NEVS will use its own brand instead of Saab

This is just in from NEVS in Trollhättan:

Tuesday, June 21, 2016
NEVS launches its new trademark and sets off to shape the future of mobility

NEVS’ vision is to shape mobility for a more sustainable future by focusing solely on electric vehicles with mobility solutions built around them. To support this vision a new brand identity has been developed – NEVS.

NEVS will be the trademark of the company’s products including the first electric vehicle based on the 9-3 platform with start in 2017. That means that NEVS will no longer use the Saab trademark.

The automotive industry is changing rapidly to better fit societies struggling with pollution and congestion problems. NEVS intends to be in the forefront of this change.

“With sincere respect to our history and heritage, we want to be recognized as ourselves – A sustainable mobility solutions provider who are committed to the environment with a focused growth plan with its own brand as a corner stone,” said Mattias Bergman, President NEVS.

NEVS long-term business goal is set globally, with China as its first priority and most demanding market for the coming years. NEVS intends to build a strong footprint in China as a base for a global expansion, and continue to establish partnerships with forefront runners to shape the future of mobility solutions.

A number of framework agreements have already been signed, including a strategic partnership agreement with Panda New Energy to deliver 150,000 electric cars and another 100,000 electric commercial vehicles, as well as the collaboration with Chinese State Grid, the world’s largest electric utility company.

NEVS has a unique position by combining proven ability to develop and build high quality premium cars and at the same time the opportunity to build an automotive company for the future with new owners and partners specialized in for instance car sharing solutions and charging infrastructure.

”I believe the tipping point for electric vehicles is very near in many key markets. We aim to contribute to a more sustainable city planning, and together with our partners such as State Grid and Panda New Energy jointly introduce a new business model for mobility,” said Jonas Hernqvist, VP Sales & Marketing NEVS.

A transparent approach – with traits such as being inclusive, honest and genuine – is essential for NEVS, both in terms of behavior and visualization. From colors to imagery, our new brand design should always reflect our aim of shaping mobility for a more sustainable future.


85 thoughts on “NEVS will use its own brand instead of Saab”

  1. I am happy for NEVS and for Trollhättan. But I have to admit that I am a bit sad that the brand Saab will disappear. This shift in technology would have fitted a company that went from two-stroke to turbo in just a few years.

    Perhaps you can view this the same way that you KNOW that a Vauxhall is an Opel (or vice-versa) or that Audi is an expensive VW. Or that Rolls-Royce is now built by BMW.
    NEVS will be a car with Saab-genes.
    I think I can live with that.

    • I may be feeling a bit disappointed, but….

      … it will be up to the new NEVS products to see if they have Saab-genes.

      • You are not alone. I think a lot of Saab enthusiasts are disappointed, sad or even angry (which can be reflected in the comments here). We have many questions regarding NEVS, with their plans for the future and thoughts on the past (with Saab).

        NEVS has invited a selected few in the Saab car community in Sweden to their main office in Trollhättan tomorrow. Saabklubben will attend and we will try to clear out some of the questions that we have. I hope that we will be able to share more information on this here at SaabsUnited.

          • I did not refer to the press event today. We have received another invitation. NEVS has a separate (and very good) dialogue with the Saab car community in Sweden.

            • To Jonathan sulo . My comments have been moderated. In that case i wiil be not part of saab klubben.

              • Yes, we have started moderating comments more actively here at SaabsUnited. Several irrelevant comments have been removed from this post.

                • Thank you Jonathan! For far too long, a very vocal and very small number of posters have dominated the comments section with irrelevant replies, unnecessary (and baseless) criticism, and groundless conspiracy theories– repeated constantly. I have been a regular visitor to the site it was Swade’s original Trollhattan Saab, but have largely stopped commenting because of these people. I am hoping that under Saab Klubben’s guidance, SU will once again become the best SAAB related website on the internet with news of the marque, links to club activities worldwide, and other points of interest. Saab Up!

    • No it will not happen. Even The saab viggen sats on a opel platform. Have you forgotten?

      • There is a great difference between a car with components from another brand (Saab 96 – Ford V4 Engine), a car built on a platform from another brand (Saab 9-3 – Opel), and a car with only the logo differing from the other brand (Vauxhall – Opel).
        Saab 96 is definitely a Saab. Saab 9-3 also. But Vauxhall IS an Opel, and Cadillac BLS IS a Saab no matter the emblems and grille says. Saab kept the “Saab-genes” while building the 9-3 on a GM platform but there are no Vauxhall genes in todays Vauxhall. And there are no Cadillac genes in the BLS.

  2. I hope that the Trollhatan factory will rise again.
    I visited Trollhättan in 2015 and it felt sad when i saw the empty factory.
    SAAB is dead after a long illness and that hurts a lot but the people of Trollhättan have to go on.

  3. If the new logo stands for the design direction, then thats bad news to all Saab Scandinavian Design Lovers. The Logo is unprofessional designed, lacks quality, has absolutely no scandinavian touch and looks like a badge on a cheap refrigerator or a techno club.
    The Corporate Design stands for the DNA of a company, if it looks like that than the car design will be far away from our beloved clean and scandinavian car design, thats what I think.
    I assume this is the day to finally say good bye to all dreams driving a new real SAAB once again.

    • I think the logo is quite good. If you look at it you see EV as central and the “S” is written exactly as the “N” at the beginning. The whole word Looks like written with Neon “bulbs”. What i exactly do not now is how to pronounce it. And it would be nice if they would have a badge to, beside this word. AND if they separates the utility vehicels from that name.

      Besides all of that it does not fit in our time and a responsible future to be called like an Armor Group

    • I am with you on this olaf95. However their logo stands for their company. Being electric drive expandable to fuel cell.Whit a promising future. You may fill in the saab genes and send them to Nevs. And with a copy to Saab Ab. If they are sucessfull why saab should refuse? OK if this is the end it is the end. Amen and out.

    • Exactly. EJB986. Unless Nevs united is invented. With me and Angelo as sponsors.

  4. Just because the parent is telling the stepchild they cannot use the name doesn’t mean that the name is gone. In fact if NEVS builds a solid, good looking car with Saab DNA then i wouldn’t be surprised if the parent comes back to NEVS and asks them to use the Saab name again. Lets see what they build first before we put the Saab name in the grave.

    • Johan Kai Jiang surpirsed me today by saying clearly that he had planned to use a new logo to replace Saab logo at the very beginning of his acquisition of Saab Automobile, ” If I have to continue to use Saab logo, i would rather not acquire Saab Automobile”,

      • it’s quite different from what we have heard previously that Saab AB is not willing to license saab brand to NEVS with a concern that NEVS may ruin the brand reputation.

          • Me too Rune. Of course he had no other option. Saab AB killed this chinese investor and give them no further chance. The mayor of tht was very disappointed. I hope that sweden is open on this. See Volvo. Why not Nevs? Victor Muller was given the saab name. Although everybody doubted the financial facts. Nevs has now a base. Sofar no saabs.

      • With all respects, he did not have to use it from the beginning, but he did, so I don’t buy this!!

        Maybe he needs to say such things in China, but I doesn’t sound good on this side of the planet.

        • He’s short on credibility, let’s face it. I trust him about as far as I can throw him. All of the sweet talk about how important the Saab heritage was, and then he takes this swipe at Saab? I’ll stop there, because other things I was going to write about him probably wouldn’t go over so well.

        • Red j do really believe that Nevs will be built complete cars for their ancient saab markets? They are sofar away now. As swede you must be happy with volvo and me too in in belgium. Factory complete ready for the cma platform. Please release me of all the negative of our beautifully brand.

  5. Well, let’s face it – they had no choice.

    Its been 4-years…where are the new cars?!?

    Message to SAAB AB: Allow Christian von Koenigsegg to offer cars known as “Saab by Koenigsegg”!

      • Yes they do. I have a saab logo T- Shit and a saab logo fleece. During a shopping visit today i met a girl in a saab cabrio black with a blue soft top in perfect condion except the damaged heated rear window. The type was the tractor opel version. However with the perfect inner roof better than his succesor.
        She loved the car and i told her how to replace her rear view window. These soft tops came from valvet the fabric from germany. The first cut is the deepest in cabrios. Saab is not dead on daily life.

  6. LOL. These clowns didn’t “decide” not to use the Saab name. That decision was made for them. They will yank this operation out of Sweden, the bulk of it, as quickly as they possibly can. Interlopers.

    • NEVS are doing a really, really bad job at yanking their operation out of Sweden. They’ve been hiring 50 people/month in Trollhättan this year. And the factory is starting up again. Also, when the factory in China is done, Trollhättan will still be the main office with research & development as well as global production site. Oh, and they’re launching their first electric vehicle in Sweden and China next year as well. So yeah, such interlopers, much clowns.

      • I think you’ve had a few too many liters of NEVS Kool-Aid. Of course they’re posing right now—-and will continue to pose as they have for four years. If they ever have anything worth anything (an enormous “if” because they’ve shown a complete lack of…”anything” so far), but if they actually make something positive happen that is marketable and has the potential to make money, THAT is when they will shift the bulk of their operation to the mother land, which is NOT Sweden—-it is CHINA. THEY ARE A CHINESE COMPANY. I am not saying that is a good thing or a bad thing—-but it’s reality. The profits will be for China and in time, so will the manufacturing jobs be for China. Will they keep a storefront in Sweden? Sure, it’s a loss leader for now and later, it might be the cost of doing business, 90/10, China/Sweden.

        • I have not had any NEVS Kool-Aid. Kool-Aid is actually not even available in Sweden (but yes, I do understand this saying).

          Instead I have followed NEVS very closely since they aquired Saab. I have not only read posts and “news” about them on the Internet. I know several people working at Nevs, I have regular contact with different persons at NEVS and I’ve listened and talked with Mattias Bergman on many occasions. My opinion of NEVS is based on actual contact and experience of them. And my experience of NEVS is positive.

          NEVS main focus is China, true. That’s not anything that they’ve tried to hide. And it doesn’t have to be a negative thing. A success in China will strengthen NEVS on the western market as well. They truly love and cheerish Trollhättan and Saab with its history and legacy. NEVS may not be able to use the Saab trademark, but they’re as much Saab as anyone other company can be. NEVS do have the “Saab anda” (Saab spirit).

          Heck, Volvo is a Chinese company these days. And they’re doing pretty well.

          My preference when it comes to Saab cars are the cars that were made before the GM period. The best Saab I’ve ever had is a Saab 99 from 1976. But I use a Saab 9-3X as my daily driver (and I love that car). I’m not as we say in Sweden, a “kappvändare”, someone who changes their opinion to suit the current situation. I have no reason to doubt NEVS.

          Healthy scepticism is good. One should question things that one doesn’t know or understand enough. But your constant bashing and bad mouthing of NEVS here at SaabsUnited is not healthy. It will only cloud your ability to understand them. And it creates a bad mood at SaabsUnited.

          NEVS is what is left of Saab cars post-GM. Constructive criticism is all good and I’m not implying that you (or anyone else) have to become a NEVS fanboy. But please, let’s bring the “Saab anda” to SaabsUnited. Enough with the mindless NEVS bashing. This is what we have to work with now, let’s do the very best of it.

          • I agree with you. Completely. Stop bashing NEVS, Angelo. It helps noone.
            I drive a 2010 9-5SC Griffin as a Daily driver but also a 1993 9000CSE 2.3T and a 1969 95V4 as often as I can.

          • Well, a dose of reality is what I believe I’m contributing. Knowing people who work there and talking to one of the people actually drawing a big salary from this “project” is great—-but it doesn’t answer a simple question of “What have they done in four years to give you the impression that they are capable of building and selling great cars?” Here are a few questions: When will they begin mass producing automobiles? When will they sell their first 10,000 vehicles in a Western market? When will their cars be available in Europe? When will their cars be available in the United States and Canada? These questions are just for starters. My guess is that there aren’t answers to any of these questions. After four years, I’m thinking they still have no answers, even to something as basic as “When will you begin mass production of your first car?” Is this bashing? Well, if it reads that way, I apologize. To me, it’s making quite obvious observations of their lack of capability. Reading here the last day or so, I’ve also seen that NEVS apparently “never wanted the Saab logo” and planned from the beginning not to want that. But then I read how much KJJ cherishes Saab’s heritage and how important it is to keep that. Which is it? My experience of NEVS isn’t based on contact but yes, on news (or lack of it) and on their website—-their joke of a website.

            • NEVS joke of a website clearly states that the production of the first electric 9-3 will start in 2017. The car will also be available in China and Sweden the same year. This is the first question and reply in their FAQ:

              I personally appreciate that NEVS aren’t speculating about sales figures and market introductions. They are very clear about China being their primary market. The only figures they’ve published are actual contracts that they’ve agreed upon (in China). This is basically the opposite of Victor Muller.

              You’re constantly bashing NEVS by calling them names, liars, trying to ridicule them etc. This is not the “Saab anda”. Feel free to criticize, but please do it with some sense. What do you want to achieve? Will this gain the Saab community? Do think about that.

                • The only thing that NEVS has missed badly was the production of Saab 9-3 MY14. This wasn’t originally intended, it was “forced upon” by Qingdao and led to the latest reconstruction (due to Qingdao not paying as agreed). This cost NEVS almost two years and (most likely) the use of the Saab trademark. But NEVS managed to make it through this and are now back on track with the EV plans.

                  • Well, if producing a couple hundred cars shattered them financially to the point of losing two years of corporate life—-I really have to wonder how weak they are. Something like that would be a minor setback to a well funded company with strong vision. In this case, it seems as though it derailed them almost to the point of being grounded.

            • Angelo, in Dec 2015, when they first presented their plans after reconstruction, they said that on the second half of 2016 they will start pressing Bodies of the NEVS 9-3, the kid has a name now, to send them to China for final assembly. The cars would be then assembled in China and delivered in 2017 (we now know that almost all, if not all of those cars are already sold).
              They know, that they can’t make much money out of that car in Europe/US, thus they’ve decided to be China-only with this first car, I would even say that they will not even try to sell the car to end consumers. (Yes, it seems that a few of those cars will remain in Sweden, still I’m not sure if they want to sell those cars to private consumers). So now we can wait till those bodies are pressed in THN and enjoy the summer or continue saying things about a company we all doesn’t know much about.

              BTW, Sweden goes on holidays on July!!

                • Don’t know. As you maybe have read in my last post, I was expecting them to show that car to the public at the same time as they tell to the people which brand is having that car. Well, it seems like they tried first to solve their CI before they show the products.

                  No, it is not satisfying, but it is as it is, but I learned not to care any more. But on the other side, would you start working for a company like NEVS if it can’t give you no proof that there is more than words on their plans? They seem to be recruiting quite a few engineers per month, so something must be there!!

                  And yes, we know a lot about them, the only question mark is how will it look like. It is said to be more than a facelift to the last 9-3.

                • Why would NEVS tell us all about what they do? They don’t have to.
                  Just because You don’t know what they are doing doesn’t mean that they are doing nothing.

                  • Hans: That’s true, but they have a company website and issue press releases, have a marketing department, etc. They made some noise at the beginning, implying that they were going to have products out by now. So I guess you are right that just because they aren’t telling us what’s going on, that doesn’t mean that nothing is happening. On the other hand, there’s no evidence that anything fruitful IS happening either. I can’t prove a negative, but certainly, people can prove a positive. What’s happening then?

      • And Jonathan, I’ve been hearing for the better part of 4 years, all of these things they are “going to” do, and they really haven’t done them. Talk is cheap as they say, and action is what matters. What action have you seen in the four years they’ve been around that you consider to be positive and encouraging? For me, it was probably the headrest design of their most successful model, the 9-3.

  7. I think this makes sense. I had been hoping for something cool like Phoenix but that might only work in English speaking countries, plus trademark issues.
    The name NEVS will rise or fall based on the product built by NEVS. The names Kia and Hyundai don’t exactly roll off the tongue but they are respected names because the product is good. Let’s hope NEVS does much better. Can’t wait to find out.

  8. And, don’t forget, NEVS is just SVEN spelled backwards, as in “I’m Sven, THE SWEDISH SAAB”:
    flickr_dot_com/photos/[email protected]/8812907046 (change _dot_)
    I have this mini brochure from the 1960’s. Cute story.

  9. Well todays news officializes what we all knew : the SAAB name is available again. Of course SAAB AB will not licence it to the first clown wannabe automotive company (read NEVS). But come a serious OEM with a credible plan, spotless track record and deep pockets, well then, who knows SAAB AB may not reconsider…..

    • A “a serious OEM with a credible plan, spotless track record and deep pockets”? There’s not a single OEM on this planet matching those criteria…

    • A nice thought 2T, but more likely SAAB AB is pleased to be done with licensing their name and isn’t looking back.

  10. Good news to hear that NEVS won’t be using the Saab brand, which may finally be put to rest.

    But NEVS should change name to NEVC. The S in NEVS never made sense.

  11. Part of me is sad that no more SAAB-badged cars will be made. As a secondary solution though, I think using NEVS as brand name is the best! They just replace one strange 4-letter combination with another :-). What it comes down to in the end is the products they come up with! Are they competitive, creative, clever, good-looking, ”SAABy” enough to make them rise above the crowd?
    If that’s the case I might very well become a NEVS fan just as I always have supported SAAB! Time will tell – and for now I choose to be optimistic. Go NEVS, go!!!

    • That is my idea as well. For a while I will be sad that it will be no more SAAB branded cars. Eventually I will switch to NEVS if they deliver something saaby. Meanwhile I keep my saabs in good shape.

  12. NEVS “Never Ever Very Serious”. How can one take 4 years in this fast moving industry to really achieve very little. Look how quickly Geely rolled Volvo into a great success story. Also look what Tata has done with Jaguar, great looking cars and now the F Pace that will sell plenty. Kia now top of the ratings for build quality.
    These companies don`t sit on their duffs and mumble about what might be, they produce product, and fine tune it as they move forward.

    • Because they are serious, well funded companies Len, not a group of dreamers with no leadership, no direction, no ideas. The folks you mentioned are the big dogs, not the puppies on the porch.

    • Comparing NEVS to Volvo or JLR is very unfair. They were functional companies with many employees when bought by Geely and Tata respectively. Since Saab Automobile AB was bankrupted, there were no functional company for NEVS to buy. NEVS started from scratch. No organisation, no employees. Only assets. It takes time to build a company. Look how many years it took Elon Musk and his team to make Tesla Motors what it is today.

      • JH: While you are right that it’s unfair to compare NEVS to Geely or Tata (for the reasons you stated) it is most ridiculous to compare NEVS to Tesla. I’m not a Tesla fan boy by any means—-I think they are overpriced toys for the rich so far—-I don’t really see the challenge or charm in building a $90,000 electric car—-but that said, Tesla has proven to be a company of doers, particularly their leader, Musk. By contrast, well, I don’t want to get in trouble by getting on a soapbox full of insults toward KJJ and NEVS, but let’s just say, Tesla they ain’t.

    • Wrong comparison. Geely and Volvo are two big car companies with strong engineering heritage both, Tata is an industrial giant too. GM was bankrupt, on the brink, and Saab Automobile was too small to survive by its own.

      NME holdings is a quite small energy company that knew nothing about cars. Kai Johan Jiang bought a know-how in Saab Automobile : a brand new unique platform (Phoenix) plus a complete factory and tool. It was absolutely impossible to design a new car in less than 4 years. Victor Muller only recovered and sold old projects (9-5NG, 9-4x and old 9-3), the 9-3NG (Castriota) was just a designer preview with possible BMW-PSA engine : nothing very new.

      Instead of producing the old 2002 benzine 9-3 again and again, NEVS focus on the futur. It can’t be made by just taking the old 9-3 platform (that were not designed for electric architecture) filled with batteries and electric engine in. NEVS had to build its EV engineering network and partnership while ensuring funds first. Such an operation takes time !

  13. Most unimaginative car brand name ever.

    And their model will be called umm… something exotic like the NEVS E1 ?
    Or the NEVS ER ,
    Coupe D’ Neville?
    NEV erland,
    Oh well….NEV ermind

  14. Why couldn’t they have tried to have both brands? NEVS for the electric vehicles and SAAB for the traditional fuel or even hybrid vehicles? Seems like a little brat who didn’t get picked by a team in sports saying “I didn’t want to play anyways!”

      • Presumably, they’re going to have two factories though—one in China and one in Sweden. I see Silas’ point. They could have built real Saabs in Sweden and the electric NEVS in China.

  15. NEVS, four letters juste like SAAB, the best solution for its new identity. Nevs is going well now : funds full, no debts, several partnerships, huge assests, two nice plants, lets see what happens next.

    I feel very optimistic for Nevs. Saab Automobile is gone, it had to be done. Heritage and museum are for Saab, futur is for New Era Via Saab (NEVS). The old brand was associated to gaz engines, turbo kicks, full security. Electric cars are something very different that could not belong to Saab strong charactere. The brand had to change in order to accommodate the mutation/transition to a completely different engineering. Solar Impulse II is not a Gripen.

  16. Firstly I appreciate the constructive input of all posters. Not like the name calling and demeaning swipes at contributors one sees on other sites, thank you. While having owned 15 Saabs since 1993, I am not a full history buff or master mechanic.
    However From reading Saabs United I see a mix of frustrated owners having to come to realize that this great fun quirky well engineered car company is no more.
    I first came to Saab via my wife wanting a four door hatchback in 1982 in Maryland USA.
    Being an Aussie I grew up on Holden station wagons (GM product) and Ford Falcons.
    Yet the most practical car we had in Oz was the Renault 16, with a hatchback in around 1971-73. Later they bought out the Renault R25, similar to the Saab 9000. Once I purchased my 1993 Saab 9000 CSE I was hooked.
    Fun, safe, practical, fast and spacious, with a great engine. Years ahead of it`s time. I remember auto journos stating who would pay premium money for a 4 cylinder car. Fast forward to 2016, turbos are back on 4 pot engines, Audi, BMW, Acura, Honda, Porsche Tesla, all running high priced hatchbacks.
    Saab deserved better than GM way back, maybe VW group or a budding Korean company that wanted and had the where with all to take the unique Swedish design mentality, engineering and practicality and blend it into a Kia or a Mahindra product.
    Go to the Mahindra website, this company is here for the long term. They build boats, tractors, heavy equipment etc.
    So I think going back to my original thoughts, we ALL feel sad that a neat small car company that stood head and shoulders over it`s net worth could produce such fun and exciting cars. Saab belongs with the small companies of cars like Porsche, Panhard,NSU,Morgan, and some of those funky British cars.
    Not Toyota Camry reliable, but a hoot to drive, fix and to make like friends with.
    I have a super (if possible GM) 2007 Saab 95 wagon, if you can see past the cheap plastic interior with creaky door handle closers and paint that scratches of the radio knob surrounds.
    A 1997 Aero 9000 (for sale) and a 1975 NSU Ro80 rotary with a spare engine. My next car,? most likely a Jaguar F Pace or a Volvo C90 wagon,from a person who loves wagons.
    Oh and I have dibs on a perfect black 1985 900 SPG with a 100 K mls on the clock.
    So after all this back and forth on SU, there are a few of us weird Saabers that are happy. PS my wife won`t ride in my Saab, yet a 900 saved my sons life. Go figure.
    Oh and Angelo I think we would enjoy a drink together, I like your style, upfront and no prisoners mate!

    • Len, I’m in the DC area so if you are still in Maryland…!!!
      My Saab story is a lot different than yours. I’ve only had one, purchased new in 2004, that I still have—a 9-5 ARC Wagon that is a wonderful car. My son rode home from the hospital as an infant in that car. If anything happens that makes me sell the car, I am not likely to replace it with another Saab. I don’t do my own work—-and I suspect parts and service are going to become increasingly more difficult and expensive. That is one reason why I was so hoping a company would buy Saab—-one like Mahindra—-and actually keep Saab dealerships viable until new models would have started stocking dealer showrooms, but it wasn’t to be. Mahindra was actually the ideal owner/partner. Everything you mention about them is true and I’ve seen their CEO interviewed and he is tremendously intelligent and well thought out.

  17. I have this problem: I hope NEVS will produce a lot of cars in THN – that would be good for the community.

    According to sources, SU and SvD (Svenska Dagbladet), NEVS is now owned to 52% by “Chinese interests”= China?
    -48% by Kai Johan – Swede?

    Sources: SU and SvD:
    -NEVS is right now building final assembly in China
    -NEVS has sold first 3 years of production to “Chinese interests”= China? Probably for lease to state officials.
    -if state officials, will rich Chinese and “westerners” buy NEVS vehicles?
    -NEVS 9-3 to be assembeled in China
    -“old” 9-3 modified to EV. Competitive?
    -NEVS relying on “Kai Johan batteries”. Competitive?
    -NEVS will be building press, body and paintshop within 3 years- in China.
    -NEVS will be building product development center in 3 years- in China.
    -by coincident the first of new generation vehicles are due in 3 years.
    -where will they be built? Obviously priority one is China. If and when volume is high enough, production in THN?

    The good thing is that product development in THN is in – almost – full swing. The bad thing is a – to me – uncertain future for the factory.

    I am also concerned that NEVS will, somehow, try to hang on to the SAAB brand – NEVS is not SAAB – and will never be. The leadership does not have the _____.

    • If production in Trollhättan is high and the product development remains there as well, does it really matter if NEVS is a Swedish or Chinese company?

      • Jonathan: no.

        I don’t think you understood my message.

        My concern is that the owner – China? – will put priority on the chinese factory/product development, and there might not be anything left for THN.

        • I do believe I understand your message and I share your concern regarding the focus/priority of NEVS. But I think NEVS focus on China will gain the western market. Do we really want an electric 9-3, with the current platform? Many of us would probably say “no”. This car could however work in China. And that may help finance further electric cars based on the Phoenix platform, which probably would be more interesting for many of us.

          Right now we can only speculate about the focus/priority of NEVS. The only thing that is clear, is that NEVS focus very much on Trollhättan and their operations there in their official communication (website, press releases etc.).

  18. When I am at it :o).

    The SAAB Spirit does not sit in the walls – it was created during the 92,93,96,99, 900 and 9000- era and was based on the fact that there were a lot of brilliant engineers – regardless of formal status.

    If a conflict/different opinions, it was resolved by not having the highest ranked get it his way, but by looking at the picture – “the very best car”. This was honed to perfection during the reign of Gunnar Larsson for the 9000,

    To say that a few third generation SAAB engineers would be capable to create the same environment is like swearing in the church.

  19. Angelo, I now live in Stuart Florida, where we are down to three Saabs including my daughters 2006 95 wagon. I have my last Saab unless I buy the 1985 SPG 900 from my friend. Everything in this world has become so vanilla and milk toast,to many rules and controls. I see a huge consolidation of the auto industry, and bland driverless cars taking smartphone bent neckers to and from their boring interests.
    Give me a sailboat offshore in a blow, 4 wheel drifting on lose red gravel in the Aussie outback, climbing the great pyramid of Cheops in Egypt, fun stuff. Driving older more simple cars that made you work at the wheel.
    We are all becoming Sheeple, soon to become Soilent Green, (no not a new paint color).
    Long live Saab and let`s all meet at the US Saab convention in Georgia this summer.
    Saabers let`s get a format going on our own Saab stories, crash survivals, funky Saab happenings, any and all things Saab, and forget Nevs, Sven, Chen or what ever they will become known as. To me it will be a Chinese company making cheap electric cars for a mass market in China, no more no less.

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