Saab invasion at Ramsele oldtimer meetup

Last week I went with my family on a vacation trip to the northern part of Sweden. Northern Sweden is beautiful with its vast landscapes of high mountains, deep valleys, huge forests and coast. This time of the year the sun never sets either. The scenery is breathtaking, especially behind the wheel of a Saab 9-3X.

Saab cars at Ramsele oldtimer meetup

Besides the family vacation, we also went to an oldtimer meetup in the town of Ramsele. There we met up with the Saabklubben localsection of Norrland. A member of the club had arranged for a dinner with a tour of the local power station Storfinnforsen the evening before the meetup. We even got to drive our Saabs across the dam (which, if I remember right, is the largest concrete dam in Sweden).

All Saabs are welcomed in Saabklubben and the cars on the tour ranged from Saab 93 to Saab NG9-5.

The actual meetup, Ramsele veteranfordonsdag, was attended by approx. 450 cars. Old US cars are extremely popular in Sweden, with the Raggare culture and such (the largest US car meetup in the world is held each year in Sweden). I personally thought that the Saabs would be outnumbered, but to my surprise there were more than 40 Saabs at the meetup!

In comparison, I counted less than 20 Volvo cars at the meetup. And old Volvo cars are, unfortunately, much more common than old Saab cars in Sweden. The Norrland localsection of Saabklubben attended the meetup for the 8th year in a row and they’ve really managed to put a “Saab touch” to it. Well done!

Finally, here’s a gallery with some pictures from the meetup in Ramsele, including the tour of the power station. All pictures were taken by Anders Johansson at Saabklubben and can not be used elsewhere without his permission. Click on a picture for a larger version.

3 thoughts on “Saab invasion at Ramsele oldtimer meetup”

    • There was only one Sonett at the meetup. The Sonett is not that usual in Sweden, since most of them were exported to the US. But nowadays many are being imported back to Sweden (and restored).

  1. Nice post from my part of the world, north Sweden. As I am on vacation in continental Europe I couldn’t attend. But being such a big Saab meet. I have to consider Ramsele for the next year

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