point, but we can still hope and dream if nothing else. And if anything Saab comes out of China, I hope it’s from BAIC selling what amounts to old Saabs under a different name. At least they manufacture cars, unlike NEVS, who manufactures lies.

      • Right angelo BAIC moves on. I saw a under bonnet picture of the 95 B- series engine. The one with the very visible left engine mount in silver look. And also the turbo cover plate exactly stamped as saab original : HOT. So parts are also available from them even cheaper even an original Garrett turbo 🙂 The Journey of nevs is long winding road.

        • Recently they had a so called domestic stakeholder conf . There are two germans in the board. Daimler at present has a 10 percent stake in state owned BAIC. How sounds the trio geely,baic, and nevs? To get the saab logo on front , l/r side and back. About bev they have a tesla link.

  7. Thanks to Till for keeping SU going during what must have been the slowest news period for Saab fans ever. Best wishes to the new managers. Now its up to Nevs to give them something to work with that will be of interest Saab owners in parts of the world other than China.

  8. I am a member of Svenska Saabklubben and the club seems to be very well organised nowadays. Thus, I regard this as good news but at the same time I want to thank Till and his team for their work.

    • To organise a website, car club meetings, dog festivals etc and gaining sponsorship needs a lot of devotion of volunteers to make it happen. My greatest appreciation to all former su volunteers.

      • To all former…….and to the new ones who now start to take over.
        I have full confidence hat Saabklubben will do this well and that we all will continue to have a great source of information about everything that has to do with Saab as well as with he new developments made by the team in THT.

        • Blow by you can hear and feel because it’s set at plus atm when you open the oil fill. By use of a stethoscope similar as checking your lungs aspiration a prof can feel
          which piston leaks more. He can not check what happens in the cylinder head valves seals;. The above when running at the correct idle rpm. Never forget correct idle rpm is the important base memory of all settings. They always go back to base memory.Even torsion bars or our Skeleton;.

  9. At this very moment i watch a video from Ted tucson on my iphone about 20 minutes long driving with his saab thru texas nature.Passing rivers.Loud texan accent no problem to hear.Car type: saab 96 Blue, blue polo and blond hair. Blue exhaust. 3cyl two cycle. All the time he holds his hand on the gear stick near the steering wheel. telling what that 3 gear box can do. just crazy This should posted on our site never seen such a classic saab video before. He has a lot of saabs and send me everything. He looks like saab.

    • Another one is the citroen ds i have. Hydraulic green oil suspension.You can adjust the ground clearence in a distance which has never been reached by other brands even landrover or alko air suspenson on campers whit a air compressor they rach just 6 cm up and 4 down. The black leather lounge front seats and rear are the most comfortable i ever seen in a car.And a perfect pull a away on low mu surface.

  10. I am out till end of september. Too busy with dogs festivals and uk saab classics and bentleys. Have a nice summertime. Monique.

    • Question have torsion bar car axles have bump stops in the unloaded fullout wheel down position and and full shock load?A leaf spring axle on its limits enters some rubber or on trucks it can penetrate the cargo floor. The shck asorbers are out of question . Saab yurk help me on this.

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