SaabsUnited, a slight facelift

As you probably can tell by now, we’ve changed the theme of SaabsUnited. The old theme had been abandoned (by its developer) since more than two years back. This caused the old theme to lack certain functions and potentially contain security holes.

We’ve carefully selected a new theme that is similar to the old one. The new theme is actively updated and works well with all screen sizes (from smart phones to computers and even 4K resolution screens). We’ve also tried to keep all things “as they were” in regards to menus, login form, ads etc.

Again, SaabsUnited will still be SaabsUnited.

We’re not done with the new theme. Among other things we’re gonna add the right logotype (an original of it doesn’t exist, to my knowledge, so it has to be recreated). We also want to make it easier to browse the archive and find (older) interesting posts.

As always, feel free to let us know if there’s something you like/dislike in the comments.

19 thoughts on “SaabsUnited, a slight facelift”

  1. Hey guys,
    Great job! Thanks for all the things you do for Saab community. Facelift is ok for every site, and you showed us, that you keep the Saabsunited spirit and make a refreshing mix with Saabklubben.

    respect for all you’ve done, it’s good to be here 🙂


  2. Love the new font and the looks of the site. Great job and thank you for keeping it going. Please tell us about yourself and the other Saabs United team writers, etc.

    Thank you

  3. Looks good even from New York City. If I may make two suggestions: One, perhaps consideration should be made to having a way for readers to contact you to bring an issue or news to your attentions without having to hijack another series of comments. Second, I for one would appreciate it if SU kept up with the latest news from NEVS, at least until they fall flat on their faces, or introduce a new car that is embarrassing to even be related to SAAB. Other sites and have lately had articles with some relatively hard information on NEV’s production and design status.

  4. Yes nice slight face lift . Being myself It manager for years appreciate your open view. However my partner a skilled technical engineer said it to much it in a split second for the older ones.

  5. And to complete that haldex drives normally as a frontwheel drive so on flat roads its not working. so your front tyres wear first if you drive horizontally on 100 percent traction roads. If not the live saving haldex comes in. Rally drivers like it . For the specialists does formular one cars have 4wd?

  6. I will stay on topic every thing related to saab jonathan. I do not like the black- white logo on the top. Its too much german. Even your personal circle which you have only and my dog is gone is a misfit. How ever it seems we are friends forever.

    • No, you don’t seem to stay on the topic of the post. You’re posting comments about Haldex and take out food, with a vague connection to Saab. Feel free to comment, but do stay on topic here please.

      The text logo on the top was temporary, as mentioned in the post above. It has now been replaced by the correct SaabsUnited-logo.

      Regarding the personal circle, this is a picture from the Gravatar service (an external web service, not related to SU). I’ve noticed that it doesn’t seem to work for all users here and I’m gonna look into it.

  7. Yes it was out of topic. I Am to crazy about the techcar details. But it should be in the right context. Thanks for your addional info about the new site. We gonna get it right.

  8. The new page/site design is fantastic. I definitely can’t speak for the Saabs United community on all things Saab related and NEVS related, but I think I can speak for most of us when I say we are enjoying the upgrades to this site since you took over!

  9. Great stuff all involved. Already the real bread and butter Saabers are contributing. No Monique, I`m not off topic mentioning bread and butter, it`s a saying, meaning the day to day Saab people. The ones that made Saab Saab for all those years. Just pulling your leg. I`m already enjoying the site. Thank you Len.

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