Good News Keeping the 900 Classic Running

My Classic 900 has suffered two age related problems in the last while. The first was the Air Conditioner compressor leaking, and the second was clutch cylinder failure.


I live north of Brisbane Australia, and was concerned I would never find service or parts as required. The Saab dealer I had bought my 900 from was not interested in fixing the clutch, claiming they didn’t have the right tools anymore.

Well, I was lucky that a local A/C service (Nambour A/C on Price street) went out of his way to find a new off the rack A/C unit that could be modified to fit, so now I have a brand new A/C that anyone can service. He also machined a brass fitting to replace the plastic junction that linked the heater to the radiator, because it shattered when moved. Good work.

I also found a local European mechanic (Sunshine Coast Roadworthy Inspection Centre at Kunda Park) who took on the clutch repair with no difficulty. He had to parts come from Victoria overnight, and replaced the master, slave and throw-out bearing. Wonderful to have the clutch right up again.

This has been a relief to me as I was beginning to wonder what would happen to my 900 if I couldn’t get it serviced. Looks like it will be around a few more years now. So, don’t be too quick to dispose of your Saab until you look for a solution that may be closer than you think.



7 thoughts on “Good News Keeping the 900 Classic Running”

  1. Impressive Arnold to repair these critical items. Creative . My saab subdealer is still there as long as it takes.The main went bankrupt. All saabtools are still hanging on the walls and years of experience. Still working and selling. A lot of saabs are for sale . Who need maintenance. All the best with your 900.

  2. Arnold seeing the raindrops on your silver 900 hood makes me thinking of todays afternoon job. I had waterdrop clusters in one of my water tight sealed head light units. I put a hairdryer unit on it the clusters disappear but not the condence. Similar problems occur on led stripe units i have seen. For sure it is water ingress. How to cure, reseal with silicone or replace the unit for a new one. Appreciate any comment.

    • I’m not familiar with your particular lights, but if you can gently pry them apart, you should be able to seal up gaps with silicone or electrical tape. New ones may have the same problem. Good luck.

  3. Thank you arnold. I went to the MOT this morning and get a warning code in the report. On most versions once it is inside you cant get it out. A new one with two years leakproof will be placed.

  4. Yes Tonymac. Did you remember that saab had yearly a competition about the best saabmechanic ? Was this serious or just incentive for the saab dealers and their customers.

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