Some video of my Trollspeed NG900

This is my 1996 NG900. Engine hand built by the owner of Trollspeed, Frank Stromqvist; Car built and modified by Automotion Saab and Eurowise Performance.

Hope you enjoy!



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Brilliant! Any specs? Couple of years ago I wondered what ever happened to SQR Racing but now I know 🙂

Angelo V.

Very nicely done—-the car and the video. I look at this Saab and I realize that in the last 20 years, I’m not thrilled with where car styling has gone. I love the simple lines on this car—-uncluttered, functional, space efficient—-purposeful. Love it.


Yes, these NGs have aged very well.


True that. I love the Combi Coupé (Wagon Back in the US) design, introduced with the Saab 99. Now I’ve sold my Viggen, but I still have a 99 CC and a OG900 CC. Easily the best car design ever in my opinion.


Nice car and Video, and what a sound….. Must have sometimes a police car behind you, not?


A true sleeper. What is the engine redline? (Sound is like that of a very high rpm four cylinder motorcycle.) How is the torque steer? (Not that torque steer would diminish the appeal, but I am curious because I have owned SAABs with less power where torque steer was very evident).

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