Phoenix entered production, kind of.

Phoenix in Geneva
Saab PhoeniX concept at the Geneva Motor Show 2011

The Saab PhoeniX concept was not understood by everybody when it was presented at the Geneva Motor Show back in 2011. But it was the concept that should have started a new phase in the life of Saab as a car company. It was quirky enough to be declared as a Saab, and some years later a company in southern Germany did imitate it at some point when they created their most futuristic car at that point.

The car was designed by Jason Castriota and defined his vision of Saab in a exaggerated manner. Later prototypes of the 9-3 3rd gen. showed that the PhoeniX design language fitted well to a more normal car. But this is is only part of the Saab story that couldn’t or shouldn’t be written.

Saab PhoeniX concept virtual model
Saab PhoeniX concept virtual model

But now, thanks to the hard work from Andrei at Griffin Models a copy of that car in 1:43rd scale and with a high grade of detail can be yours, at least for a few of you.

Saab PhoeiX concept production
Saab PhoeiX concept production

It is currently available worldwide as a limited edition run of 60 kits and costing only 89 Euro’s which is about 100 US$.

saab PhoeniX concept 1:43rd model
saab PhoeniX concept 1:43rd model

It arrives unpainted but everything is there to make your own stunning concept car from 2011.

Please pop over to his sales page for further details.

11 thoughts on “Phoenix entered production, kind of.”

  1. Time has not changed my view on this car one bit. That is no Saab. More akin to the 9-7x which although bearing the name Saab also was no Saab. A badge does not a Saab make.

    • There is some truth in that. As no Saab cars based on that design language hit the road it is difficult to relate it to the Saab history, but is a car that represent a part of the Saab history, although not the most successful one.
      The 9-7x or the 9-2x on the other side where simply re-badge exercises from GM, a completely different thing.

    • Must admit it never did that much for me – some great touches but not a huge fan of the overall language, seems a vast departure from Scandinavian design thinking.. But not having seen it in the metal, it’s hard to be too critical. I suspect it is much much smaller than it looks.

      But you also have to admit, it is very, very striking, and very interesting. A conversation starter.

  2. Looking back at the year for the concept of the i8, it would appear that Jason got some design cues from BMW rather than the other way around. Thinking about this kinda makes me glad that it didn’t become some production car if he was just trying to copy BMW. I mean, I know they were going to be using engines from BMW but don’t want their design too.

    • I don’t know where you get your information, but first i8 concept was presented at the IAA in Frankfurt in September 11, the PhoeniX was presented in March 11 in Geneva.

      • It’s correct that BMW I8 was presented in 2011 but the BMW Vision Efficient Dynamics was presented in 2009. Look at the position of the mirrors. It’s the same for Phoenix and the Eff.Dynamics but not for the i8.

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