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  1. Here’s a comment in the improved comments section.

    Edit: it can be edited for 15 minutes. But I can’t up/downvote my own comments.

      • Yes, even those who aren’t logged in can still vote on comments. I’m thinking that not everyone is logged in here at SU all the time, but they can still show their like/dislike of a comment. But to submit a comment, you need to be logged in.

        • Sounds fair enough, and I like the idea (so long as we don’t get “unlike” wars! If it can help keep tabs on a busy thread it will have been well worth your effort, so thanks v.much.

    • The site looks better and functions better since you arrived. There are more and better stories being posted too. Much appreciated. This is indeed significant improvement and keeps Saab alive, in our minds at least, a little longer. New life!

  2. This must have taken a lot of you’re time but it’s much appreciated. Thanks,
    I don’t know if this is an issue, but as I was reading comments and decided to log in, the login took me back to the SU home page instead of this comments section. That’s ok but took two extra clicks of my time. 🙂
    The edit feature will be great for me. At my age I often forget what I just read and post duplicate stuff in comments. 🙂 Don’t know yet if you have a delete function but I would often make use of it.

    • I’m not really sure the login redirection is related to the new comments functionality. It may be related to the general user management. But I’ll look into it, thanks!
      And yes, I thought about the possibility to delete comments as well. But I’m afraid that the discussions can start to look really, really strange if comments are deleted here and there. If it’s really necessary to delete a comment, a moderator can manage it.

    • Well, we do try to post as much Saab related stories here as possible. I would love to post news about Saab cars here everyday, but there aren’t really much to report (in contrast to the news related to NEVS).

      That’s also why we try to get you, the readers of SU, to contribute here (http://www.saabsunited.com/2016/07/contribute-to-saabsunited.html). If you don’t want to write the posts yourself, feel free to use the new contact form (http://www.saabsunited.com/contact).

      Apart from the spare parts and the enthusiasts, NEVS is what is left of Saab cars. And many of our visitors seem to be interested in NEVS (judging by the comments on those posts and the feedback we receive through the contact form). That’s why we cover them here as well.

        • I’m not really sure about that. BAIC may have licensed some old Saab platforms and hired the former Saab Performance Team, but that’s really it.

          NEVS owns and manages the Stallbacka plant in Trollhättan. Many of their employees are former Saab employees. NEVS are developing new cars with a clear connection to the Saab cars and they’re supporting the Saab cars enthusiast community. The same can’t really be said about BAIC.

          • The way I see it though, BAIC licensed some CLASSIC Saab platforms and hired people who were Saab specialists. Those are basically Saabs that have changed to a new name, in China. What I see with NEVS is a drastic departure from most of what I and many others loved about Saab—-the turbos, the exhaust sounds, the character and heritage of the cars. And they aren’t making them yet and it’s anyone’s guess if they will meet some of their claims of when production will start. I’m doubtful that their projections are close to being true. Now that NEVS doesn’t even have the name and they too will be focused on China but with electric cars, seems to me BAIC is actually the one who is closer to what most of us think about when we hear the words “Saab cars.”

            • BAIC has one carline based on the old Saab 9-5 and the 235/205 engine, that is true. But the resulting cars are missing any kind of character. The interior has nothing to do with a Saab, and on the outside you can see a mix of lines of different western brands. I don’t see BAIC as a SAAB successor, and if the only important SAAB characteristic for you is the turbo then almost any brand today is a worthy successor to SAAB. I would recommend you the Buick Regal, it doesn’t look as good as a SAAB but ten million times better than a SAAB and has the same engine as one of the SAAB 9-5 II.

              • My point wasn’t that BAIC is a Saab successor in any way, shape or form. Only that at this point in time, they are certainly more connected with Saab than NEVS is. For one thing, they’re producing cars. There’s that at least. And I did post a photo of the interior—-I think awaiting moderation. As I commented on that photo post, when NEVS improves upon what BAIC is already doing, get back to me. I’m being serious—-I find it interesting that BAIC has an old Saab model in their line and as you pointed out, have changed the sheetmetal, interior bits—etc.—-but they do have interesting engine choices and the car’s underpinnings are Saab. To the Saab community, that should be as interesting as the pie in the sky at NEVS.

            • Electrification is a natural progression for Saab. To me, it’s everything Saab has ever stood for. And, yeah, it might’ve taken a little longer, but I’d be very surprised if VM’s Saab wasn’t on that path. If things were different we might be talking about a hybrid or full electric 9-3 successor by now, or that 9-2 city car we’ve always wanted to see.

              If NEVS can find that DNA (and let’s face it – it’s all around them), I’m willing to give them a chance.

  3. Jonathan, there has been a need to direct some of the posters to a more positive way of expression for a very long time at SAABSUNITED, going back to the time of Swade. So I agree with your approach. I only have one problem with the new system. I can’t find my Saab member photo? When I go in re-install it all the instructions are in Swedish! Help!

    • Thanks Chris, appreciate it!

      We use the Gravatar system for profile pictures (avatars) here at SU (in the Saabklubben website network). The easiest way to set a picture is to create a Gravatar here: http://en.gravatar.com/. Once you’ve done that, your picture will work for your account here at SU and on all websites that support Gravatar (almost half of the websites in the world).

    • Very happy to see an upvoting system in place, we’ve really needed that here for a long time. I hope it will encourage people back from silence, and put an end to the same old boring repeated “it’ll never work” comments.

      I’m very interested in hearing about any and all classic and modern Saab’s, restoration projects, owners’ cars, and – yes – news about what is left of Saab, AKA NEVS. Thanks Jonathan and co for breathing new life into this place. It desperately needed it.

  4. I am a bit disappointed. One of the outstanding questions of the demise of SAAB, is the accusations of wrongdoing by VM, JÅJ and KG. There was a development of that yesterday, and there will shortly be a trial.
    I believe that this is of great interest for the SAAB Community, but not a single word in SU.

    • Talke, if you think that we have forgotten something you and everyone is welcome to contact us through the contact form and pinpoint us to that piece of news.
      I think I saw something on that on ttela, if you know of further information you’re welcome to send us those links.

      • Red, this is the third – and final – of accusations of wrongdoing by VM, JÅJ and KG put forward by the State Prosecutor. Now it’s time for trial.

        “All” Swedish newspapers and P4 Väst radio had it yesterday.

        I have a pretty good picture of the events leading up to this. The picture is based on knowledge, prosecutor charges and newspaper INFO.

        I.e. I don’t have the full and absolute truth – but a reasonably good picture, which includes the reason for VM to buy SAAB.

        I am willing to put forward my “picture” of the events – now or when the trial begins.

    • I have deliberately stopped following those stories. The last time I checked was perhaps 6 months ago. The Swedish prosecutor went on record basically saying that the case was one giant fishing expedition. That the big buffoon was not hung out to dry in the Swedish media is a big mystery to me.

      What was said back then was that the prosecutors wanted full documentation of the _source_ of some of the money that found itself into the daily operations of Saab.

      Normally, in other countries, the prosecutors are more concerned with money being siphoned _out_ of a failing company. Kudos to the Swedish prosecutor idiot for thinking way outside the box.

      Any bets that fool will not find himself on a short list for some political office soon?

      • Worst crime in Sweden, EU and the US is not murder or rape – it is moneylaundering.

        The prosecutor claims that Antonov supplied the money VM needed to pay off GM – it could then be moneylaundering.

        Next worst thing is cheating on taxes – prosecutor claims that VM did not pay tax on his salary.

        There are other allegations, but I believe those above are the big ones

        The trial will, hopefully, sort this out.

        • A couple of issues:
          1) They tried prosecuting VM already. The tax authorities believed that a contractor could not act as an interim CEO. The courts said “yes, he can”, then the prosecutor appealed and was turned down again. (This particular lawsuit was _very_ moronic to say the least!)

          2) Antonov has yet to be found guilty of anything. Even if that particular dealership deal was funded with Antonov’s money, do not forget that Riksgälden at that point in time okay’ed Antonov to become part owner of the factory. The prosecutor has to prove that the money came from a bad source _and_ that the board knew about it. Good luck.

          I am more interested in SAAB UK’s pension fund.

          And I would like to know more about why SweGov dragged out the Antonov process the way they did. If they had already made up their mind, why wait for Riksgälden to process the application? Put Maud in jail where she belongs.

        • I suspect that doing business on an international basis necessitates a bit of money laundering. Reminds me of a time when an officer of a company was asked if they paid any bribes. “Of course we do” he responded only partly in jest, “we’re in business”. And as for businesses paying taxes in full – forget it. Best not to get too greedy in these areas though.

          That said, I have no doubt that the various managements of the SAAB car business over the years represent a rare exception to the rule and refused to even entertain thoughts of participating in such behaviors.

          • I am afraid that JÅJ – for once – did the wrong thing: signed the false document saying money was from Ukraine importer – while in reality from Antonov. JÅJ resigned the day after – he should have resingned instead of giving in for VM.
            Swedish tax- and book-keeping laws are very strict – if you slip, you are done. Prosecutor does not have to prove crime – only incorrect book-keeping, which could enable cheating of tax or moneylaundering.

            Again – trial will, hopefully, clarify what happened.

            • Hi Tjalle,
              did not know about that Ukraine thing, but I wasn’t following the case either.
              As I’ve already said, if somebody writes about it, then it should be someone with in-depth knowledge of the case.

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