Change in the management team at NEVS

Change in the management team of NEVS – New head of Communication & Public Affairs

Mikael Östlund will move on to a new assignment, as head of communication for The Swedish Association of Industrial Employers, leaving his position as NEVS’ Vice President Communication & Public Affairs.

Fredrik Fryklund is the new head of Communication & Public Affairs, and he will start his position at NEVS on May 2.

Fredrik is currently Vice President Communications at GKN Aerospace Sweden since 15 years, in his role responsible for internal and external communications as well as media relations. Fredrik has a broad experience in the field of communication, both as a communicator and as a journalist. Previously he has held positions as head of information in Trollhättan City, and editor-in-chief at Trollhättans Tidning.

“I would like to express a big and warm thank you to Mikael for his efforts for NEVS. Mikael has been a part of NEVS ever since its inception, and when he now five years later chooses to take on new challenges, I wish him the very best of luck. At the same time, I am pleased to welcome Fredrik Fryklund to NEVS. Fredrik is a highly experienced press and communications person who will greatly contribute to NEVS’ success”, says Mattias Bergman, President of NEVS.

Fredrik Fryklund will be entitled Director Communication & Public Affairs, will be part of NEVS management team and report to Jonas Hernqvist, Vice President Sales & Marketing.

For whatever reason the Press staff at NEVS is changing currently, first on Mach 2017 Ulrika Hultgren, the former Head of Media Relations left. Now Mikael Östlund, who was at NEVS since the very first day, as long as I remember, is also leaving NEVS.

I wouldn’t say that anyone is leaving a sinking boat, I think it was more the problem of being in charge for the media relations and not having much to tell can be a little bit disappointing, but this is only my opinion.

I wish Ulrika and Mikael good luck in their new Jobs, and want to sent them a big thank you for the patience the had attending to my questions.

To Fredrik, I have to tell him that he should read all the SAAB related blogs, as a interested community is still there, and although NEVS currently uses more direct channels to interact with such communities, we still have an audience.

After reading this press release, I thought I could met Fredrik in June in Trollhättan, but I think he will, and he should, be somewhere else during those days, but more on that in the next post.

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