Contributions improved (and pink link added)

As you may know, we accept and welcome post contributions here at SaabsUnited. There may not be any new Saab cars built, but there are still many Saab cars, enthusiasts and clubs out there. And we want to read about your Saab experiences here at SaabsUnited.

After having spent some time this Christmas on the user base of SaabsUnited, I can tell you that we now have almost exactly 6 000 registered users. And they have all been “upgraded” from subscribers to contributors. Any new users are also automatically set to contributors.

So everyone registered here at SaabsUnited can now (easily) contribute with posts.

When a new post is submitted by a user, an email is sent to the moderators of SaabsUnited. We can then review the post and publish it, or add comments and send it back for (eventual) rewrite. This review system, with the emails, is brand new and will surely improve our work (and speed up the process for new posts).

I have also added a permanent page about the contribution system with a pink link in the top menu of SaabsUnited. Hopefully this will make it easier for our visitors and users to contribute. Oh, and there’s a thought behind the pink link. Click it and you’ll see. 😉

Last but not least, we still have our regular SaabsUnited editors. Not all of them are as active as before – and there aren’t as many new Saab news nowadays – but several of them still contribute (both here and in other ways), which is much appreciated!

Feel free to let us know in the comments below if there’s anything else that we can do to improve the contribution system here at SaabsUnited. And do contribute with your Saab posts here!

4 thoughts on “Contributions improved (and pink link added)”

  1. I put my trust in NEVS. There’s not gonna be any new SAAB cars anymore but I sincerely hope NEVS is gonna continue the legacy of SAAB. If they’d be able to come up with wonderful products, the brand name is not so important. Just look at Datsun/Nissan when they changed their name. No love lost and the business continued. And Nissan revisited the name of Datsun so maybe some day (if those NEVS car will be a hit) NEVS would have the possibility (gain the permission) to produce SAAB cars again.

    • To me, the legacy of Saab began as a unique, affordable, innovative car. In the U.S.A. at least—-front wheel drive was uncommon, and those early Saabs, one of the least expensive cars on the road—had FWD and were cleverly packaged. Saab eventually morphed into more of an upmarket marque, but continued the innovation by making almost all of their cars with turbocharged engines. They continued to offer unique styling and features. Right now aside from owning a factory that hasn’t produced a car in years, and employing people who were associated with Saab 5 years ago—- I see virtually no connection at all between NEVS and Saab. I don’t hear NEVS saying anything at all that gives me even the slightest hope that they will produce a car that has Saab DNA—and in fact, I have very little hope they will produce cars at all. But if they do, it’s likely the cars will be electric cars patterned after existing electric vehicles—-whether that be Tesla, Chevy Volt, Toyota, Nissan, Mistubishi—-I see NEVS trying to clone some other EV as Chinese companies commonly do—-reverse engineer something that’s available and successful in some way rather than innovate a Saab. Just don’t see it happening. For my part, I’ll look to Volvo perhaps, as a spiritual successor to Saab. They’re Swedish at least. Or I’ll look for something that captures some of the old Saab legacy—-inexpensive and cleverly packaged, like some of KIA’s cars are, or more expensive, turbocharged, safe and fun—-maybe something from Mazda or someone else. Tim R., who used to write here, moved onto BMW and I’m sure he’s thrilled with those cars, which are quite nice. I have a ’93 BMW that has been in the family since it was new—-and it is wonderful. Maybe I’d look into BMW. Not sure where I’ll turn—-but it won’t be NEVS. Hey, even if I’m ready for NEVS, they probably won’t be selling cars yet, here or anywhere.

    • You can post links. But in some cases, depending on the link, the comment may have to be approved before it’s published. This is a basically a spam filter. If we didn’t have this, there would be A LOT of spam comments here.

      Also, if the comment/link has nothing to do with the content of the post, it may not be approved.

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