Fix for 9-5 lightbar problems…

You may remember the article I wrote about a year ago about the LED-bar for 2010 on 9-5. dsc_1195
I guess the problem with a burned out LED-bar is something we 9-5 owners will experience once or more times in the lifespan of the car. The part is “NLS”(No Longer Supplied) by Orio, and as I understand they will not produce a replacement in the future.

Why the LED-bar burns out is the question many of us ask ourselves, but I haven’t got a 100% answer to that. In my opinion is  it one ting we easy can do to extend the lifespan for the LED-bar;  preventing moisture in the LED-bar. What I had done in addition to new gaskets is to place two small dehumidifier bags (about 10x10cm) in the luggage compartment, behind the covers for the tail-lamps. I just attach them to the bodywork with a strip of tape, and since I start doing this I haven’t noticed any moisture in the LED-bar at all.

Maybe the 9-5 owners worst nightmare...
Maybe the 9-5 owners worst nightmare…

But if you stand with there with a burned out LED-bar, what to do? The answer is pretty obvious – if you can’t buy a new one, repair your broken unit!

I would like to make a summary of those I know repair the LED-bar, the list is NOT complete so if you know about other – please let me know!
There are also a few dealers that I know that have their own exchange-system, if not I’m sure they will help you to mail in your LED-bar.

  • OBD TuningKarlstad, Sweden
    Mail-in-for-repair (only Swedish language)
  • Logan DiagnosticFranklin TN, USA
    Have a partnership with Orio NA, they also fix 3rd brake light and tail lamps. Mail-in-for-repair.
    Logan Diagostic specializes in repair of GM automotive lightning products.
  • eSaabpartsUSA
    Sells the “Aaron DIY-kit”. It is just what it sounds like, a DIY-kit for those of you that will fix the LED-bar yourself.
    eSaabparts ships only to US, but if you go to the website you will find Aarons contact-info if you scroll to the bottom of the page – and I’ll guess he will ship worldwide.
  • Henrik BlomSweden
    Developing a brand new kit. This kits will be delivered with pre-assembled cards and cables, if you never have soldered before you don’t need to worry about that. Everything is done considering making it as easy as possible, but for those of you that feels unsafe to cut out the old cards there will be possible to send in the LED-bar for repair.
    Henrik has also promised a extra function for the LED-bar, more info will come later when the kit is ready to be sold.

17 thoughts on “Fix for 9-5 lightbar problems…”

  1. Nice summary Hjelle!

    There has been some discussion among the 9-5 fans on fb that the lightbar circuitry has not been built to handle the high currency being fed into the circuit.

    In the summer we will move into a new house and I will finally have a garage that can hold both our cars. Hopefully that will help a little against moisture as well. (let us know if any of you drop by Strömstad, I know you Hjelle will be passing by come the festival, so stop by for some cake already!)

    • Did someone mentioned cake? 😀 I’m in 😉
      I think the conclusion from those discussions is that the original cards is rubbish, and in that way Henrik Bloms solution sound like a good solution with new cards…

  2. Will the car pass inspection without that appendage working? If not, is there any option to mount some other brake lighting instead, that’s economical?

    • The car will pass inspection. The LED-bar hasn’t a brake-light function original. The brake-lights is located in the tail-lamps, 3rd brake-light is located in the rear window.

    • Wow, actually first time every I hear this.. 🙂
      But what is “Saabish”? Saab had a decorative ramp as a genuine accessory for the 900, 9000, GM900 and 9-5 M98-M01. The new thing about this the light in this decorative part, and if I don’t remember wrong was that something we saw in 2006 for the first time on a Saab – on the Aero X concept, so I guess this was something we would have seen on future Saabs too. And when we are into Aero X and new 9-5, look at the Aero X front and the 9-5 Aero front… 🙂

      • Of course it’s all subjective… just like how “genuine” an accessory can be when the original Saab designers didn’t include it in their car design. The lightbar this article talks about looks fine to me, as it’s something that fits naturally in the car’s design. It’s just the decision to make it light up which does not seem so Saabish to me.

        • Wow—-if it’s not necessary for safety or inspection, I wouldn’t put a nickle into fixing one. That’s me—-I do understand others would like their car to be 100%. But looking ahead, these cars are going to become more and more expensive to keep on the road. This seems like a gratuitous feature to me—-and typically, I don’t like the look of lightbars on cars. I prefer not having them.

          • Nobody in the UK on that list though. Personally I’m not that bothered I dont follow my car! Would like it repairing but would probably be expensive if I could find somebody to do it

  3. In Germany the LED-bar can be sent to Lafrentz in Kiel for repair. I myself did buy a replacement bar from REDOX Bilfarm AB. That one works perfectly well. I am one of those who want the car to be 100% original (this is just for my friend Angelo 🙂 )

  4. I contacted Bilfarm and they don’t manufacture them anymore and no plans to start again. Anybody know of any repairers in the UK? A fix for the sat nav system would be nice too but that’s a different story!!

    • If it’s the Belgium-syndrome your nav has, contact your Saab workshop. There is as far as I know a firmware-update available for the nav-unit.

  5. Tried that, had the latest update disc but still no cure. Was advised by the centre that they remove the units and send them to a place in Italy. Sounds a bit drastic to me for what I imagine could be a simple software fix. Seems that’s the problem with a company that isn’t trading anymore.

    • It’s a sad state of affairs. I have a GM era (2004) so hopefully I won’t have quite the same sort of issues. I know parts will eventually become scarce—-but I’m hoping things like computer components remain viable since it was shared with other GM cars. Now finding someone who knows how to work on Saabs and who wants to—-easy now, but might become more difficult later, the longer I keep the car. Right now, it’s low mileage and running like a champ, also in great cosmetic condition as it’s been garaged since new. I hope to hold onto it a good while longer. The only thing that would get me to dump it would be a bad accident or a really expensive repair.

      • Angelo,
        hope that you can enjoy that fine car for a very long time. If you just drive the car for fun then you normally must be able to keep her for so many more years. I am driving my second one but she has now also already more than 90.000 KM. Like you stated; hope to avoid serious damage or an expensive repair. So far so good and I continue to drive her daily.

  6. Apart from those niggles the car runs faultless but ever since having the dreaded steering lock failure and not being able to start it without disconnecting and reconnecting the battery I dont trust it 100%. Think its called character!! ?

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