NEVS 9-3 and 9-3X first impressions

Today NEVS has published pictures of the first EV by NEVS the 9-3, and a second car, a 9-3X which is an electric version of the old 9-3X. So let me share with you my first impressions on those cars.

NEVS 9-3 EV sedan

Photo Credits: NEVS

One or two weeks ago somebody asked me, what makes currently a car modern and why could a NEVS 9-3 feel dated. I don’t say look dated as the design of the 9-3 still looks modern and fresh even compared with newer cars.

Cars haven’t changed much in the last 20 years, they are lighter have changed the lightning technology used and have some kind of connectivity with the net and allow to interact with the car via your smartphone. There have been also some changes in the drivetrain, but it is of no relevance in this case, and some more expensive cars have some kind of active dampers for a better ride or a change of the riding feel depending on the mood of the driver.

So looking at the press release, it seems like NEVS have been working in just those fields where the 9-3 was getting “old”.
It will have connectivity with the net, and you will be able to check the car status from the phone, and the phone will also be your key, so from this side the 9-3 is up-to-date. I’m just looking forward how they have updated the interior.
Regarding the lightning, the pictures look like the 9-3 will have a full LED light front and rear, and the front lights seems as it will be able to sport some kind of intelligent hi-beam, so once again it is up-to-date.
Regarding the weight, we can’t say, but regarding the fact that they have made changes to the underpinnings I expect that they have reduced the weight of the body-in-white.
They have also touched the suspension, so I’m convinced that the NEVS will feel modern.

On the other side, we, the SAAB fans know this body since 2002. This effects our view on the 9-3, but will someone that is not that used to see a 9-3 think the same way? I don’t think so.

Regarding the exterior, one of the things that can be left unnoticed is the bonnet. This is in fact the same bonnet as in the SAAB 9-3 but it has been raised a little bit making it look a little bit awkward.
This hood was first seen on the net on 2014, on what it could have been a MY’15 of the SAAB 9-3 with IC-Engine. I’ve found a picture on the Dutch Saab forum.

Photo Credit: Willem Bierema

Don’t know about the authenticity of that picture, but before the money stopped flowing, the hood was the major problem to be able to see the car in Europe from 2015 onwards. This hood is a little bit higher so it has a higher distance to the engine, and when a pedestrian head hits the hood this can buckle reducing the impact intensity on the pedestrians head.

What you can also see is the missing of a batch on the hood. As NEVS has no emblem,there is no need for an emblem. Some people may not like it, but at least it will not peel if it’s not there. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Regarding the front, it is different, I miss the 3-part-grill. But at least it is no no-grill like the newer Teslas, as it is wrong that EV’s don’t need to cool down things. And the grille has nothing to do with the drivetrain but with the cooling and AC-system.

Photo Credit: NEVS

In any case, with and without blur filtering, the front of today’s pictures doesn’t look like the one on this picture. We will have to wait till next week to see which one is the right picture.

The back shows sculptured lights like you can find on modern Japanese cars, don’t know if this is what I like, but I do like the black bar above the lights. I miss the spoiler as I think that proportions of the backend of the 9-3 are better with an spoiler.

And at last I wanted to speak about the ACAC, could be a StraWars vehicle, but its the new cabin air conditioning filter system.If I compare it with the Bioweapon Defense Mode in a newer Tesla, which is the only other filtering system similarly capable, I can say that both perform more or less equally.


Photo Credits: NEVS

First of all, I must say that this is more a CUV than a SUV, at list for me, but I won’t discuss on that.

The car is more or less a minor update of the old SAAB 9-3X, where all the exterior plastic parts and the lightning have been updated.

This two views of the car are for me like the day and night. While I love the back, with the extended roof spoiler, in order to reduce the drag, and the 3-dimensional LED-lights. I’m still hopping that the front grows on me. The blue band is a little bit too much for me, and the eyes, it is not easy to get used to them, or maybe it’s only the perspective. Hope to have a different impression if I see the car in real.

I do also like those aero-wheels, but maybe with bolts they will not look that sleek.

All in all these NEVS cars look better than expected, and taking into account that they have updated the car where it was mostly needed, there is no need to look at them as dated models. On the other side, we still don’t know the interior, we only know that they have also tweaked it a little bit, and the interior of the 9-3 is its weakest point when it comes to how well has the design of the 9-3 aged through the years.

BTW, if all what I’ve read about NEVS and CES Asia next week is right, we should be able to see a third car, which should show the future design language for NEVS.

As the countdown at the NEVS site says, it is less than a week till then.

16 thoughts on “NEVS 9-3 and 9-3X first impressions”

  1. The tail lights… why is it running? It looks like a broken egg, this is Porsche allover again lol. The grill… looks… very Japanese EV. Little blue strips to denote the electric nature of the car, almost aftermarket looking overdone LED headlights… it’s not the end of the world or anything, but the final Saab revision of the 9-3 looked best, they should have just kept using the same molds.

  2. SAAB and safety are almost synonimes and for saftety are mirrors important. How is it about the outer mirrors on the white NEVS’s 9-3? Are there mounted cameras instead of mirrors? Where is the screen/are the screens mounted where you can look bachwards when ther are mounted camera’s? This kind of screen(s) can be mounted in the instrument cluster or on the top of the dashboard, perhaps as an headup display or mounted in the center concole. Are therepictures available of the interior? Perhaps this kind of pictures were comming soon?

    • No pictures of the interior yet, and regarding the cameras, those cars are meant to be near production concepts, expect to see proper side mirrors in the final product.
      I think there are still some legal issues with using a camera as side mirror.

      • That about the legal isues is what i also thought about and i think you are right about that. But, the car industry is close to introduce the self driving car and when you are thikinig about that, what’s then the using of camera’s as side mirrors?

        • I think, that in the next few years we will see some changes in the legislation. You have brake by wire or steer by wire, which still is not possible, you have the side mirrors, you have the lightning problems in the US and some other things, many of those problems have to be solved before autonomous cars of type 5 can hit the road.

  3. Ooooh… a blue stripe… almost like a… like a… police car!

    I do not know how brilliant that is.

    But the hood… Not quite my cup of tea. Looks a bit off. Soft on pedestrians you say? So the spiked hood is optional..?

    No badge suits me fine. I’d want the old airplane logo anyway.

  4. I think electric vehicles have a lot of promise, so I don’t have anything against them per se. But the NEVS 9-3 looks like any other nondescript mid-sized sedan from anywhere, pretty boring I think. The 9-3X at least looks weird and Saablike, but I would have Zero interest in the sedan, and I have had Saabs for 33 years.

    I will say that the whole Chinese/Swedish thing can work, given the success of recent Volvos, especially the S90, which I understand is actually built in China but retains Scandinavian design cues. I just think the NEVS 9-3 looks goofy. They are going to have to do what Volvo did–get a completely new platform–before they can really have a decent product, gas or electric.

    • Well, this is just their plan. You won’t see this car in Europe/North America, and while they get some revenue from this car and valuable information about how the batteries work on the field and how people drive the cars, they are developing a set of cars based on a new platform.

  5. It might feel and look old.
    It might be great or boring
    It may be a very likeble car.
    I. Can. Not. Buy. One

    With a bit of luck, the company I work for will replace there car pool they have. The company buy cars and put them in pools for us emploees to use when needed.
    But other than this. How am I getting a hand on this or future cars if they are not selling them?

    Or, if I go with nevs plan. I get the car as a service, not a rental. Why is the look and feel important. It is just a thing I need to get from point A to point B. And shared with others I presume.
    My preferenses of a car will most likly be disregarded. Because I rather spend 70 000 $us on a saab I like than a monthly fee to share a car with others.

    Yep, I am to old for the brand new way of sharing economy.

  6. In any case, I am very happy for the developments. Finally back in business. The SUV better than the saloon but it is not easy when you try to design some new cars retaining so much of the old 9-3.
    Looking forward to the all-new SAABs

  7. Not great. Raised hood combined with raised chassis height makes this once graceful car look utilitarian, and the front bumper cover that extends into part of the former grill/headlight area further accentuates the height. At least they are going somewhere.

  8. Of the 4 photos shown here, there is no doubt for me, that the 9-3X rear is the far best looking, being the only model/angle which actually looks better than the original SAAB 9-3. Its – therefore also – a pity that they will not make the wagon in a low version, I think.
    There seems to be no consequence between the straight rear-lights of the 9-3X and the strangely and unmotivated shape of the sedan-rear-lights.

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