NEVS are creating new jobs (with Phoenix 1.1)

As you all know, not all parts of the new cars from Trollhättan are being made at the Stallbacka plant. NEVS, and Saab Automobile before them, has a large number of independent parts suppliers. And as NEVS are planning to build new cars, the parts suppliers are now also starting to “gear up” again.

In the former Saab model workshop, Cliff Models, are working with NEVS as one of their largest customers. TTELA recently reported that Cliff Models have purchased a Parpas Diamond 30. This is a state of the art gantry style machining centre, used to produce everything from simple models to more complex solutions with hardened steel.


This Diamond 30 machine is the only one in existence in Sweden today. It’s a big investment for Cliff Models in cooperation with NEVS. Their previous machine could manage at most 5 tonne, while the new machine can manage up to 50 tonne. The work space (where the models/prototypes are made) is 3 x 3 meters and 1,2 meter in height.

The Diamond 30 will have an important part in the production of tools for the car manufacturing in Trollhättan. Cliff Models employs 35 people, both in Trollhättan and Gothenburg. NEVS are not their only customer, they also work with companies such as Volvo, Koenigsegg, BMW and Scania.

Here’s a rather interesting presentation of Cliff Models:

Another company benefiting from NEVS is Automotive Interior Parts Sweden (AIPS). AIPS is actually a subsidiary of NEVS, that started when the earlier provider of dashboards for Saab 9-3 – Swedfoam – went bankrupt (with the reconstruction of NEVS in 2014).

Swedfoam was based in the Swedish city of Tidaholm, which is 1 1/2-2 hours away from Trollhättan. AIPS are now starting up their production in the same facilities as Swedfoam used to have, according to the local newspaper Västgöta Bladet. AIPS will produce the dashboards and other interior parts for NEVS new cars.

AIPS have 8 people employed today, but they’re aiming at 40 employees for autumn 2017. The machines used previously are still in place and they intend to re-hire as many as possible of the former Swedfoam employees. NEVS is their primary customer, but they may work with other companies in the future as well.


Are you curious about the Phoenix title? Well, Phoenix 1.x is the former Epsilon platform, with 1.0 being the Saab 9-3 MY14 and 1.1 being the EV NEVS 9-3. Phoenix 2.0 is the platform that Saab Automobil didn’t finish (with the Phoenix concept car) and Phoenix 3.0 is the new platform in development at NEVS.

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  1. Was Swedfoam’s bankruptcy a result of NEVS “reconstruction” in 2014? Are any other suppliers who worked with them for the NEVS 9-3 still interested in working with them for another go-round?

    • The article in Västgöta Bladet literally says “The Tidaholm based company Swedfoam produced dashboards for Saab 9-3 but was forced to apply for bankrupcy at the end of 2014”.

      When NEVS were in reconstruction, a deal was made with the creditors (that NEVS owed money). All debts above 500 000 SEK were to be reduced by 50 %. This was approved by 98,2 % of all creditors. With a total of 573 creditors, 469 were paid in full (source:

      I would ASSUME that a lot of parts providers still are interested in working with NEVS. From what I’ve read, NEVS managed the reconstruction very well (with no complaints from those involved, source:

      • The plant in Tidaholm is starting up again as Automotive Interior Parts Sweden AB (AIPS) owned by NEVS. I think 40 jobs (I used Google translate).
        Replace _dot_ in following…

  2. Assume that most future Nevs car buyers are not interested in platform codes. Either their sub suppliers. Not even the machines to make them. Is this all what Nevs can present about their future platform. Their is opposition against my posts. Activated by jacko and supported by Jonathan in terms of spam and cleaning. In that case i prefer to make a strategical retreat from this site . To jacko make your own minds in a row but say this not to others. Disgusting.

    • Monique, you’re more than welcome here, but you need to behave with respect to the other visitors as well. If you can’t stay on topic and won’t stop spamming the comment field, then feel free to make a strategical retreat from this site.

      • Jonathan i have more respect from other visitors than you on this site. But if you continue to attack me i have no other choice.

        • I’m not attacking you. You are spamming the comment field and you refuse to stay on topic. I’m just asking you to stop doing this. Please, do behave now.

  3. Second in a row how these platform codes look like in 3d ? Please release me for all the noncence.

  4. Monique – can’t you just move to Facebook or so? This is Saabsunited and I’m eager to read Angelo or Tjelle posts which are always interesting and well to the point. Now I see new article and half of comments is your spam. That’s not what we expect from this place.

    • jacko i hate facebook too but have a lot of ammunition. You are not able to remove me. Angelo is a long time friend of me on this site. Dont start personal things against each other life is too short we are just for fun on these site.

      • Monique, you’ve been warned several times but you still keep on spamming the comments section and going off-topic. And now you’re telling people to “go to hell”. Enough is enough. You’re now banned from posting further comments here at SaabsUnited.

  5. With the revolution spured by 3D printing, could the Parpas Diamond 30 be a bit of a dinosaure in the parts fabrication world? IAC, making such investments bodes well for Trollhättan.

  6. Like a song by Tom waits, i heard a lot of noice but what are they building in their?

  7. To me the gantry machine is what we call a 5 axis cutter. It is used a lot in pre production of all kinds of molds that can then be used to form the end product. I have seen a huge block of high density foam shaped by the cutter (drill) shape a boat hull over a five day period.
    The system is controlled by a computer which has been programmed with the design parameters for the desired finished mold shape.
    It really is a big drill motor that can move both left and right, as well as back and forward on the grid area. the computer also raises and lowers the cutter, as per the design input.
    Monique, now that you have had your fill of Jonathan, and Jacko and SaabsUnfriendly you may wish to apply for a job as a an axis operator.
    The pays good and you get to sit on a chair and keep an eye on the computer screen for the cutter. Actually it would give you a lot more time to drive those guys nuts with your sporadic postings. Love ya Babe!

    • Yes Len me too. First Jonathan is doing a great job to upgrade his site. But as most It people failing to make it clear to the users. Most of the older ones on this site. As far as i said about 3D using at Nevs. Every car maker use it in production and assembly to put the parts in the right place. They are happy that all components have the right place and are fastened.However i like 3D also on how to remove defect parts like the main fuel filter. You often find him anyway whithout some surgery.

      • And i will no longer spoil your breakfests. Iam pulling out to the uk on castle festival grounds. With great open space for festivals for dogs and cars. Saabs will be there. Have a nice intermesso on this site. I will report on the present saabs in the uk.

        • Sorry but the real time clock is gone. In that case i miss the clock counting in tht.

  8. Some words from my side on the Phoenix platform codes.
    Althoug Phoenix 1.0 is more or less the former GM Epsilon I Sweden, NEVS had to make some changes because they had to change some parts, partly because of the suppliers but also because they wanted to get rid of parts where GM could make decisions upon.
    The new NEVS 9-3 is based on the further development of the older SAAB 9-3 towards an electric car. I think they have not only changed the floor panel to fit better to the battery module, but they also renewed some parts to further make the car their car.
    Regarding Phoenix 2.0, afaik GM still had some possibilities to make NEVS life more difficult that it already is.
    Phoenix 3.0 is a different thing as the numbering shows. NEVS had not only to adapt the platform to a pure BEV platform but also to remove all GM hooks. And that is the reason why it is taking so long to get those new NEVS cars in the road.

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