Welcome to SaabsUnited.com at Saabklubben

If you are reading this, then you are visiting SaabsUnited.com in the server environment of Svenska Saabklubben. The whole website, with 5 728 posts, 10 702 users and 66 600 comments have now been moved. If you aren’t logged in already, you should be able to login as usual with the login form in the sidebar.

SaabsUnited.com should be working just as it has done before.

Note the word “should”. This was an extremely large operation and even though we’ve tested the website thoroughly, you may still find some errors. Please report them in the comment field below or by email to [email protected]. We are closely watching the performance (speed) of the website as well, in order to upgrade our server resources if necessary.

The actual transfer (and processing) of all data took almost 36 hours to complete. A small number of comments, that was posted on the website during the transfer period, haven’t been moved. If you know that you’ve posted a comment here recently, feel free to check and re-post if necessary.

A meeting with the local section Hallandia of Saabklubben.
A meeting with the local section Hallandia of Saabklubben. Saabklubben has local sections all over Sweden.
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Seems to work fine. My phone had some issues to log on at first. The page did not reload after login in.

Red J

There seems to be some issues with saabsunited.com and saabsunited.saabklubben.se


Maybe just me. Couldn’t log in with my old SU password so I tried the “Lost password” link to reset my password. It seems I ended up changing my saabklubben password and ended up logged in at saabklubben.se. However, I can now also log in to saabsunited using that new password. But all is good, works now. ๐Ÿ™‚

Monique Hubrechts
Monique Hubrechts

Nice you are back in the club. However my word spelling correction button is lost.

Phillip paton

Test comment by webmaster


Well done Jonathan and the team at Saabklubben. The SU site seems nice and quick hsted from it’s new home.

Johan Hasselberg

I see forward to the future. Very good work, Jonathan ๐Ÿ™‚

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