Fly a Saab in Gripen Fighter Challenge

As you all know, new Saabs are still being built. Though these Saabs tend to stay out of reach for the ordinary Saab enthusiast, in terms of cost and driving skills. I’m of course talking about the Saab aircrafts and in particular the recently updated Gripen.

Saab Gripen
Saab Gripen. Picture from

On May the 18th, Saab revealed the new JAS 39 Gripen E fighter jet. JAS stands for Jakt (hunt), Attack and Spaning (reconnaissance), while Gripen is Swedish for Griffin. Gripen replaced Viggen and was originally launched back in 1987 (marking the 50th anniversary of Saab).

The E model of Gripen is the latest and greatest fighter jet from Saab. Gripen is currently in use in Sweden, Czech Republic, Hungary, South Africa and Thailand. I’m no expert on these planes, so check out the Gripen website for more information.

The promotional video for Gripen is rather impressive:

If you have ever wanted to fly a Saab, then now’s your chance.

To promote the Gripen E, Saab has just released the game Gripen Fighter Challenge. The game can be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. It’s rated from 3 years and above, so you shouldn’t have to worry about it being violent or gory.

Here’s an official trailer for Gripen Fighter Challenge:

I’m personally not much for mobile gaming, but I did try it out. The controls are easy, with the plane moving as you move the phone. There’s a number of challenges, with an excellent tutorial, so the game should last a few hours. The graphics are nice (depending on your iOS/Android unit) and the sound is great.

What do you guys (and girls) think about Gripen Fighter Challenge?

9 thoughts on “Fly a Saab in Gripen Fighter Challenge”

  1. Note that I do know that SaabsUnited is a Saab _car_ enthusiast site. But in Sweden, many enthusiasts also appreciate the Saab airplanes. We don’t intend to cover these on a regular basis, but I thought it could be fun to see the “other Saab” here as well. Especially with this new (free) game being released.

  2. One of these would certainly make business travel quicker and more fun. Finding somewhere to park it might be a problem though! 🙂

  3. Nice piece of swedish engineering. My partner grown up close to millitary air port has full history of fighter jets. From the fifties till now. Saw many crashed. To get driver licence on a f16 for close combat flying will take 10 years.

  4. To Steve W, there are also vertical landing and take off versions. If you have space plan your own airfield. Filmstar john travolta having all flying class certificates owns his own airfield. Rockstar bands have them too.

  5. yes Steve . It was just a side kick nice done by jonathan. I liked it because my partner hans spend his childhood near a dutch airfield implanted in the woods. At that time gloster meteors were flying and he was always near the border fence or even inside. Pilots let them sit in the two seated cockpits.The whole range of models passed. The most tricky one was the starfighter. Pilot widows started even a process against lockheed. The airfield had their own stunt team. Three crashed . So be prepaired to fly the saab Gripen. I had a SAAB viggen car very tricky to drive but what a pleasure. Bad opel chassis.

  6. Replacement of the f16 in europe nato forces is big money. We have the euro fighter on the list, but many competion. The air field mentioned above and still active for maintenance can turn in a huge logistic base. Whit thousands of jobs and infra. For whatever these fighters are used for. How ever saab ab is not yet on the list.

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