I thought it would be somewhere else !!

On my last post, I wrote about the new head of communication, Fredirk Fryklund, not being in Trollhättan during the Saab Car Museum Festival on the second weekend in June. So, why can I say so?

During the last weeks the guy in charge of the social media accounts at NEVS has been repeating that they soon will show to the public what they have been working on.

nevsofficial Sharing a photo from the Swedish Minister of Enterprise and Innovation Mikael Damberg @sverigesregering who paid NEVS a visit today. He got a tour of our test labs as well as a sneak-peak of what’s coming next… Don’t worry, we’ll share with the rest of you soon too.

From NEVS’ official instagram account.

I talked to somebody with a little bit more insight at NEVS, and he thought about the Auto Shanghai 2017, which will start on Friday, and media days are already ongoing, but after going through the floor plans, I wasn’t able to see NEVS anywhere.

But there is more taking place in China this year, so my first bet with Auto Shanghai was wrong, but it doesn’t mean it can happen somewhere else.

Nowadays a car is something like a computer on wheels, and the newest and best on comunications and electronics can be seen at CES in Las Vegas, and this year we have seen that major players in the car industry were there to show us their “brave new world” of the connected digital car.

Well, it seems like CES has a sister show in Shanghai called CES Asia and taking a look at their exhibitor directory we find a known word-logo on it.

Yes, NEVS will have its first official attendance to a show at the CES Asia 2017. This year’s CES Asia will be held on the 7th-9th of June in Shanghai, and that is why I think, that the head of the Media relations and other important people on those days will rather be in China than in Sweden.

As I say in the title, I thought it would be somewhere else, but CES Asia will have a complete hall with exhibitors on vehicle technology, and other car companies like BMW or VOLVO will be there as well, so they won’t be like pink elephant in a china store.

NEVS has lately been talking a lot about self-driving cars and connected cars and all those other buzzwords that are too disruptive for us, normal people, so it makes sense to have an appearance on a show like CES.

Nevertheless, I’m looking forward to whatever they pretend to show there, and maybe they manage to show something of that during the SAAB Car Museum Festival.

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