Where do YOU buy Saab spare parts?

We receive a lot of questions regarding Saab spare parts through the contact form here at SaabsUnited. People ask where to find certain parts and many don’t even know that there still are plenty of spare parts available for Saab cars (in most cases).

While it’s nice to help other Saab owners, and we’re more than happy to do it, there’s some room for some improvement here.

So, we now have a dedicated page about Saab parts here at SaabsUnited. It explains the current spare parts situation and features a list of Saab spare parts providers.

The list of parts providers contains the earlier advertisers here at SaabsUnited, there are some companies that the Swedish Saab Club cooperates with and then there are some parts providers that the editors here have recommended.

These are basically Saab spare parts providers that we (and other Saab enthusiasts) use and appreciate.

But our list of parts providers is far from complete. We want your help to expand the list. Since we’re based in Sweden, many of the companies are this as well (but they sell internationally). Spare parts providers in Asia, Africa and South America are particularly wanted.

Where do you usually buy your Saab parts? Do you have a favourite provider? Is there some spare parts provider that you avoid? Let us know about it in the comments below or through the contact form.

13 thoughts on “Where do YOU buy Saab spare parts?”

  1. I have been buying spares for my ’07 9-3 Aero from Jim Ellis Saab in the United States. Their system is particularly detailed with technical drawings of parts, which I like.

  2. Eeuroparts.com, they have parts for Saabs, Volvos, BMWs, Mercedes… but their catalog contains pretty much all of the Saab parts still being made at the lowest price I can find anywhere. I will use Jim Ellis Saab from time to time as has been mentioned here, and even Rock Auto is useful for things like accessory belts, tensioners, things like that. For OEM parts though Eeuroparts is my go to every time.

    • genuinesaab.com
      I forgot to mention Taliaferro’s company, Nick Taliaferro makes performance parts (like the Viggen rescue kit) in house in the United States, but also sell things like Koni adjustable shocks, brakes, even things like 9-5 upgrade brakes for OG 9-3s. The selection spans OG 9-3, NG 9-3, and OG 9-5s for the most part.

      I personally have on my OG 9-3 their Viggen rescue kit (steering rack brace), all front poly bushings, their stainless steel 2.5″ exhaust with racing catalytic converter, billet short shifter, stainless braided brake lines, and maybe some other things I’m forgetting about. Shortly after putting all these things in a few years ago my mechanic said, “what did you do to this car? It’s the tightest handling og 9-3 I’ve ever driven”, so the proof is in the parts. Great quality stuff.

      OH, they also make billet aluminum window roller (the green part in the window motor assembly that often crumbles and fails. Lots of interesting performance and customizing parts. Really great guys, too, I messed up their poly transmission mount insert (cross threaded it), and Nick sent me a new one free of charge.

  3. Holy cow, this is the best addition to SU for a long time. Getting some parts for classic 900s in the US is becoming a real challenge, so thanks a ton for this.

  4. i get my parts from Maptunparts.com or Eeuroparts.com
    Shipment to Malaysia is very costly though.
    But for Eeuroparts, i ship them to a friend who frequently visits the US. They don’t ship to Malaysia. 🙁

  5. Please add Skandix.de

    I have used them several times and can give them my recommendation. They are specialist in Swedish autoparts.

    Edit: someone already mentioned them. I also have saabbits.com, uk based specialist in my bookmarks. And I HAVE to mention Steve Lewis at http://www.stevelewissaab.com for parts for the older Saabs up to 9000.

  6. I mostly buy my spare parts from some stores already listed, i.e. Svenska Saabklubben, Maptun, Speedparts or one of Orio’s resellers. However, I can also recommend the following, neither of which are specialised in Saab parts but still provide plenty of Saab parts:

    Autoteilemann (http://www.autoteilemann.de)
    Large company based in Germany but with decent shipping costs within the EU. Plenty of choice in filters, brake parts, shock absorbers, oils and other standard parts.

    Mekster (http://www.mekster.se)
    Based in Sweden and a partner of Orio. Offers plenty of parts at low prices.

    The Green Spark Plug Co. (http://www.carsparkplugs.com/ and http://www.gsparkplug.com/)
    Family company based in United Kingdom specialising in spark plugs and ignition components. Also have a large number of filters.

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