A movement in motion

I really don’t have a clue what this means but it seams it to be their new claim, according to this video (3:03). It is a nice alliteration, but what do they want to say?


A new brand, a new logo and a new claim. The font for the logo looks very futuristic, but the new site and the new light font feels too clean too …. too similar to that company with the one fruit.

In an interview with Jonas Hernquist, sales and marketing director at NEVS, at the local newspaper he says what I think is the real reson to leave the name SAAB behind.

The second reason is that we are going to invest billions in products in the coming years, we want to do it in our own name and with our own brand, not a brand that we have borrowed and licensed from someone else.

So maybe it is not a bad idea at all. But despite the new logo and the new web site, and flags and lanyards I’m still missing one important thing. The car that will have that brand name.

A picture of a “so called” grill has been distributed with the press release, and yes it is not complicated to imagine this on the grill of a 9-3. But it would haave been nicer if they would have been able to not only present an empty shell, but also to show how are they goint to fill that shell. I mean, it must have been 2 or 3 moths ago when I read a very short article, that the development of the NEVS 9-3 was completed. Since then we have seen a black 9-3 with a hideous front grill, that converted the SAAB 3-piece grill into a normal 1-piece grill, but besides of that it looked just like the last SAAB 9-3, so I can’t imagine that this is the NEVS 9-3.

I wish them well, and I will follow all their steps as I’ve done in the past, but I think It will take me some time till I learn to call a car developed in Trollhättan a NEVS.

And BTW, on a video at the ttela.se site I’ve seen that the SAAB Wording at the factory is not there anymore.

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  1. This doesn’t sonud goood in ny ears. I hope they change their minds. To me they could have callled it anything but Nevs. Still there are fake Saab emblems/logos available on the internet for those who want rebadge and show off the real thing.

  2. They’re full of Bravo Sierra. They’re planning to “invest billions” after stiffing creditors and weaseling out of full payments. So yeah, somehow they have access to these imaginary billions to invest, but they’ve dilly-dallied for 4 years and their revolutionary new product, which is too good and too important to wear the Saab name…is a Saab 9-3, not even Saab’s top end car—-and a generation old. No, not a “car manufacturer” generation, but literally a generation old, as in people generation. What a complete farce by farcical people. If it wasn’t hilarious, it would be infuriating.

      • Renegotiating debts doesn’t always mean bankruptcy. Telling creditors “We can declare bankruptcy and you get nothing, or you can take a few shekels from us and at least get something” is a way to have your cake and eat it.

    • At the conference Johan Kai Jiang surpirsed me today by saying clearly that he had planned to use a new logo to replace Saab logo at the very beginning of his acquisition of Saab Automobile, ” If I have to continue to use Saab logo, i would rather not acquire Saab Automobile”,
      This is quite different from what we have heard previously that Saab AB is not willing to license saab brand to NEVS with a concern that NEVS may ruin the brand reputation.
      Then i asked why NEVS used S.A.A.B logo in 2013 when starting 9-3 ICE launch under support from Qingdao. Jiang said that “because he did not want to see the disappointment of Saab fans and take a temporarary bridging solution. Using a completely new brand is a decision that i made before acquisition.”
      i am full of doubt on that.

      • It will be interesting to observe how NEVS will spin this in Europe when/if the time comes.

        I did notice the wording in yesterday’s press release. A bit disappointing for sure.

        GM sold Saab when SweGov did not budge an inch (unlike the German government, who saved Opel). Then Spyker ran out of money as SweGov meddled in the ownership question. Now a Chinese company is in control of what is left of the assets, and they… Are backed by the Chinese government. Irony?

        I believe/hope there is a chance we will see ‘something’ before 2020. If they are able to attract a few billions in investments then Shirley they will have something to show for it. Eventually.

    • Angelo, you’re one of the few enthusiasts that remain here. Most the people with whom we survived this NEVS horror already left, but you’re still standing, I admire you, I apologise for my light sarcasm. And you are absolutely right. I’m actually surprised that some people are still wearing pink glasses – this shareholder and his team are not capable of producing anything that would look like a competitive car. I am still struggling to understand, what was KJJ’s plan for the factory, what technology he wanted to rip out of it to transfer it to China. How can we trust a man, who discontinued two business projects in Sweden, including SAAB Cars. All this NEVS is a cheap PR.

      • That’s just it, Eugene, in my opinion at least, he’s done absolutely NOTHING to gain respect or trust of Saab enthusiasts and in fact, I could make a strong case that he’s done things to lose the trust that he once enjoyed when Saab faithful, desperate for the marque to survive, applauded NEVS four years ago—-even with their obviously ridiculous lack of a cogent business plan. They sounded ill-informed and silly right from the beginning, and frankly, to some of us, their words sounded like a pack of lies.

  3. I think they have a good case for using their own name for their own product.
    Though I myself (and others, apparently) would rather it continued to be Saab. But Saab is now a defence company with radar systems, fighter planes and even submarines in the portfolio. Cars do not fit the brand Saab anymore. Nor do I think the defence industry connection suit a producer of environmentally friendly cars especially well.
    The damage to Saab Automobile was done during the GM years and there is nothing we can do about that anymore, other than keep our cars running.

    I understand why NEVS does this. I am not happy, but I understand. And if the end product feels like a Saab, I might even take a closer look at it.

    And as we have seen many times before in automotive history, some brands can return. Where were Skoda, Seat and Bugatti before VW made them household names? Fingers crossed? 🙂

  4. I’m thinking its gonna be a long time till the people of Europe and North America will be buying a NEVS (sounds like Neville in English!!) Tesla are only just starting to come on board with mainstream models but even those are prohibitively expensive for the ordinary man in the street. And to be honest the direction of future car propulsion will be dictated by the large manufacturers such as VW/Audi or Ford.
    Its a brave bold move to spear headlong into electric car manufacturing on a huge scale without ever having built anything previously.
    I see the company liquidated in 5 yrs.

    • Steve: It’s also possible this is a “hide the cash” game or some type of scam to move piles of money around like musical chairs, and when the music ends, KJJ has more than he started the game with. I really don’t know for sure, but based on a laughable four years as far as car production goes, it seems to me this endeavor isn’t about designing and building and ultimately selling cars—-it’s an exercise in lifting technology to bring back to China or it’s a “find the cash and take it” game of some sort. Bottom line is that NEVS smells an awful lot like “clean energy” start ups in the U.S.—–they talk the government into loans and special permissions, they get some investments and pay fat salaries to founders—-they basically achieve nothing and in a few years, they close shop, but a few people emerge richer than they started. That might be what we’re seeing here.

  5. Sounds a very plausible theory considering what they haven’t done so far. Lots of talk up of their technologies (what technologies?!) but very little else.

  6. Is this a joke? Nevs bought Saab’s assets three years ago and didnt do anything with them so why on earth should we believe this banquet on ‘bravo sierra’ we hear now. l only hope Nevs dont keep stringong along the people of Trollhattan for too long.

  7. 5 years since I bought my 9-3 combi, one of the last SAABs to be made.
    Nearly 5 years since, SAAB went bust and 3 years since NEVS came on the scene. Since then, NOTHING! How do they get the income to pay all the salaries and overheads without actually producing anything?
    How will this charade end?

    • It seems like people is investing money in this charade, at least to pay the salaries and the energy costs of the factory ( it is not cheap to keep that areal warm in Sweden in winter).
      And since then, it seems that many things do happen, and at a peace that is quite respectable taking into account that so few people have been working on the projects so far.

        • NEVS went through a reconstruction, that took up most of 2015. And now that they’ve secured the company financially, through a few agreements, I’m sure we’re gonna see a lot more of the things they’ve been working on these past years.

        • I know it is difficult to understand all what they have done from the outside. As I’m no insider I do not have much more information than you, but from what I know they have done more than it seems since they bought the assets, and believe me, they have done it with a small group of persons.

          Be patient, as it seems, and this time proofs of that have been shown to the SAAB/NEVS Blogging community, that from 2017 they will start delivering what they have promised since the first days. Yes, only in China at the first time, but if this first effort works well in China, they will start spreading around the world with cars that will be technologically new and visually new.

          But at the end of the day, NEVS is NEVS and it is not the SAAB of the past, and it seems that some SAAB fans are angry about that and only that.

          I’ve read many times people asking for a OEM to buy out SAAB and recreate the old SAAB of the past, but this scenario never occurred. There was only a small time frame where BMW was searching for a production line for Mini, and they accepted to build Minis with a SAABISH look besides their MINIS if they had bought the assets of SAAB Automobile, but I don’t think this would have been a good Idea either.

  8. We have no clue what happens at nevs. We are six months ahead of 2017. Than tht will start with the classic saab/gm platform bodies of the 93. Not phoenix,modified for battery. Is there proof that they will do so ? Who said that nevs is no longer saab if they have to produce 150 000 bodies in tht. This order is not a fait diver. Its about double the highest sales year figure saab ever had.

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